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Maryland Archeology Month

Maryland Archeology Month, April 2023

Where Did You Find That Artifact? Context is Crucial in Maryland Archaeology

Maryland Archeology Month focuses on the importance of recording the archeological context of artifacts. Context refers to the physical location where an artifact was found and the artifact's spatial relationship to other objects and cultural features. Context allows artifacts to be linked to specific events, site occupations, and cultural traditions. Context also helps to explain how objects were used, what their significance was, and what role they played in the lives of people in the past. Join us in exploring the ways that the careful documentation of archaeological context has contributed to our understanding of Maryland's past. We invite you to join Governor Moore in celebrating April as Maryland Archeology Month, and to learn about context in Maryland archaeology by exploring the links below!


Visit the Maryland Archeology Month website at to download a printable high quality pdf of this year's poster. From this content-rich website you can also read the essays written by archaeologists about the crucial importance of context in Maryland archaeology. The booklet and website also contain information about year-round volunteer opportunities in archaeology and special archaeology events scheduled during the month of April. This website will be updated as new events are announced, so be sure to visit often!


For More Information

Posters and other printed materials are available on request; to request copies, or for more information, contact Dr. Zachary Singer, State Terrestrial Archaeologist, at 410-697-9544.

Be sure to follow our social media feeds for updates on Maryland Archeology Month events.