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Workshop in Archeology

Cary Carson's 1972 Conjectural Rendering of the 1634 St. Mary's Fort)
Cary Carson's 1972 Conjectural Rendering of the 1634 St. Mary's Fort

The Maryland Historical Trust and the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. will present the 29th annual Workshop in Archeology on March 28, 2020 at the Maryland Historical Trust, 100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD. Presentations will include:

  • The Search for St. Mary's Fort (Travis Parno)
  • Priestly Plantations: What We Know (and Want to Find Out) About the Archeology of Jesuit Sites in Maryland (Laura Masur)
  • "A bleak, barren sand beach": Recent Investigations at Point Lookout Light Station (Rob Wanner)
  • Cobble Reduction and Tool Production from Late Archaic through Late Woodland at the Elkridge Site (Bob Wall)
  • "The once great plantation is now but a wilderness": Archeological Research at the Josiah Henson Site (Cassandra Michaud)
  • Workshop: Dating Late 18th- to Mid-19th-Century Refined Earthenware (Patricia Samford)
  • Archeology at the Cloverfields Site (Zachary Andrews, Alex Glass, and Kristen Browne)
  • CAT SESSION: Prehistoric Overview Parts I and II* (Bob Wall and Charlie Hall)

* Certified Archeological Technician (CAT) candidates seeking credit for their certification program must attend both sessions.

Details are in the flyer below:


Admission fee (payable at the door): $7.00 General admission; $5.00 for ASM members and students. The cafeteria at 100 Community Place is closed. Nearby restaurants are limited, so we suggest bringing a bag lunch and mingling with friends in the basement dining area.