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Maryland Historical Trust Press

The mission of the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) Press is to produce and distribute materials that document and interpret the state's heritage resources and provide instruction in preservation practice. In support of that mission, the MHT Press publishes and sells technical reports, books, maps, posters, and educational materials. The publications below are currently available to purchase directly from MHT.

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Canavest: The History and Archeology of a Late 17th Century Piscataway Indian Fort

Dennis C. Curry (2023)

Canavest (also known as the Heater's Island site) was the last permanent village of the Piscataway (Conoy) Indians in Maryland. Various aspects of the site—occupied from 1699 to at least 1712—are vividly described in a series of colonial documents from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These archival records are paired with analysis of archeological remains to provide a glimpse of late 17th and early 18th century Piscataway life. Topics discussed include Piscataway movements over time, Piscataway material culture and lifeways, and Piscataway-English interactions prior to the tribe's departure from Maryland to Pennsylvania and parts north. Despite this presumed removal, Piscataways still reside in the state, largely in Southern Maryland, where they are experiencing a modern-day resurgence.


Annapolis: City on the Severn

Jane Wilson McWilliams (2011)

This meticulously researched volume explores Annapolis from its settlement in 1650 to its historic preservation campaign of the late twentieth century. It describes the innermost workings of Maryland's capital city – its social, civic and religious institutions; its powerful political leaders; and, its art, architecture, and neighborhoods. Hardcover. 478pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $30.00


Hettie Ballweber (1996)

A text describing modern archaeology for young readers. Softcover. 74 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $5.00

The Archaeology of Colonial Maryland: Five Essays by Scholars of the Early Province

Matthew D. McKnight (Editor), with chapter contributions by Henry M. Miller, Julia A. King, Al Luckenbach, Michael T. Lucas, and Scott M. Strickland (2019)

This volume describes Maryland's rich history and cultural heritage as revealed through the perspectives of five archaeologists who have dedicated a significant part of their careers to understanding life in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English colony. In a work that is accessible to the general public, dozens of sites are examined, ranging from plantation manor homes and slave quarters to courthouses and ordinaries. The book also explores the lives of those who built Maryland, including not only the powerful elites who governed the colony, but also Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and indentured servants. All of them shaped what became Maryland, and this book tells their story as revealed through the objects they left behind and the clues buried in the soil. Hardcover and softcover. 184pp.

Hardcover $35.00 | Softcover $20.00

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At the Crossroads: The Architectural History of Wicomico County, Maryland

Paul Baker Touart (2008)

This comprehensive work is the foremost source on local history and architecture in Wicomico County. This inventory of approximately 600 sites illustrates the architectural and social history of the county. It focuses on the unique geography of the county, while also following greater trends in state and national architectural styles.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $35.00

Baltimore's Cast-Iron Buildings and Architectural Ironwork

James D. Dilts and Catharine F. Black (1991, reprinted 2000)

An industrial and architectural history of the Baltimore region's iron tradition, from the colonial era through the 1950s. Includes details of how the material was derived, fabricated, and erected, as well as reprinted catalogs from the 1850s and 1860s. Illustrations, index. Softcover. 101 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $15.00

Bel Air: An Architectural and Cultural History, 1782-1945

Marilynn Larew (1995)

An architectural history of one of Maryland's unique small towns. Historic and modern photos, inventory, glossary, index. Hardcover. 298 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $15.00

Building the James Brice House 1767-1774

Orlando Ridout IV (2013)

This beautifully illustrated book places the Brice House in Annapolis, Maryland in its historical and architectural context. It also features a color reproduction of James Brice’s entire account book with a detailed index. The James Brice house is one of the grandest and most stylish houses built in colonial America.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $20.00

Carroll's Heritage: Essays on the Architecture of a Piedmont Maryland County

Joe Getty (1987)

Reveals the county's rich agricultural and industrial heritage through its historic architecture. Photos, illustrations, glossary, index. Softcover. 114 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $5.00

Chevy Chase: A Home Suburb for the Nation's Capital

Kimberly Prothro Williams & Elizabeth Jo Lampl (1998)

Illustrated account of one of the country's premier suburbs. Maps, illustrations, photographs, index. Softcover. 168 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $20.00

The Discovery and Archeological Investigation of the Benjamin Banneker Homestead (18BA282), Baltimore County, Maryland

Robert J. Hurry (2002)

Details archaeological discoveries that reveal tangible evidence of Banneker's homestead and yield new insight into the life and times of this important figure. Illustrations, photographs, tables, appendices, index. Softcover. 244 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $10.00

Doing Good to Posterity: The Move of the Capital of Maryland from St. Mary's City to Ann Arundell Towne, Now Called Annapolis

Edward C. Papenfuse (1995)

A view of events leading to the 1695 transfer of Maryland's seat of government. Illustrated. Index. Softcover. 30 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $3.00

Feast of the Dead: Aboriginal Ossuaries in Maryland

Dennis C. Curry (1999)

A compilation of data from Maryland's three dozen known ossuaries and an examination of what these unique mortuary features may mean. Maps, illustrations, photographs, glossary, index. Softcover. 120 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $10.00

From Bridge to Boardwalk: An Audio Tour of Maryland's Eastern Shore

Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation (2004)

The tour includes two CDs with over two hours of interviews with Eastern Shore personalities, historical recordings, music, and ambient sound. The accompanying book includes a pull-out map, essays, photographs, and tips to finding local arts and cultural treasures. Spiral Bound. 76 pp. with CDs.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $10.00

From Paths to Plats: The Development of Annapolis, 1651-1718

Anthony D. Lindauer (1997)

Narrative on the early development of Annapolis. B& W photos, illustrations, notes, index. Softcover. 30 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $3.00

Historic Bridges of Maryland

Dixie Legler & Carol M. Highsmith (2002)

A brilliantly illustrated account of these treasured landmarks that have dramatically shaped Maryland's landscape. Color photographs, index. Hardcover. 136 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $25.00

Illustrated Inventory of Historic Sites, Prince George's County, Maryland

M-NCPPC (1993)

Presents the 260 historic sites designated by the Prince George's County historic preservation ordinance. Spiral bound. 206 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $3.00

I'm Going Down County: An Architectural Journey Through St. Mary's County

Kirk E. Ranzetta (2010)

This comprehensive work chronicles how the county's historic buildings—homes, churches, stores, tobacco barns, lighthouses, schools and more—played a major role the exceptional events and everyday lives of county residents. It also includes a detailed inventory of hundreds of historic properties in the county. Photographs, illustrations, maps, index. Hardcover. 320 pages.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $25.00

In Full Glory Reflected: Discovering the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake

Ralph E. Eshelman and Burton K. Kummerow (2012)

The story of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake, told through places and landscapes where the action occurred. 252 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $15.00

In The Midst of These Plains: Charles County Buildings and Landscapes

Cathy H. Thompson and Nicole A. Diehlmann (2021)

This expansive volume – the culmination of decades of historic research and survey work – details nearly four centuries of settlement in Charles County, beginning with indigenous groups that first inhabited the land and English settlers of the early seventeenth century. The text chronicles the burgeoning planter class of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, who benefitted from tobacco production and enslaved labor. The subsequent economic and population shifts that resulted from the arrival of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, the establishment of the Naval Proving Ground in Indian Head, and the construction of Crain Highway in the 1920s are also thoroughly detailed. The range of historic buildings and landscapes found in the county is vast, from once ubiquitous tobacco barns to significant eighteenth-century dwellings to vernacular buildings of everyday life to the motels of the post-WWII boom when casinos dotted the landscape. Historic and modern photographs, maps, and drawings complement and illustrate the county's rich history. Hardcover. 469 pp.


King's Reach and 17th-Century Plantation Life

Dennis Pogue (1990)

Site of an abandoned Patuxent River tobacco plantation. Drawings. Photographs. Selected as a senior text by several Maryland high schools. Illustrations, glossary, reading list. Softcover. 33 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $3.00

Making Dead Oysters Talk: Techniques for Analyzing Oysters from Archaeological Sites

Bretton W. Kent (Revised, 1992)

Spiral-bound laboratory manual. 76 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $7.00

Maryland Aloft: A Celebration of Aviators, Airfields and Aerospace

Edmund Preston, Barry A. Lanman, and John R. Breihan (2003)

Presents the people and places exemplifying Maryland's rich aviation history. Photographs, notes, index, aviation resources directory. Hardcover. 200 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $25.00

Maryland Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay--An Illustrated History

F. Ross Holland, Jr. (1997)

Presents the development of each Chesapeake Bay lighthouse. Photographs, maps, illustrations, index. Hardcover. 200 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $25.00

The Money Crop: Calvert County after the Tobacco Buyout

Anne Sundermann, et al. (2005)

Listen to words of farm owners, tenants and others as they discuss the past and future of tobacco farming which was significant both economically and culturally to Calvert County. Hardcover. Photographs, glossary, index. 111 pages.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $15.00

Patapsco: Life along Maryland's Historic River Valley

Alison Kahn and Peggy Fox (2008)

Maryland’s Patapsco River valley saw the birth of industry in Maryland, the nation's first railroad, and the nation's first cross-country highway. Gain a sense of the cultural legacy of the region through the memories of its elders from all walks of life. Softcover. 261 pages.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $20.00

Places from the Past: The Tradition of Gardez Bien in Montgomery County, Maryland

Clare Lise Cavicchi (2001)

Illustrates the broad range of historic buildings, communities, and sites in the county. B&W photos, illustrations, bibliography, glossary, index. Softcover. 357 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $25.00

Providence 1649: The History and Archaeology of Anne Arundel County Maryland's First European Settlement

Al Luckenbach (1995)

Color photographs, illustrations, index. Softcover. 34 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $3.00

Railroad Ties: Industry and Culture in Hagerstown, Maryland

Susan Levitas, editor (1994)

Study of the railroad's impact in Hagerstown from c. 1890 to 1950. Historic and modern photos, illustrations, maps. Softcover. 64 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $10.00

Somerset: An Architectural History

Paul Baker Touart (1990)

Interprets buildings as they relate to historic themes that have shaped Eastern Shore life. Photographs, inventory, maps. Softcover. 424 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $20.00

Where Land and Water Intertwine: An Architectural History of Talbot County, Maryland

Christopher Weeks, ed. (1984)

A narrative history of the county connecting historical events to the area's architectural heritage. B&W photos, illustrations, index. Softcover. 264 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $15.00

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday: A Guide to Cultural Documentation in Maryland

Elaine Eff, ed. (1995)

Outlines how to plan, execute, and preserve oral histories. Photographs, illustrations, bibliography, index. Softcover. 89 pp.


Sale Price (through Dec 31, 2022): $5.00