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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
D-1 House of the Hinges (Manning House)34 Main Street (MD 16) formerly S. Main Street, East New Market
D-2 Friendship Hall15 Railroad Avenue (MD 14), East New Market
D-3 Glasgow (Ayreshire)1500 Hambrooks Boulevard, Cambridge
D-4 Trinity ChurchTaylors Island Road (MD 16), Woolford
D-5 Carthegena (My Lady Sewall's Manor, Sewall House)Poplar Street, Secretary
D-6 Rehoboth (Liberty Hall, Turpin Place, Lee Mansion)5850 Puckum Road, Eldorado
D-7 Weston (Weston Farms)Elliott Island Road, Henrys Crossroads
D-8 Buckland (Maurice Manor, Maurice Hall)14 Railroad Avenue (MD 14), East New Market
D-9 La Grange (Meredith House, Dorchester Co. Historical Society Headquarters)904 La Grange Street, Cambridge
D-10 Bayly House (Caile-Bayly House)207 High Street, Cambridge
D-11 White HallWhite Hall Road, Mount Holly
D-12 Goldsborough House (Goldsborough-Phelps House)200 High Street, Cambridge
D-13 Edmondson House9 Main Street (MD 16) formerly S. Main Street, East New Market
D-14 Rose Hill, siteAcademy Street (MD 14), East New Market
D-15 Smith Cottage12 S. Main Street (MD 16), East New Market
D-16 Swan Island (Middle Hooper Island)Hoopersville Road (MD 335), Hoopersville
D-17 St. Giles Field (Cedar Point)Hooper Island Road (MD 335), Honga
D-18 St. Mary's Star-of-the-Sea Catholic Church and Tubman Chapel917 Hooper Island Road (MD 335), Golden Hill
D-19 Nettie Meekins HouseMeekins Neck Road, Swan Harbor
D-20 Twin Willows Farm3470 Meekins Neck Road, Cambridge
D-21 J. Sunday House (Tall House)Punch Island Road, Taylors Island
D-22 Ridgeton (Ridgeton Farm)4145 Bay Shore Road, Taylors Island
D-23 Mulberry Grove (Dover) and SchoolhouseHooper Neck Road, Taylors Island
D-24 Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church (Taylors Island Methodist Church, Old Brick Church)Hooper Neck Road, Taylors Island
D-25 Levi Burton HouseSmithville Road, Smithville
D-26 Dr. Henry W. Gross Homeplace (Dr. Gross' Place)1130 Hip Roof Road, Golden Hill
D-27 Medicine Hill (J. E. Applegarth Farm, Dr. Robert F. Tubman House)1130 Hip Roof Road (formerly Hooper Island Road, MD 335), Golden Hill
D-28 Grace Cusick House, siteHooper Island Road (MD 335), Crossroads
D-29 Lake CoveParks Neck Road, Crapo
D-30 George Hart Farmhouse (Christopher C. Fallin House, Ogle's House)1904 Bishops Head Road, Bishops Head
D-31 Tolly's Delight (Clift Farm)Susquehanna Neck Road, Madison
D-32 Dr. Benjamin L. Smith House (William Harrington House)1151 Taylor's Island Road (MD 16), Madison
D-33 Jarrett Farmhouse, siteWhite Marsh Road, Madison
D-34 The CedarsTaylors Island Road (MD 16), Woolford
D-35 Hiram Woolford House ("Waterworks")1624 Taylor's Island Road (MD 16), Woolford
D-36 Brooks FarmHarrisville Road, Harrisville
D-37 Elsing (Old House on Church Creek, John Crawford House)1654 Taylor's Island Road (MD 16), Woolford
D-38 Jones Farm1747 Taylor's Island Road (formerly Buttons Neck Road), Woolford (formerly Church Creek)
D-39 Indian Cove1748 Taylor's Island Road (MD 16), Woolford (formerly Church Creek)
D-40 Head Range Farm (Dr. Dorsey Wyrill House)Taylor's Island Road (MD 16), Church Creek
D-41 Richardson House1903 Whitehaven Road, Church Creek
D-42 Stewart HouseChurch Creek Golden Hill Road (MD 335), Church Creek
D-43 Rock School (Stanley Institute, Rock Elementary School)2439 Rock Drive, Cambridge
D-44 Jones RegulationPig Neck Road, Christs Rock
D-45 Woolford House (Old Woolford Place, Hull Farm)2124 Silver Goose Road, Cambridge
D-46 Arthur's Seat2023 Dailsville Road, Cambridge
