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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
CAR-1 Daffin House (Thawley House)Tuckahoe Road, Hillsboro
CAR-2 Oak Lawn (White Hall, Oakland, Dawson Farm)13590 Oakland Road (MD 312), Ridgely
CAR-3 Willow Grove (Willow Grove Brick House Farm)Shepherd Church Road, Four Corners
CAR-4 Castle Hall (Golden Bottom)Goldsboro Marydel Road (MD 311), Goldsboro
CAR-5 Linchester Mill (Hunting Creek Mill)3390 Linchester Road (3395 and 3400 Linchester Rd - NR complex), Preston
CAR-6 St. Paul's Episcopal Church (St. John's Parish Church)22005 Church Street, Denton
CAR-7 Colonel William Richardson Tomb and House SiteGilpins Point Road, Harmony
CAR-8 Round BarnZion Road, Kane Crossroads
CAR-9 Plaindealing808 S. 5th Avenue (MD 404), Denton
CAR-10 Athol (Thomas House, Wright House, Louis Antal House)Melville Road, Melville Crossroads
CAR-11 Brick HouseSteels Road, Melville Crossroads
CAR-12 Ervington (Raymond Cohee Brick House)River Bridge Road, Henderson
CAR-13 The Enterprise (Enterprise Farm)Jackson Lane, Goldsboro
CAR-14 William Weer Telescopic HouseUnion Road, Union Corner
CAR-15 Brick House Farm (Benjamin’s Lott, Richard Jarrell Farm, Ernest Bowman Farm)24870 E. Cherry Lane, Ridgely
CAR-16 Fritz Mezger Frame HouseRiver Road, Ridgely
CAR-17 J. Boone Jarrell House, siteBenedictine Lane, Ridgely
CAR-18 The Plains of Benjamin Sylvester, site (St.Gertrudes)14299 Benedictine Lane, Ridgely
CAR-19 Marble Head (Marblehead, Copartnership)24435 Marble Head Road, Ridgely
CAR-20 Cedarhurst13405 Oakland Road (MD 312), Ridgely
CAR-21 Frame House, siteNinetown Road, Obers Corner
CAR-22 T. Noble Jarrell House (Part of Jackson's Hardship)Greensboro Goldsboro Road (MD 313), Goldsboro
CAR-23 Walter Schift Frame House (Walter Schift Farm)Greensboro Goldsboro Road (MD 313), Greensboro
CAR-24 Codd's Head Manor (Thorne Hill, Sewell Mill House, Draper's Mill)Drapers Mill Road & Red Bridges Road, Sewell Mills
CAR-25 CastleburyHolly Road & River Road, Boonsboro
CAR-26 Hardcastle Mill House (Brick Wall Landing)River Road, Boonsboro
CAR-27 Willson's Chance23931 Shore Highway (MD 404), Denton
CAR-28 Upland FarmHillsboro Denton Road (MD 404), Tuckahoe
CAR-29 Yoash House (John Corrie House)21908 Main Street (MD 404), Denton
CAR-30 Savage Gambrel Roof House21914 Main Street (MD 404), Denton
CAR-31 Lee Brick House (Sursum Corda)22005 Main Street (MD 404), Denton
CAR-32 Long Point FarmTuckahoe Road, Hillsboro
CAR-33 Layton's Mill House (Elben's Mill)Tuckahoe Road, Hillsboro
CAR-34 Tuckahoe AcresTuckahoe Road, Griffin
CAR-35 Three Rivers Co. Frame HouseSchneider Road, Griffin
CAR-36 The Neck Meeting House and Yard (Quaker Meeting House and Graveyard)Hillsboro Denton Road (MD 404), Denton
CAR-37 Thomas Connelly FarmhouseHobbs Road, Anthony
CAR-38 Harry Nuttle Brick House, site (Chance's Desire)Redden Road, Andersontown
CAR-39 Noble HouseNoble Road, Andersontown
CAR-40 Concord Methodist Episcopal ChurchDion Road, Concord
CAR-41 Liden's Venture, site (Liden's Manor)Todd Road, Smithville
CAR-42 Bullock Brick HouseNoble Road, Smithville
CAR-43 James Todd HouseChipman's Road, Agner
CAR-44 Nagel FarmhouseGrove Agner Road (MD 621), American Corner
CAR-45 Potter Hall (Potter's Landing)8148 Martin Lane, Williston
CAR-46 Memory Lane24700 Williston Road, Williston/Denton
CAR-47 Williston Mill (Potters Mill)Harmony Denton Road (MD 16), Williston
