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The Maryland Heritage Areas Authority is accepting Management, Marketing, and Block Grant applications from Certified Heritage Area Management Entities. To apply, please click the links below:

For technical assistance, please reach out to Andrew Arvizu at

All applications are due on May 27th, 2022.

Maryland Heritage Area Management Entities

Each of Maryland’s thirteen heritage areas is run by a locally designated management entity, certified by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA). Management entities may receive MHAA matching grant funding for support of their operations, marketing, and management plan updates. The management entities work together as the Maryland Coalition of Heritage Areas to share information, partner on multi-heritage area activities, and support the statewide system of Heritage Areas.

Grants for Management Entities

Management Grants. Grants for up to $100,000, with a required one-to-one match, are available to support the operations of a certified Heritage Area management entity. Eligible activities can include salary and benefits for staff, and employer taxes; contracted services; printing; postage; telephone; website maintenance; staff training and conferences; expenses of workshops and training hosted by the Heritage Area; equipment purchase, lease, installation or maintenance; software purchase, lease, updates; utility costs; travel and transportation costs; qualifying memberships and dues; fundraising and development activities; insurance; audits; and general office supplies. Management grant funds may not be utilized for capital, marketing or programming activities. See the MHAA management grant guidelines for full details.

Marketing Grants. Grants for up to $50,000, with a required one-to-one match, are available to the Heritage Area management entity or their partner Destination Marketing Organization(s), to support the marketing of Heritage Area-wide products, advertising and promotion. Marketing grant funds may not be utilized for the marketing of individual sites or activities. See the MHAA marketing grant guidelines for full details.

Management Plan Grants.  Grants are available for up to 50% of the cost to develop or update of a Heritage Area Management Plan.