D-47 Ashley1673 Town Point Road, Cambridge
D-48 LeCompte Barnette House, siteTown Point Road, Dailsville
D-49 Horn Point (duPont Dairy Barn)2020 Horns Point Road, Cambridge
D-50 Henry FarmHorns Point Road, Cambridge
D-51 Jarvis HillCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-52 Windemere (Polly Critchett House)Cambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-52A Windemere SchoolhouseCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-53 Spocot (Spocott)Cambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-54 Monsieur's FollyCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-55 Rigby Seward HouseCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343) & Castle Haven Road, Lloyds
D-56 Castle HavenCastle Haven Road, Lloyds
D-57 Garden of EdenGarden of Eden Road, Lloyds
D-58 Spocot WindmillCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Lloyds
D-59 Travers HouseMorris Neck Road, Lloyds
D-60 Seward House (Old Seward House)Morris Neck Road, Lloyds
D-61 Indian RangeCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Cornersville
D-62 Billy Mayhew FarmBar Neck Road, Cornersville
D-63 Buck RangeBar Neck Road, Cornersville
D-64 Cornersville HouseCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343) & Bar Neck Road, Cornersville
D-65 Frank Plocek HouseCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Cornersville
D-66 KilmaurieKilmaurie Drive, Cornersville
D-67 MillstoneCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Hills Point
D-68 Lester B. Kinnamon HouseCambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Hills Point
D-69 Sarke PlantationTodds Point Road, Hills Point
D-70 Todd's PointTodds Point Road, Hills Point
D-71 Ross Range FarmhouseRoss Neck Road, Wrights
D-72 Ross RangeRoss Neck Road, Wrights
D-73 Howard Farm (Spedden-Howard Farm)Cambridge Hudson Road (MD 343), Hudson
D-74 Cook's PointCook Point Road, Hudson
D-75 Margaret's Delight (Green Cove)Hills Point Road, James
D-76 Hardingham HouseCasson Neck Road, James
D-77 Ragged PointRagged Point Road, Thomas
D-78 HaylandMaple Dam Road, Cambridge
D-79 Hallie Seward House (Old Eccleston Place)Key Wallace Drive, Seward
D-80 Bucktown Village Store (Bucktown Store)4303 Bucktown Road (Intersection of Greenbriar and Bucktown Roads), Cambridge
D-81 Clement Waters House (Thomas M. Meredith House, Lewis House)4231 Bestpitch Ferry Road (Bestpitch Ferry and Bucktown Roads), Cambridge
D-82 Christ Methodist Episcopal (M. E.) Church (Airey's Methodist Episcopal (M. E.) Church, Airey's Chapel)5033 Airey's Road (MD 397) (Airey's Road and Indianbone Road), Airey
D-83 Yarmouth (White House Farm)Bestpitch Ferry Road, Cambridge
D-84 Brick House Landing, ruinGriffith Neck Road, Drawbridge
D-85 Lawson FarmGriffith Neck Road, Drawbridge
D-86 "Porpeigham" (or) Henry Hooper House (Fred Doege Farm)4516 Bucktown Road, Cambridge
D-87 Knauer Farm, siteBucktown Road, Indianbone
D-88 Ernara (Pitts Desire)Indianbone Road, Airey
D-89 Corkran FarmAireys Road (MD 397), Airey
D-90 Higgins MillHiggins Mill Pond Road, Airey
D-91 Higgins Mill House (Transquaking Mills)Higgins Mill Pond Road, Airey
D-92 Middletown FarmDrawbridge Road, Airey
D-93 Melvin Brinsfield Farm, siteSteele Neck Road, New Bridge
D-94 Arthur Kirk Farm, siteKraft Neck Road, Hollands Crossroads
D-95 G. Steele Phillips House, siteOcean Gateway (US 50), Salem
D-96 Big Mill House, site (Possibly Big Mill Tavern)Ocean Gateway (US 50), Salem
D-97 Big Mill Farm, site (Laurel Hill)Ocean Gateway (US 50), Salem
D-98 James U. Thompson Farm (site?)Maiden Forest Road, Salem
D-99 Little Mill Farm (Vinecroft)Johnson Road, Salem