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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
CH-1 Rose HillRose Hill Road, Port Tobacco
CH-2 (Open Number) 
CH-3 La GrangePort Tobacco Road (MD 6), La Plata
CH-4 (Open Number) 
CH-5 Habre de Venture (Thomas Stone House)Rose Hill Road, Port Tobacco
CH-6 St. Thomas Manor (St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church)Chapel Point Road, Bel Alton
CH-7 St. Ignatius Roman Catholic ChurchChapel Point Road, Bel Alton
CH-7A St. Ingnatius Church, Slave QuartersChapel Point Road, Bel Alton
CH-8 Old FriendshipCampus Road, La Plata
CH-9 Old Friendship Barn SiteFriendship Landing Road, Nanjemoy
CH-10 The RetreatPoor House Road, Port Tobacco
CH-11 ArabyMason Springs Road (MD 425), Marbury
CH-12 Smallwood's RetreatSmallwood Road off of Sweden Point Road, Rison vicinity
CH-13 Stagg Hall (Parnham-Padgett House, Spalding's Corner)Chapel Point Road, Port Tobacco
CH-14 Chimney House (Barnes Compton House)Chapel Point Road, Port Tobacco
CH-15 SarumBudds Creek Road (MD 234), Newport
CH-16 Chapel PointChapel Point Road, Bel Alton
CH-17 Mt. RepublicanRock Point Road (MD 257), Newburg
CH-18 Christ Episcopal Church (William and Mary Parish)13050 Rock Point Road (MD 257), Newburg
CH-19 HuckleberryPopes Creek Road, Faulkner
CH-20 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church (Newport Church)Saint Mary's Church Road, Newport
CH-21 Holly HallHolly Spring Road, Nanjemoy
CH-22 Truman's PlaceGallant Green Road, Hughesville
CH-23 Cat Slide Roof House (Burch House)Chapel Point Road, Port Tobacco
CH-24 Ellerslie (Coate's Retirement, Brawnertown)Howard Drive, Port Tobacco
CH-25 St. Charles Roman Catholic Church, siteOld Indian Head Road, Indian Head
CH-26 Stone's ThrowRose Hill Road, Port Tobacco
CH-27 Friendship Farm (John Rowe House)Hawthorne Road (MD 225) (formerly Indian Head La Plata Road), Port Tobacco
CH-28 GunstonGunston Road, Welcome
CH-29 Efton Hills3715 Port Tobacco Road (MD 6), Nanjemoy
CH-30 Waverley13535 Waverly Point Road, Newburg
CH-31 Waverley Servants' HouseWaverly Point Road, Newburg
CH-32 Pasquahanza10160 Lower Cedar Point Road, Newburg
CH-33 EllenwoodCharles Street (MD 6), La Plata
CH-34 Elmwood10800 Elmwood Place, Newburg
CH-35 Mt. VictoriaMount Victoria Road, Mount Victoria
CH-36 Crain's LotMill Run Road, Mount Victoria
CH-36A Crain's Lot Well HouseMill Run Road, Mount Victoria
CH-36B Crain's Lot Dairy HouseMill Run Road, Mount Victoria
CH-36C Crain's Lot Smoke HouseMill Run Road, Mount Victoria
CH-36D Crain Farms Slave HouseMill Run Road, Mount Victoria
CH-37 Society Hill (Frailty, Walnut Hill)Society Hill Lane, Mount Victoria
CH-38 Yatten (Frailty)W. Hatton Road, Mount Victoria
CH-39 West HattonW. Hatton Road, Mount Victoria
CH-40 Dent's PalaceTrinity Church Road (MD 232), Dentsville
CH-41 Hard BargainW. Hatton Road, Mount Victoria
CH-42 Black FriarsMount Victoria Road, Mount Victoria
CH-43 Loch Leven (Goose Creek)Brentland Road, Welcome
CH-44 Brick House LotBryantown Road (MD 232), Bryantown
CH-45 Bryantown TavernLeonardtown Road (MD 5), Bryantown
CH-46 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryOlivers Shop Road, Bryantown
