Photo credit: Wayne Clark , 08/1974

Property Name: Nottingham Site
Date Listed: 5/12/1975
Inventory No.: PG:82B-25,
Location: Nottingham Road, , Upper Marlboro, , Prince Georges County

Description: Extensive surface collection of this site, located on a terrace of the Patuxent River, has revealed Middle Archaic (ca. 6000 B.C.) through Late Woodland (A.D. 1600) materials. The Archaic materials are largely representative of the Late Archaic (and include Savannah River, Koens-Crispin, and Piscataway projectile points). A sizable Middle Woodland Selby Bay phase (ca. A.D. 800) occupation is indicated by the presence of 400-500 Mockley ware ceramic sherds, celts, and chipped stone blades made from blue rhyolite, argillite, and green jasper. The Late Woodland component is represented by Townsend and Potomac Creek ceramics. A test excavation in 1950 exposed a bell-shaped pit containing sherds of Potomac Creek pottery and a section of deer antler.

Significance: The Nottingham site contains an important record of more than 5000 years of prehistory. Of particular note are a sizable Middle Woodland Selby Bay component, and a large Late Woodland component (ca. A.D. 1550-1600) which may correspond to the village of Mattpament depicted on John Smith’s 1608 map.