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Library Collections

Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties

Documentation for the sites which make up the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties is maintained for approximately 40,000 architectural resources (individual sites and historic districts), more than 12,600 archeological sites (prehistoric and historic), and 26 oral history projects. While archeological research files are restricted to use by qualified professionals, the architectural portion of the inventory and the oral history collection is accessible to the public.

Architectural Survey Files

These typically include summary descriptions of the resource and a statement of significance, maps, photographs, negatives, and sometimes drawings. Survey files can include documentation about structures as varied as “houses” of all sizes and types (big houses, little houses, brick houses, frame houses, lighthouses, school houses, smoke houses, slave houses), towers water towers, fire towers, bell towers), privies, barns, corn cribs, churches, and a B-29 bomber.

Oral History Collections

The oral history collection includes transcripts and audio and/or video cassettes of interviews as well as photographs of interviewees. A sampling of oral history projects includes Baltimore County Historic African American Communities, Berkley Crossroads,Calvert County Tobacco Culture, Lexington Manor aka “Flat Tops,” Maryland’s Centennial of Flight Celebration, Middle River, and Smith Island.

Other Collections

  • Maps of historic and archeology resources, using 7.5’ USGS topographic quads;
  • Copies of historic maps from throughout Maryland;
  • Black-and-white photographs, negatives, and color slides of individual sites and districts;
  • Architectural drawings;
  • Architectural and archeological research reports for sites in Maryland and neighboring states;
  • Historic structure reports;
  • Audio and video cassettes (other than those in the oral history collection) and DVDs;
  • Plans (development plans, town plans, etc.); and
  • Vertical files.

(Please note: The Maryland Historical Trust Library does not have genealogical research materials. For genealogical matters, please visit either the Maryland State Archives or the Maryland Historical SocietyLibrary.

Databases and Microform

When visiting the library and archives, one may view the following on microfilm/fiche:

  • County inventories for architectural sites;
  • HABS Survey: Maryland Collection (photos and text through 1988);
  • County tax assessments of 1783;
  • Federal Direct Tax 1798;
  • Maryland Historical Society 1783 Tax List;
  • Maryland Gazette (1728-1888);
  • U.S. Census for selected counties;
  • Queen Anne’s County Annual Valuations; and
  • The Park List (14 reels of the full text of the approximately 120 books referenced in Helen Park’s A List of Architectural Books Available in America before the Revolution).