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Archeology Month

April 2018 Archeology Month

Charting the Past: 30 Years of Exploring Maryland's Submerged History

In Maryland, we have a rich maritime history that begins thousands of years ago with Native Americans moving steatite and rhyolite from source areas in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge provinces west of the Bay to the Eastern Shore by canoe. From earliest Colonial times, European settlers made their homes along Maryland waters, as seafaring represented cutting edge transportation that allowed communication and commerce with the homes left behind in the Old World. The record of this history is scattered along and under the waters of the State, which are vast. Maryland ranks 10th among the states for absolute length of shorelines (3,190 miles), and fifth for percentage area covered by water (21.8%, or 12,406 square miles). With so much water, and so much history, the creation of the Maryland Maritime Archaeology Program (MMAP) 30 years ago may seem inevitable. Yet it took the vision and considerable efforts of many people to launch this first-of-itskind program that today ranks as one of only 10 state underwater archeology programs (30 states have coastlines).


For More Information

Posters and other printed materials are available on request; to request copies, or for more information, contact Dr. Charlie Hall, State Terrestrial Archeologist, at 410-697-9552.