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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
AA-1 Yacht Helianthus III, siteCompromise Street, Annapolis
AA-2 Log Canoe OLIVER'S GIFT3473 Ranger Road, Davidsonville
AA-3 Governor Ritchie Scenic Overlook 1920 Governor Ritchie Highway (MD 450), Annapolis
AA-4 Governor Ritchie Highway, Annapolis BoulevardGovernor Ritchie Highway (MD 2),
AA-5 Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Gladys Noon Spellman Parkway)Baltimore-Washington Parkway (MD 295),
AA-6 Brewer Hill Cemetery800 Block West Street (MD 450), Annapolis
AA-7 Auguste Bussard House (Buckley)421 Ferry Point Road, Annapolis
AA-8 Building 6926/Post Sergeant Major's HouseKenyon Loop, Fort Meade
AA-9 Building 6865/Golf Course ClubhouseKenyon Loop, Fort Meade
AA-10 Hammond Log Barn2295 Davidsonville Road, Millersville
AA-11 Barge House133 Bay Shore Avenue, Eastport
AA-12 Wiley H. Bates High School (Annapolis Colored High School)1029 Smithville Street, Annapolis
AA-13 Drum Point Railroad BedDavidsonville Road (MD 424), Davidsonville
AA-14 Harvey Family Cemetery3645 Double Gate Road, Davidsonville
AA-15 Harvey House (Charles "Shorty" King Property)1207 Double Gate Road, Davidsonville
AA-16 Stephen Lee Farmhouse3043 Solomons Island Road (MD 2), Edgewater
AA-17 The Manor House1 Randall Court, Annapolis
AA-18  2 Randall Court, Annapolis
AA-19 Courtyard House of Antiques3 Randall Court, Annapolis
AA-20 St. Lawrence Martyr Parish Church (St. Lawrence Catholic Church)2821 Jessup Road (MD 175), Jessup
AA-21 Williams Farm (Lake Shore Farm Complex)Paul Pitcher Memorial Highway (MD 100), Pasadena
AA-22 St. John's College WWI Monument60 College Avenue, Annapolis
AA-23 Monument to French Soldiers and Sailors of the American Revolution60 College Avenue, Annapolis
AA-24 Calvert FarmPasadena
AA-25  37-39 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
AA-26  47 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
AA-27  65 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
AA-28 Henry Baldwin MemorialGenerals Highway (MD 178), Crownsville
AA-29  11 Shipwright Street, Annapolis
AA-30 Hanger No. 1, BWI Airport (Friendship Airport)Elm Road, BWI Airport
AA-31 Cronmiller OutbuildingColony Seven Road, Fort Meade
AA-32 Baron deKalb MonumentState Circle, Annapolis
AA-33 Citizens State Bank; Odenton Bank; Odenton Heritage Society Bank Building and Museum1402 Odenton Road, Odenton
AA-34 Fort George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-34A Fort George G. Meade, Domestic Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34B Fort George G. Meade, Administration Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34C Fort George G. Meade, Industrial Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34D Fort George G. Meade, Transportation Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34E Fort George G. Meade, Recreation Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34F Fort George G. Meade, Education Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34G Fort George G. Meade, Health Care Buildings TypologyFort Meade
AA-34H Fort George G. Meade, Capehart and Wherry Housing UnitsFort Meade
AA-34-1 Applewood and Parks Golf CoursesTaylor Road, Fort George G. Meade
AA-34-2 Buildings 4703,4704, 4705, 4707, 4709 BarracksFort George G. Meade, Fort George G. Meade
AA-34-3 Bachelor Officers’ Quarters Bldgs 4717, 4720, 4721Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-4 Building 8881, WarehouseFort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-5 Fort Meade, National Security Agency, EAGLE Health and Physical Fitness Center, Building 98109810 Emory Road, Fort Meade
