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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
G-I-B-001 Flossie Johnson Bungalow (Race Farm Tenant House "A")National Pike (US 40), Frostburg
G-I-B-002 Johnson House (Race Farm Tenant House "B" and Outbuilding)National Pike (US 40), Frostburg
G-I-A-003 Mt. Zion United Methodist ChurchNational Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
G-I-A-004 Blocker-Klotz Farm Tenant House15418 National Pike (US 40), Frostburg
G-I-A-005 Bepler House (John Blocker House)National Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
G-I-B-006 Lammert Farm HouseNational Pike (US 40), Piney Grove
G-I-E-007 Brydon Mansion (Borderside)Oakland Westernport Road (MD 135) & Branch Avenue, Bloomington
G-I-008 (Open Number) 
G-I-009 (Open Number) 
G-I-A-010 Saint Anne's Church and Parish HallAvilton-Lonaconing Road (south of U.S. Route 40), Walnut Hill area
G-I-E-011 Bloomington Viaduct (B&O Railroad Viaduct)Oakland Westernport Road (MD 135), Bloomington
G-I-A-012 Tomlinson Inn and the Little Meadows (Stone House)12871 National Pike (US 40), Grantsville
G-I-E-013 Meyer SiteChestnut Grove Road, Bethel
G-I-A-014 New Germany State Park, Office BuildingMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-015 New Germany State Park, Doctor's OfficeMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-016 New Germany State Park, DNR Cabin #1McAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-017 New Germany State Park, DNR Cabin #4McAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-018 New Germany State Park, GazeboMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-019 New Germany State Park, Swauger GravesMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-020 New Germany State Park, DamMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-021 New Germany State Park, School HouseMcAndrews Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-022 Howard Michael FarmAaron Run Road, Barton
G-I-C-023 Morris Speen HouseAaron Run Road, Barton
G-I-C-024 Paul G. Broadwater HouseAaron Run Road, Barton
G-I-C-025 George's Creek Church of the Brethren (Mt. Zion Church)Avilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-026 William J. Wier House1419 Avilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-027 Thomas Wier House IAvilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-028 Thomas Wier House II, siteAvilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-B-029 Anthony Drees FarmSampson Rock Road, Piney Grove
G-I-B-030 Little Savage Mountain House70 Finzel Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-031 Victor M. Twigg Farm408 Sampson Rock Road, Finzel
G-I-B-032 A.L. McKenzie House & Barn75 Sunset Vista, Frostburg
G-I-B-033 R. Milton Moon House148 Moons Lane, Frostburg
G-I-B-034 Bridge 11008, Stone Arch BridgeOld National Pike (Old US 40) over Little Savage River, Frostburg
G-I-A-035 William H. Kamp Farm1374 Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville
G-I-B-036 Mary Drees HouseSampson Rock Road, Finzel
G-I-B-037 Sampson Rock Road HousesSampson Rock Road, Finzel
G-I-D-038 Will Steele HouseBeechwood Road, Lonaconing
G-I-D-039 Claude Steele HouseBeechwood Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-040 Michael Road HouseMichael Road & Bartlett Road, Barton
G-I-C-041 James E. Broadwater House3474 Russell Road, Barton
G-I-C-042 Sears & Roebuck House2714 Michael Road, Barton
G-I-C-043 Charles E. Ginniman HouseMichael Road, Barton
G-I-B-044 Werner/Warner Farm3250 Finzel Road (MD 546), Finzel
G-I-A-045 John J. Hafer Farm3793 Piney Run Road, Finzel
G-I-A-046 Naomi E. Berry House2909 Piney Run Road, Finzel
G-I-B-047 Henry Finzel Farm1033 W. Finzel Road, Finzel
G-I-B-048 Keefer & Shockey Houses1379 W. Finzel Road, Finzel
G-I-A-049 Twin Churches (Mt. Beulah Church & Trinity Church)930 Twin Churches Road, New Germany
G-I-B-050 Finzel School121 Old Schoolhouse Road, Frostburg
G-I-C-051 Fred C. Bolton House286 Red Hill Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-052 G.W. Broadwater Farm693 Red Hill Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-053 Red Hill School430 Red Hill Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-054 James Merrill HouseWesternport Road, Merrill
G-I-C-055 Delwood Merrill House445 Pea Ridge Spur, Barton
G-I-C-056 Gerald Warnicke HouseWesternport Road, Barton
G-I-C-057 David Warnick House (Gerald L. Warnick House)8822 Westernport Road, Barton
G-I-C-058 Floyd MacIntyre Farm8758 Westernport Road, Barton
G-I-A-059 John R. Hershberger House, siteNational Pike (US 40), High Point
G-I-C-060 Layton Beeman House13126 Savage River Road, Swanton
G-I-C-061 Broadwater Chapel12762 Savage River Road, Swanton
G-I-C-062 Bond School11897 Savage River Road, Swanton
G-I-C-063 Raymond A. Wampler FarmSavage River Road, Merrill
G-I-C-064 Gilbert Crowe House3170 Avilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-065 David & Lillie Weir House67 Red Bird Lane, Lonaconing
G-I-C-066 William J. Jacobs HouseSwamp Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-067 Paul Colmer Farm987 Russell Road, Barton
G-I-C-068 Raymond Crawford House, siteRussell Road, Barton
G-I-C-069 Charles Magruder HouseRussell Road, Barton
G-I-C-070 Bert Broadwater Farm (Henry I. Stoffard Farm)2592 Pea Ridge Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-071 Marshall Broadwater Farm3120 Pea Ridge Road, Lonaconing
G-I-A-072 Paul L. Durst Farm842 Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-073 James B. Watson, Jr. House4208 Westernport Road SW., Westernport
G-I-B-074 Old Brown PlaceW. Finzel Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-075 Adam Paul Place1383 Gravel Hill Road, Finzel
G-I-A-076 Tesco Farm857 Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville
G-I-B-077 Thomas Johnson House1332 Gravel Hill Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-078 A.E. Baer Farm (Simon Weimer Farm)1176 Gravel Hill Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-079 Alvin Bittner House127 Bittner Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-080 Edna Jay FarmJay Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-081 Bittner FarmJay Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-082 Walter Knotts FarmPocahontas Road, Frostburg
G-I-A-083 Lela V. Maust House1348 River Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-084 Yost & Gotthart Doerr Farm (Harry C. Doerr Farm)1685 Fosters Inn Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-085 Dorsey School (Raymond C. Durst House)Lower New Germany Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-086 George L. