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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
AL-I-A-001 19th Century House and Service BuildingNational Pike US 40, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-002 Town Hill HotelNational Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
AL-I-B-003 J.C. Smith Buildings (3 Buildings)National Pike (US 40), Bellegrove
AL-I-C-004 Green Ridge Tunnel (Stickpile Tunnel)Merten Avenue, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-005 Merten's Office Building, site (Merten's Orchard)Merten Avenue, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-006 Paw Paw TunnelUhl Highway (MD 51), Green Ridge
AL-I-C-007 Higgins Brick Ruins & Stone ChimneyCarroll Road, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-008 Raymond Higgins HouseKasecamp Road, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-009 Joe Higgins Canal HouseKasecamp Road, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-010 Maryland Department of Forests & Parks Log HouseKasecamp Road, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-011 Crabtree Frame HouseUhl Highway (MD 51), Keifers
AL-I-A-012 Double HouseNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-A-013 Hobart Walinger HouseNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-A-014 Board and Batten HouseNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-A-015 Beige Bungalow (Large White Frame House)National Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-A-016 White Frame HouseNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-C-017 Athey Frame HousePurslane Run Road, Keifers
AL-I-C-018 Sulphur Springs Methodist ChurchGorman Road, Keifers
AL-I-C-019 Roman Reckley Log HouseGorman Road, Keifers
AL-I-C-020 William E. Reckley Log HouseGorman Road, Keifers
AL-I-C-021 Hansrote Log HouseUhl Highway (MD 51), Keifers
AL-I-C-022 Linaberg Log HouseAppel Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-C-023 Little Orleans Methodist ChurchAppel Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-B-024 Bellegrove Weatherboard HouseNational Pike (US 40), Bellegrove
AL-I-B-025 Horn FarmhouseSwain Road, Bellegrove
AL-I-B-026 Swain FarmhouseSwain Road, Bellegrove
AL-I-B-027 Whitfield FarmhouseSwain Road, Bellegrove
AL-I-B-028 Hoopengardner Frame HouseEarth Road, Bellegrove
AL-I-C-029 Kesler TunnelTunnel Hill Road, Paw Paw
AL-I-B-030 Indigo TunnelZiegler Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-B-031 Price Frame FarmhousePrice Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-032 Big Ridge ChurchPrice Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-033 Blackburn Frame HousePrice Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-034 Hensley Frame HouseOrleans Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-035 Doc Watson's GarageNational Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
AL-I-B-036 Creek Frame HouseGolden Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-037 Mann HouseGolden Road, Bellegrove
AL-I-B-038 Mann Frame FarmhouseMann Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-039 Brinkman Frame House (Trail Frame House)National Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
AL-I-B-040 Hartley Log HouseOrleans Road NE., Piney Grove
AL-I-A-041 Little Orleans Schoolhouse12900 Appel Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-042 McKnight Log HouseAppel Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-043 Little Orleans Grocery, site (Bill's Place, Orleans Grocery, Schoenadel's)Oldtown Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-044 Golden Frame HouseNational Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
AL-I-B-045 Roby Schoolhouse (Robey Schoolhouse)High Germany Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-046 Barney Shipley Log FarmhouseW. Shipley Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-047 Samuel Shipley Log FarmhouseW. Shipley Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-048 Wigfield FarmhouseScofield Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-049 George W. Hymes FarmhouseGreen Ridge Road N., Piney Grove
AL-I-A-050 Shipway's Restaurant and GarageNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-A-051 Calvin C. Perdew Frame HouseDouble Pine Road, Pratt
AL-I-A-052 Perdew Frame FarmhouseElbinsville Road, Pratt
