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Funding and Financial Incentives

Alexander Brown Building Interior, Baltimore
Alexander Brown Building Interior, Baltimore

Historic preservation, archaeology and cultural heritage activities enrich our lives and our communities, while helping to connect us to our past. To assist property owners, nonprofits, local governments, and businesses engaged in this work, the Maryland Historical Trust provides support for a wide variety of projects, including property acquisition and rehabilitation, documentation and survey, heritage tourism development, and educational programs.

MHT offers financial assistance in one of three ways:

  • tax credits for private commercial and residential rehabilitation projects for qualified historic properties,
  • grants for "bricks-and-mortar" preservation projects (capital) as well as projects to research, document, interpret and plan for historic properties and archaeological sites (non-capital), or
  • loans for "bricks-and-mortar" preservation projects, including acquisition and rehabilitation.

Each program has different eligibility standards and operating regulations, so please be sure to read each program's guidelines closely to make sure your project is eligible.