Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway

Lower Susquehanna Heritage GreenwayCecil and Harford Counties

The Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Heritage Area encompasses nearly 45,000 acres in Cecil and Harford Counties. It is over 12 miles in length, extending from just north of the Conowingo Dam to the head of the Chesapeake Bay along both sides of the Susquehanna River. It is an area rich in historical and cultural resources, a prime example of an unspoiled natural environment with much scenic beauty. The historic places located within the heritage area's boundary include the City of Havre de Grace, the Village of Darlington, and Susquehanna State Park in Harford County and the Towns of Perryville and Port Deposit in Cecil County. Major recreational attractions include Susquehanna State Park, Conowingo Dam Fishing Park, and water sports on the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay.

The concept of a greenway along the shores of the Lower Susquehanna River in Cecil and Harford Counties began in 1992. With the creation of the Maryland Heritage Preservation and Tourism Areas Program (the Heritage Areas Program) in 1996, the greenway concept was expanded to embrace the goals of this state sponsored initiative. These goals include enhanced visitor appeal, increased economic activity associated with tourism, opportunities for small business development, job growth and a stronger tax base, preservation of historic buildings, conservation of natural areas, and greater access to and understanding of the historic and traditional cultures of the area.


Extending 12 miles from Glen Cove (located above the Conowingo Dam) to the Chesapeake Bay, the LSHG incorporates over 8,400 acres of open water, including the Susquehanna river from near the Pennsylvania border to the Chesapeake Bay. It also includes several major stream corridors, such as Octoraro Creek, Conowingo Creek, and Deer Creek. The LSHG encompasses nearly 58 miles of predominantly undeveloped shoreline that contributes to the scenic nature of the river.


The Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, Inc., a private nonprofit organization, is the management entity that will be responsible for the implementation of the heritage area management plan. In this capacity, it will serve as a catalyst for aiding partners and facilitating actions by others through the distribution of funds and other assistance. Partnerships are critical to the successful implementation of the management plan. Key partners include Harford and Cecil Counties, the Towns of Port Deposit and Perryville, the City of Havre de Grace and Susquehanna State Park.

Management Plan

Preparation of a management plan approved by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority is a requirement for becoming a Maryland “Certified” Heritage Area. The approved Management Plan includes information on the boundaries of the Certified Heritage Area and “Target Investment Zones,” and presents the heritage area’s vision and goals and the strategies, projects, programs, actions, and partnerships that will be implemented to accomplish them.

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