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Overview of the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties (MIHP)

The Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties (MIHP) is a repository of information on districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects of known or potential value to the prehistory and history of the State of Maryland. The Inventory was created shortly after the Maryland Historical Trust was founded in 1961, and now includes data on more than 13,000 archeological sites and 40,000 historic and architectural resources. The MIHP includes information about both standing structures and archeological resources. Inventoried properties contribute information to our understanding of Maryland’s architecture, engineering, archeology, or culture.

Note: The MIHP is solely an instrument for research and documentation: Inclusion in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties involves no regulatory restrictions or controls. Maryland state law provides mechanisms – separate from the MIHP – giving both the State and local jurisdictions the authority to regulate appropriately designated historic resources.

Standards & Guidelines for Survey Data

The Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties is built upon documentation gathered through on-site description and analysis of structures and other resources. The MIHP form is based on the National Register of Historic Places form and requires thorough narrative description detailing a resource’s physical integrity, condition and its place in Maryland’s history. This written analysis is supported by photographs and cartographic information, and forms often include floor and site plans to scale.

All survey data must conform to the Standards and Guidelines for Architectural and Historical Investigations in Maryland to ensure high quality research and the archival nature of submissions to the MIHP.

Digital Forms and Photographs

The MHT addressed emergent digital technologies in 2008 with the update entitled Standards for Submission of Digital Images to the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. This update addresses the requirement for shooting and printing archival digital images and for submitting electronic versions of the MIHP form.

Note: Digital photographs submitted to the MIHP are held to a 75-year archival standard which requires uncompressed TIF images shot at 300 dpi to create a 5 x 7 image with a minimum resolution of 1500 x 2100.