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Maryland Archeology Month

Maryland Archeology Month, April 2021

The Archeology of Healing and Medicine

In this time of viral contagion, Maryland Archeology Month focuses on the material remains of our collective past that speak to our response to illness and disease. From botanical remains to medical devices to the containers that held the various nostrums and drugs, archeology can contribute to our understanding of humanity's efforts to defeat sickness and promote health. Join us in exploring this dimension of the human experience and how we have responded over the centuries. We invite you to join Governor Hogan in celebrating April as Maryland Archeology Month, and to learn about the archaeology of healing and medicine through reading, viewing, and attending the many virtual events through the links below!


Visit the Maryland Archeology Month website at to download a printable high quality pdf of this year's poster. From this content-rich website you can also download a copy of this year's booklet and read the eight essays written by archaeologists about the archaeology of healing and medicine. The booklet and website also contain information about volunteer opportunities in archaeology across the state and throughout the year, as well as events scheduled during the month of April. This website will be updated as new events are announced, so be sure to visit often!


For More Information

Posters and other printed materials are available on request; to request copies, or for more information, contact Dr. Charlie Hall, State Terrestrial Archaeologist, at 410-697-9552.

Be sure to follow our social media feeds for updates on Maryland Archeology Month events and virtual offerings as we all adjust to the evolving COVID-19 situation.