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Like politics, all preservation is local, and successfully protecting, revitalizing, and enhancing historic places requires the support of many individuals and organizations at the local level. Local historic preservation programs in Maryland are most frequently implemented through Historic Area Zoning Overlay zones that municiplaities and counties may enact as part of their planning and zoning authority.

For more information on local historic preservation programs and ordinances, please contact Cory Kegerise, Administrator of Local Preservation Programs at (410) 514-7635.

How Local Ordinances Help Your Community:

Local Historic Preservation ordinances:

  • Safeguard the heritage of the local jurisdiction by preserving sites, structures, or districts which reflect elements of cultural, social, economic, political, archeological, or architectural history;
  • Stabilize and improve the property values of those sites, structures, or districts;
  • Foster civic beauty;
  • Strengthen the local economy;
  • Promote the preservation and appreciation of those sites, structures, and districts for the education and welfare of each local jurisdiction.

Information for Property Owners

Information about Local Historic Districts for Property Owners

Owners of locally designated historic properties often have unique questions about their roles and responsibilities. This pages is intended to provide property owners with answers to their most frequently asked questions.

Information for Local Governments

Information about Local Historic Districts for Local Governments

Click here for information about how local historic districts work, laws and requirements, and other iinformation for Historic Preservation Commission members, local elected officials, and staff.


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