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Annual Archaeology Field Session

Artifacts Fire cracked rocks, ceramic sherds, stone tools and stone chipping debris from the Chapel Branch West site.

ANNUAL FIELD SESSION INFO FOR 2023: This year's Field Session will be held from May 19th to May 29th at the Chapel Branch West Site near Denton (Caroline County). This Pre-Colonial American Indian site is immediately adjacent to the colonial Barwick's Ordinary site, which was the location of the 2022 Field Session. During the 2022 Field Session, a shovel test pit survey documented a presumed living surface yielding 3,000 to 1,000 year old artifacts intact below the plow zone. The 2023 Field Session will investigate this buried living surface to document the American Indian occupations and hopefully reveal intact cultural features including house patterns, hearths, and storage pits. Click HERE for more information or to register online for the Field Session. The Archeological Society of Maryland handles the Field Session registration, so please contact the ASM with registration questions.

As in years past, primitive camping will be offered for those interested in staying over. For details and to reserve your camping spot, contact Research Archaeologist Stephanie Soder at or 410-697-9552.

Artifacts Shovel test pit revealing a buried dark brown organic rich living surface.

This cooperative venture between the MHT Archaeology Program and the Archeological Society of Maryland runs 11 days, inclusive of weekends and the Memorial Day holiday, and is open to the public. The purpose of the Field Session is to train lay persons in archaeological methods and teach Maryland's past through hands-on involvement, while making meaningful contributions to the study of Maryland archaeology.

The annual Field Session, now in its 53rd year, has investigated sites ranging from Archaic camps to Late Woodland villages to historic mills and plantations. It has been held in 15 of Maryland's 23 counties, and has examined 36 different sites.

Spotlight: Maryland Archaeology

Learn more about how MHT archaeologists document Maryland's unique history and culture through fieldwork, featured on MPT's Outdoors Maryland! The episode highlighted our Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology, held in partnership with the Archeological Society of Maryland each year. We welcome volunteers who want to get their hands dirty!

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For More Information

For more information on the field session, or on how to join the Archeological Society of Maryland, contact Dr. Zac Singer at or at 410-697-9544.