CAR-48 Greek Revival HouseGilpin Point Road, Harmony
CAR-49 Webb/Fluharty Cabin (James H. Webb of Joseph/Fluharty Cabin, Fluharty Log House, Salem, Brotherhood)23459 Grove Road, Harmony
CAR-50 Joshua Holland Telescopic HouseBethlehem Harmony Road (MD 578), Bethlehem
CAR-51 Frazier's FlatsTanyard Road, Tanyard
CAR-52 Fletcher FarmhousePreston Harmony Road (MD 16), Preston
CAR-53 Big Branch Farm (Chezzum Brick House)Payne Road, Preston
CAR-54 Mastronardi House (Steenken Farm)Preston Harmony Road (MD 16), Grove
CAR-55 Meredith HouseGrove Road, Grove
CAR-56 Willie Bailey HouseFederalsburg Preston Road (MD 318), Nichols
CAR-57 Allen Figgs Brick House (Carroll House)Guard Road, Federalsburg
CAR-58 Charles Dickenson Grave SitePreston Harmony Road (MD 16) & Collins Road, Grove
CAR-59 Roussett House, sitePark Avenue & Main Street, Greensboro
CAR-60 The Plains of Charles Dickenson, siteBack Landing Road, Preston
CAR-61 Painter's RangePayne Road, Jonestown
CAR-62 Poplar Grove (Rolling Acres)3400 Poplar Neck Road, Preston
CAR-63 North WalesTanyard Road, Tanyard
CAR-64 Wiltshire Manor, siteGrove Agner Road (MD 621), Grove
CAR-65 Goswellen BuildingNewton Road, Preston
CAR-66 Douglas HouseMain Street & Noble Avenue, Preston
CAR-67 Dr. Jacob Noble HouseMain Street & Grove Road, Preston
CAR-68 Samples HouseWright Street, Preston
CAR-69 Friendship ChurchAmerican Corner Road, Grove
CAR-70 ExeterThree Bridges Road, Federalsburg
CAR-71 Herring Hill (Merriken House)Three Bridges Road, Federalsburg
CAR-72 Davis House109 Davis Street, Federalsburg
CAR-73 Richard Willis HouseFederalsburg Preston Road (MD 318), Nichols
CAR-74 Harmony ChurchPreston Road (MD 16) & Bethlehem Harmony Road (MD 578), Harmony
CAR-75 Williston ChurchHarmony Denton Road (MD 16), Williston
CAR-76 Garey House, siteEaston Denton Road (MD 328), Griffin
CAR-77 Jacob and Hannha Leverton House (Dyott Farm, "Squire's Chance")3531 Seaman Road, Linchester
CAR-78 Milligan Farm, site (Dr. Noble Farm House)Federalsburg Preston Road (MD 318), Nichols
CAR-79 Williston HotelWilliston Road, Williston
CAR-80 Williston Mill House (Millers House)Williston Road, Williston
CAR-81 Ridgely Railroad StationMaryland Avenue & Railroad Street, Ridgely
CAR-82 Smithville MillOpossum Hill Road, Smithville
CAR-83 Chapel of the EpiphanyMaryland Avenue, Preston
CAR-84 Christ Episcopal ChurchGay Street between 1st and 2nd, Denton
CAR-85 Caroline County CourthouseMarket Street, Denton
CAR-86 St. Paul's Reformed Church212 Central Avenue, Ridgely
CAR-87 Ridgely HouseRailroad Street & Central Avenue, Ridgely
CAR-88 Romanesque Building327 Market Street, Denton
CAR-89 Horsey-Deakyne House12 Fifth Street, Denton
CAR-90 David Whiting Brick House, site115 Stonesifer Drive, Greensboro
CAR-91 Boulais House109 N. Main Street, Greensboro
CAR-92 Boyd Building100 S. Main Street, Greensboro
CAR-93 Taylor House124 N. Main Street, Greensboro
CAR-94 St. Paul's United Methodist Church300 W. Sunset Avenue, Greensboro
CAR-95 Greensboro Methodist Church, siteMain Street & Cedar Lane, Greensboro
CAR-96 Greensboro Episcopal Church, site204 W. Sunset Avenue, Greensboro
CAR-97 Goldsborough House116 W. Sunset Avenue, Greensboro
CAR-98 M. K. Porter House301 W. Sunset Avenue, Greensboro
CAR-99 Clinton Porter House116 S. Main Street, Greensboro
CAR-100 Dr. Malone House204 S. Main Street, Greensboro