Photo credit: Cherilyn E. Widell , 01/1983

Property Name: LeGore Stone Arch Bridge
Date Listed: 9/18/1978
Inventory No.: F-8-049
Location: Legore Bridge Road, Rocky Ridge, Frederick County

Description: The LeGore Bridge carries the LeGore Bridge Road across the Monocacy River. Built in the late 19th century, it is a closed spandrel filled stone arch bridge of five spans supported by stone piers. The deck consists of approximately three inches of bituminous concrete. The overall length of the structure is 248 feet with a clear roadway width of 20.7 feet between four foot high stone parapet walls. It is 50 feet high. The bridge is currently used as a main traffic carrier. The load limit of the structure is 12 tons.

Significance: The LeGore Bridge is the only five-span stone arch bridge in Frederick County. It is located strategically, being the crossing of the Monocacy River between the New Midway, Woodsboro, LeGore Quarry area on the south and the Thurmont, Rocky Ridge area on the north. The construction of this bridge is the vision of one man, James William LeGore. Using limestone and workmen from the LeGore Lime and Stone Plant, he engineered and built this very large stone bridge in the late 19th century.