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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
CARR-931 Keymar Stone Arch Bridge, siteFrancis Scott Key Highway (MD 194) over Little Pipe Creek, Keymar
CARR-964 Mount Airy Historic DistrictMount Airy
F-1-1 (Open Number) 
F-1-2 (Open Number) 
F-1-3 (Open Number) 
F-1-4 St. Mathew's Evangelical Lutheran Church4004 Ballenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Frederick
F-1-5 Doubs MillDoubs Road (MD 180), Adamstown
F-1-6 Peasant View Methodist Episcopal ChurchPleasant View Road, Adamstown
F-1-7 St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church1519 Ballenger Creek Pike, Point of Rocks
F-1-8 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (First Baptist Church Point of Rocks)3719 Kanawha Avenue, Point of Rocks
F-1-9 Castle Heirs House, site3702 Commerce Street, Point of Rocks
F-1-10 Point of Rocks United Methodist Church1326 Clay Street (MD 28), Point of Rocks
F-1-11 Point of Rocks Masonic Building3734 Commerce Street, Point of Rocks
F-1-12 Saleuado1242 New Design Road, Adamstown
F-1-13 Adamstown Public SchoolAdams Street, Adamstown
F-1-14 Green Manor2772 Washington Street, Adamstown
F-1-15 George T. Kohlenberg House5528 Mountville Road, Adamstown
F-1-16 J.S. Page House5529 Mountville Road, Adamstown
F-1-17 James Graham House3539 New Design Road, Frederick
F-1-18 St. Joseph's Church on Carrollton ManorManor Woods Road, Frederick
F-1-19 Carrollton Manor (Tuscarora)5809 Manor Woods Road, Frederick
F-1-20 N.H. Engle House, siteBallenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Frederick
F-1-21 Lime Kiln, siteManor Woods Road, Frederick
F-1-22 Job Dix Eichelberger HouseBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Frederick
F-1-23 Rufus Zimmerman HouseNew Design Road, Frederick
F-1-24 Small Structure 1086XOClay Street (MD 28) over unnamed tributary of Potomac River, Point of Rocks
F-1-25 (Open Number) 
F-1-26 W. Ramsburg House, siteNew Design Road, Frederick
F-1-27 Buckingham House & Industrial School3035 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Adamstown
F-1-28 Greenfield MillsGreenfield Road, Dickerson
F-1-29 Buckeystown Historic DistrictBuckeystown
F-1-30 John Buckey House (John Buckey Tavern)3634 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-31 George Hosselback House3529 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-32 Daniel Baker House (Catoctin Inn)3619 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-33 Edgar Nicodemus House3437 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-34 Bridge, SHA 10014, siteTuscarora Road (MD 28) over Tuscarora Creek, Adamstown
F-1-35 Jacob M. Bushey House, site4925 New Design Road, Frederick
F-1-36 St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal ChurchWashington Street, Adamstown
F-1-37 Cyrus Bushrod Poole House3702 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-38 Philip Sinstock House3638 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-39 Edward Snouffer House (John Delashmutt House)3628 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-40 William Baker Office3604 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-41 Delashmutt's Store (Stone House Pottery)3532 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-42 Sara Duvall House3528 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-43 William Thomas House3522 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-44 Charles F. Thomas House3516 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-45 Paul Gressling House3448 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-46 Daniel Baker, Jr. House3504 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-47 Buckeystown United Methodist Church3422 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-48 John Keller House3434 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-49 Springdale3420 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-50 Emily Driscoll House3421 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-51 C. Mehrl Cromwell House3426 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-52 Miss Susie's House3429 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-53 William Boteler House3433 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-54 Ed Keller House3439 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-55 Methodist Church ParsonageBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-56 Charles Huseman House3447 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-57 John Baker House3503 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-58 William Suman House3513 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-59 Charles Keller House3521 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-60 Hattie Snyder House3525 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-61 McKenna's StoreBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-62 C.F. Thomas BrickyardsBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-63 Kerwin Semon House3633 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-64 Herman Gosnell House3635 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-65 Donald Duley House3639 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-66 George Sharp HouseBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-67 St. John's Reformed Church3701 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-68 Mount Hope3735 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Frederick
F-1-69 R.S. Weedon House6815 Michaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-70 W.C. Mead House6925 Michaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-71 Buckeystown Methodist ChurchMichaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-72 Buckeystown Church ParsonageMichaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-73 Nina Brown House6929 Michaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-74 Augustus Nicodemus House3814 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Frederick
F-1-75 Robert Grady House3730 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-76 Buckeystown School3722 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Buckeystown
F-1-77 Michael's Mill & House (Monocacy Mills)7119 Michaels Mill Road (MD 880), Buckeystown
F-1-78 Manassas J. Grove HouseBuckeystown Pike (MD 85), Frederick
F-1-79 Manassas J. Grove Tenant HouseLime Kiln Road, Frederick
F-1-80 (Open Number) 
F-1-81 Bridge 10013Buckeystown Pike (MD 85) over Branch of Monocacy River, Buckeystown
F-1-82 Bridge 10015 (SHA)Tuscarora Road (MD 28) over Tuscarora Creek, Adamstown
F-1-83 John Phleeger House5058 Ballenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Frederick
F-1-84 Eutaw Place (Rogers Farm; Islamic Waqf of Maryland)3845 New Design Road, Buckystown
F-1-85 E.D. Zimmerman Farm4719 Ballenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Frederick
F-1-86 E.D. Zimmerman Tenant House4719 Ballenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Frederick
F-1-87 Henry S. Michael Farm2231 Ballenger Creek Pike (MD 180), Adamstown
F-1-88 Bridge 10016Tuscarora Road (MD 28) over Branch of Potomac River, Point of Rocks
F-1-89 Bridge 10057, siteBallenger Creek Pike (MD 351) over Ballenger Creek, Frederick
F-1-90 Carrollton Manor Tenement House #2Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Adamstown
F-1-91 John Trundle House6601 Manor Woods Road, Frederick
F-1-92 Monocacy Aqueduct (C & O Canal Aqueduct)Mouth of Monocacy Road, Tuscarora
F-1-93 Greenfield Mills StonehouseGreenfield Road, Dickerson
F-1-94 George Kephart House1005 Buckeystown Pike (MD 85), Adamstown
F-1-95 St. Marks United Lutheran ChurchDoubs Road (MD 180), Adamstown
F-1-96 Doubs United Methodist Church (Smith's Chapel)Doubs Road (MD 180), Adamstown
F-1-97 Adamstown Bank5549 Mountville Road, Adamstown
F-1-98 Lime Kiln Methodist ChurchLime Kiln Road, Frederick