AA-34-6 Building 8501, Signal CompanyFort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-7 Building 8476, Battalion Company 6th Armored Calvary Road Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-8 Building 8465, Chapel6th Armored Calvary Road Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-9 Building 4630, Sub Switch StationEnglish Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-10 Building 4674, Fort Meade MuseumGriffin Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-11 Building 4680, Exchange Auto ServicesLeonard Wood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-12 Building 2018, Veterinary FacilityAnnapolis Road Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-13 Building 2480, Dental ClinicLlewelly Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-14 Building 2481, Health ClinicErnie Pyle Street Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-15 Building 2483, HospitalLlewellyn Street Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-16 Building 2490, Forensic Laboratory BuildingLlewellyn Street Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-17 Building 4324A, Sub Switch StationRedwood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-18 Building 4325A, Sub Switch Station Roberts Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-19 Building 4327A, Sub Switch Station Redwood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-20 Building 4331A, Sub Switch Station Redwood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-21 Building 4334A, Sub Switch Station Redwood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-22 Building 4471A, Administration General PurposeRedwood Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-23 Building 4432, Courtroom Llewellyn Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-24 Building 4426, StorageBurba Lake Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-25 Building 4409, Public Affairs BuildingLlewellyn Avenue Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-34-26 Building 9599, Low Lift Pump StationEast Bank of the Little Patuxent River, Fort George G. Meade, Odenton
AA-35 See AA-666 
AA-36 Chance Boatyard (Annapolis Yacht Yard, John Trumpy & Sons)222 Severn Avenue, Annapolis
AA-37 Ideal Hotel14 Fleet Street, Annapolis
AA-38 Annapolis-Bay Bridge Nike Missile Site W-26Bay Head Road, Annapolis
AA-39  36 Fleet Street, Annapolis
AA-40 Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts (Annapolis High School)801 Chase Street, Annapolis
AA-41 Thomas Terry Carpenter Shop (Caulk's Coffin Shop)53 Fleet Street, Annapolis
AA-42  51 Fleet Street, Annapolis
AA-43 Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney SculptureState Circle, Annapolis
AA-44 Building 2239, Ft. George G. MeadeChisholm Avenue & Fourth Street, Fort Meade
AA-45 Buildings 1001 & 1003, Defense Logistics Agency ComplexSolomon Road, Glen Burnie
AA-46 Mt. Zion Methodist ChurchLinthicum
AA-47 William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge, Eastbound (Chesapeake Bay Bridge)US 50/301 Eastbound over Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis
AA-48 William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge, Westbound (Chesapeake Bay Bridge)US 50/301 Westbound over Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis
AA-49 Building 2226, Ft. George G. MeadeChisholm Avenue & Third Street, Fort Meade
AA-50 Building 8688, Ft. George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-51 Buildings 6512, 6513, 6516, 6522, & 8461, Ft. George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-52 Buildings 2234 & 2257, Ft. George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-53 Maintenance & Storage Buildings, Ft. George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-54 World War II Mobilization Buildings, Ft. George G. MeadeFort Meade
AA-55 See AA-452 
AA-56 Building 4461 (Building 213), Ft. George G. MeadeRedwood Road & Broadfoot Road, Fort Meade
AA-57 Annapolis and Elkridge Railroad Prism (Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad Prism)Fort Meade Road (MD 198), Fort Meade
AA-58 Cedar Grove United Methodist Church5965 Deale Churchton Road, Deale
AA-59 Norman/Richardson CemeteryRest Haven
AA-60 Dr. Thomas Brayshaw House105 Padfield Boulevard, Glen Burnie
AA-61 Slave Quarter at Birchheads Chance1047 Wrighton Road, Bristol
AA-62 Shady Oaks HouseShady Oaks Road, Shady Oaks
AA-63 Griffith HouseFriendship Road (MD 261), Friendship
AA-64 Jacob Linton House1 Cedar Drive, Rest Haven
AA-65 Captain Salem Avery House1418 East West Shady Side Road, Shady Side
AA-66 John W. Davis House (Taylorsville House)3048 Riva Road, Riva