AL-I-A-053 Elbinsville Road Log BarnElbinsville Road, Pratt
AL-I-A-054 St. Patrick's Catholic Church (Little Orleans Catholic Church)12517 Saint Patrick's Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-055 Boy's Forestry Camp Supervisor's ResidenceFifteen Mile Creek Road, Pratt
AL-I-A-056 Hunter's CabinOldtown Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-057 Yonkers Rock Pile GroupYonkers Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-C-058 Point LookoutCarroll Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-059 Superintendent's Residence, Green Ridge State ForestNational Pike (US 40), Pratt
AL-I-C-060 Green Ridge StationMerten Avenue, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-061 Roby Cemetery (Robey Cemetery)Carroll Road, Green Ridge
AL-I-C-062 Graham Tunnel, Baltimore and Ohio RailroadTunnel Hill Road, Magnolia
AL-I-B-063 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 142Garfield-Miller Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-064 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 143Orleans Road N., Piney Grove
AL-I-A-065 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 144E. Shipley Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-066 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 145W. Shipley Road, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-067 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 146Scofield Road, Artemas
AL-I-A-068 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 147Green Ridge Road N., Artemas
AL-I-A-069 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 148Green Ridge Road N., Artemas
AL-I-A-070 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 149Fifteen Mile Creek Road, Artemas
AL-I-A-071 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 150Fifteen Mile Creek Road, Artemas
AL-I-A-072 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 151Double Pine Road, Artemas
AL-I-A-073 Mason-Dixon Line: Milestone No. 152Elbinsville Road, Pratt
AL-I-B-074 Western Maryland Railway Right-of-Way, Milepost 126 to Milepost 160 
AL-I-C-075 Bridge A-1048 (SHA)Uhl Highway (MD 51) over C & O Canal, Paw Paw
AL-I-C-076 Bridge A-1049 (SHA), Paw Paw BridgeUhl Highway (MD 51), Paw Paw
AL-I-B-077 Old National Pike Milestone No. 110National Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
AL-I-C-078 Larkin Property (Hesser-Larkin Property)Uhl Highway (MD 51), Oldtown
AL-I-079 Cooper Property 
AL-I-A-080 Bridge A10900 (A10910)Fifteen Mile Creek Road over White Sulphur Run, Oldtown
AL-I-A-081 Bridge A11000 (A11010)Fifteen Mile Creek Road over Fifteen Mile Creek, Flintstone
AL-I-B-082 Bridge A-1037National Pike (US 40) over Snib Run, Piney Grove
AL-I-A-083 Bridge 1036 (SHA)National Pike (US 40) over Fifteen Mile Creek, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-084 Bridge A-1064 (SHA)McFarland Road over Sideling Hill Creek, Hancock
AL-I-B-085 Small Structure 0194XONational Pike (US 40) US 40 Scenic over Branch of Sideling Hill Creek, Piney Grove
AL-I-B-086 C&O Canal National Historical Park 
AL-I-A-087 Allegany County Bridge #A-116Orleans Road SE. Across Fifteen Mile Creek, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-088 Charles Callan House12728 Orleans Road SE., Little Orleans
AL-I-C-089 SHA Small Structure Number 01042X0MD 51 over Tributary of Purslane Run, Keifers
AL-I-A-090 State Roads Commission Water TroughNational Pike NE. (US 40 SCN) west of Orleans Road, Little Orleans
AL-I-A-091 SHA Small Structure No. 01091X0National Pike NE. (US 40 SCN) over Tributary to Snib Hollow Run, Little Orleans
AL-I-C-092 SHA Small Structure 01040X01MD 51 over Branch of Purslane Run, Oldtown-Keifars
AL-I-C-093 SHA Small Structure 01041X01MD 51 over Branch of Purslane Run, Oldtown-Keifars
AL-I-C-094 SHA Small Structure 01043X01MD 51 over Purslane Run, Oldtown-Keifars
AL-II-A-001 Flintstone Hotel (Piper Hotel, Inns on the National Road)Main Street (MD 144), Flintstone
AL-II-B-002 Michael Cresap House19015 Opessa Street SE., Oldtown
AL-II-A-003 Rosehill Farm (Fletcher Farm, Jeremiah Berry III)12301 W. Wilson Road NE., Flintstone
AL-II-A-004 George Robinette House (Thomas Wilson House, Breakneck Farm)W. Wilson Road, Flintstone
AL-II-A-005 Riggleman-McElfish House11401 Murleys Branch Road NE., Flintstone
AL-II-A-006 Stone House (or) Tavern (Inns on the National Road)W. Wilson Road & MD 144, Pleasant Valley