Maryland Heritage Areas Grant Program

Grant Opportunities for Partner Organizations

USS Constellation, BaltimoreThe Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) provides dollar-for-dollar matching Project Grants to non-profit organizations and governments for capital and non-capital projects located within a Maryland Certified Heritage Area (CHA). 

Partner organizations are not eligible to apply for Operating Assistance, Marketing, or Management Plan update grants.

For more information on project grants, email or call Richard Hughes, MHAA Administrator , or (410) 514-7685.

Project Grants

MHAA non-capital grants in the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area to the Port Towns Development Corporation supported the Port Towns Youth Mural Project.  This project involves students in the research, design, and placement of a series of murals on the history of the Prince George’s County Port Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston.Non-profit organizations and local governments within Certified Heritage Areas may apply for project grants for both capital and non-capital projects. Project grants may also be used for projects that involve two or more Heritage Areas, such as driving tours, signage, or other collaborative efforts.

Grants can support projects involving historical, cultural, or natural resources, sites, events, or facilities.  Eligible projects must have a heritage tourism component, for example the project involves a visitor destination such as a museum, visitor center, or nature center; helps to provide facilities and services that support heritage tourism, such as rehabilitating a historic building as a Bed & Breakfast, restaurant, or other tourism related retail use. or is an event that will help to create a long-term increase in visitation to the Heritage Area.

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This page updated: March 18, 2014