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Tribal Consultation

Section 106 requires agencies to consult with federally recognized Indian Tribes for projects that may affect historic properties on tribal lands or may affect historic properties to which Indian tribes attach religious and cultural significance. Although there are currently no federally recognized tribes in Maryland, Indian tribes who reside outside the state may still attach importance to historic properties located in Maryland.

The Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs serves as the official statewide agency for Native Americans and is a good source for information and contacts on Maryland Indians. Maryland has two state recognized tribes: the Piscataway Indian Nation and the Piscataway Conoy Tribe. Consultation with the MCIA and the two state recognized tribes falls under the umbrella of "additional consulting parties" [36 CFR 800.2(5)], and is treated in the same way that an agency would consult with a local government, historical society, community organization, etc. Agencies should consult with the 2 state-recognized tribes, if relevant to their areas of interest, or through the MCIA – as these are all official organizations.

Resources on Federal Tribal Consultation