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Archeology Month

April 2019 Archeology Month

The Magic and Mystery of Maryland Archeology

Maryland Archeology Month 2019 explores the archeological record of magic ritual as used historically – and prehistorically – to gain advantage or avert disaster by supernatural means. For decades archeologists scrupulously avoided the conclusion that a particular artifact had been used for ritual or magical purposes as these attributions were – often jokingly – thought to be the last resort of archeological reasoning (i.e., if you can't determine an artifact's function then it must have been a ritual or magical object). Beginning in the 1990s multiple archeological discoveries in the Annapolis area of bundles containing metal objects led Maryland archeologists to recognize an undeniable pattern that pointed directly to ritual magic. From this beginning has sprung a realization that magic, having been a part of the human experience throughout the ages, is visible in the archeological record. From crystals, to coins, to shoes, Maryland archeology today is seen as replete with examples of the magical use of objects. Join Governor Hogan in celebrating April as Maryland Archeology Month, and explore the magic of the past as revealed through archeology!


For More Information

Posters and other printed materials are available on request; to request copies, or for more information, contact Dr. Charlie Hall, State Terrestrial Archeologist, at 410-697-9552.