Photo credit: MHT File Photo , Undated Photo

Property Name: Woodyard Archeological Site
Date Listed: 12/19/1974
Inventory No.: PG:82A-41,
Location: Woodyard Road (MD 223), , Clinton, , Prince Georges County

Description: This site was originally patented as "Darnall’s Delight" for Colonel Henry Darnall in 1683. Sometime before 1711, Darnall built a large brick mansion known as "The Woodyard." In 1765, Darnall’s Delight was purchased by Stephen West, who added a large wing to the brick house. Throughout the Revolutionary War, West was involved in industry (weapons and clothing manufacturing, as well as brewery and distillery pursuits); it is possible that some or all of these activities occurred at Darnall’s Delight. The brick house, The Woodyard, burned just after the Civil War.

Significance: The site of the former Woodyard Plantation is of significance to the early history of Prince Georges County and to Maryland as a whole. In particular, the site’s association with two notable individuals (Colonel Henry Darnall, a political and financial leader in early colonial Maryland, and Stephen West, a Revolutionary War industrialist) adds significance to this important archeological site.