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MHT Responds to Flooding Events
May 2018

On May 27, 2018, an extreme rainfall event caused damaging floods in several communities in Central Maryland, including Ellicott City, Catonsville, and areas of Baltimore city and county. In Ellicott City, the flooding recalled the devastation that the historic town suffered not quite two years prior, on July 30, 2016. The Maryland Historical Trust mobilized quickly in response to that disaster; procedures developed and information gathered through that experience will inform and assist with responses to the current crisis, and to similar emergencies elsewhere.

Within hours of the 2016 flood in Ellicott City, MHT established coordination with Howard County government and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, ensuring that historic preservation concerns would be integral to a systematic response. Immediately upon being granted access by emergency personnel, MHT’s Office of Research, Survey, and Registration fielded survey teams to assess damage to every historic property affected by the flood, including those in the National Register Historic District. MHT personnel remained on the ground daily for nearly two weeks, assisting the Howard County historic sites surveyor in preparing updated baseline information on the city’s historic properties and completing 170 damage assessment reports. Concurrently, MHT’s data management staff prepared detailed mapping to help organize recovery efforts, and created a webpage providing ready access to emergency assistance information and resources. MHT’s Office of Preservation Services provided technical assistance and expedited review of flood-related projects.

MHT – the State Historic Preservation Office – stands ready to offer its expertise and support in events affecting Maryland’s historic properties.

Help Us Assess Cultural Property Damage from the May 2018 Flooding

The Maryland Historical Trust needs your assistance in assessing any damage resulting from the recent flooding. Please fill out one of our on-line forms if you are able to help.

Help Documents

These fact sheets have been developed by the Maryland Historical Trust to assist property owners/occupants dealing with historic resources damaged by flooding.

Maryland Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program

State and federal preservation tax incentives are a tool that may be used to assist owners of certified historic properties as they undertake rehabilitation projects following a flooding event.

Whether you are planning to rehabilitate your primary or secondary residence or a commercial property, you may have the opportunity to earn a state income tax credit on qualified rehabilitation expenditures. Select a project type for more information.

Please note that Rehabilitation Tax Credits are awarded based on the eligible rehabilitation costs of completed projects and therefore are do not provide any upfront financial assistance for the project.

Property owners are encouraged to contact the Maryland Historical Trust to discuss potential projects in advance.

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