Archeological Collections

The Maryland Historical Trust currently curates millions of archeological artifacts recovered from archeological sites throughout the state.   In 1998, the Trust completed construction of the Maryland Archeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab) to treat and house collections at its Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum. The collections can be used by university-level students and researchers, and artifacts are available on loan to qualified museums and organizations for exhibition.

If you would like information on access for research, volunteer opportunities for working on the collections, or artifact loans, contact the Trust's Collections Manager, Rebecca Morehouse, at (410) 586-8583.

Appropriate Place of Repose

The Working Group on Native American Human Remains is comprised of ten individuals, five designated by the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs, and five designated by the Maryland Historical Trust. The Working Group has been established by the Secretary of Planning to consider options for an Appropriate Place of Repose for certain Native American Human Remains currently in the care of the Maryland Historical Trust.

For additional information, please contact Charlie Hall, Ph.D.,, Maryland State Terrestrial Archeologist, at (410) 514.7665 or by email at


This page updated: December 7, 2012