CH-47 The HermitageWashington Avenue, La Plata
CH-48 Linden (Durham, Durham Freehold)8530 Mitchell Road, La Plata
CH-49 The Lindens (His Lordship's Favor, Howell Farm)La Plata Bryantown Road (MD 488), La Plata
CH-50 HawthorneHawthorne Road (MD 225) (formerly Indian Head La Plata Road), La Plata
CH-51 Thainston8790 Mitchell Road, La Plata
CH-52 Mt. Carmel Monastery5678 Mount Carmel Road, La Plata
CH-53 Acquinsicke3750 Acquinsicke Place, White Plains
CH-54 Marshall HallMarshall Hall Road (MD 227), Bryans Road
CH-54A Marshall Hall OfficeMarshall Hall Road (MD 227), Bryans Road
CH-54B Marshall Hall Stable, siteMarshall Hall Road (MD 227), Bryans Road
CH-54C Marshall CemeteryMarshall Hall Road (MD 227), Bryans Road
CH-55 Locust Grove (The Bryan Farm)Marshall Hall Road (MD 227), Bryans Road
CH-56 Market Overton (Mulberry Grove)Marion Drive, Bryans Road
CH-57 BoltonBensville Road (MD 228), Waldorf
CH-58 Mill Hill Road HouseMill Hill Road, Waldorf
CH-59 Oak Grove (Turkey Hill, Dower Farm)8625 Turkey Hill Road, La Plata
CH-60 Dr. Spalding's Office8625 Turkey Hill Road, La Plata
CH-61 Green's Inheritance (Green Park)Pomfret Road (MD 227), Pomfret
CH-62 Christ Episcopal Church, Port Tobacco ParishCharles Street (MD 6), La Plata
CH-63 Old Durham Church (Christ Episcopal Church, Durham Parish)Durham Church Road & Ironsides Road (MD 425), Ironsides
CH-64 CharlestonHatton Creek Road, Issue
CH-65 Mount Air8835 Mount Air Road, Faulkner
CH-66 Cliffton No. 1Potomac View Drive, Newburg
CH-67 Clifton No. 2Potomac View Drive, Newburg
CH-68 St. Joseph's Catholic Church4590 Saint Josephs Way, Pomfret
CH-69 Mt. Zephyr3940 Mount Zephyr Farm Place, La Plata
CH-70 Jameson House (Dent's Levels)5685 Bumpy Oak Road, La Plata
CH-71 LongevityBumpy Oak Road, Pomfret
CH-71A Longevity Carriage HouseBumpy Oak Road, Marshall's Corner
CH-72 White Hall9381 Aries Drive, Chapel Point
CH-73 Preference9210 Mona Farm Place (Recorded as 9250), La Plata
CH-74 Prospect Hill (Brown Property)7465 Prospect Hill Road, La Plata
CH-75 Mount Aventine (Grymes Ditch, Chapman's Landing, Pomonkey)Chapman's Landing Road, Bryans Road
CH-76 Piney Church, site (Log Church of 1754?)Piney Church Road, La Plata
CH-77 Plenty8600 Plenty Highlands Place, Port Tobacco
CH-78 Pleasant Hill (Rice Property, Virginia Mudd House)9205 Marshall Corner Road, Pomfret
CH-79 Eutah (Eutah Forest)Bensville Road (MD 228), Bensville
CH-80 Blenheim, site (Mt. Tirzah No. 2)Crain Highway (US 301), Newburg
CH-81 Mt. Tirzah (Burrough Hall)Rock Point Road (MD 257), Mount Victoria
CH-82 Mt. EagleBryantown Road (MD 232), Bryantown
CH-83 Mulberry Grove8600 Mulberry Grove Place, Port Tobacco
CH-84 Julia Garner House, siteCrain Highway (US 301), La Plata
CH-85 Rock Hall (Spearman Lancaster House)Lancaster Farm Road, Rock Point
CH-86 Causine Manor, siteNeptune Lane, Bel Alton
CH-87 Tompkinsville House (Issue House, Frere House)Rock Point Road (MD 257), Newburg
CH-88 Log HouseWoodland Point Road, Issue
CH-89 Charlestown Creek SiteCharlestown Road, Rock Point
CH-90 Friendship (Laurel Branch; Locust Hill)8325 Bensville Road (MD 228), Waldorf
CH-91 Locust Grove (Burroughs Hall)Swindler Road, Mount Victoria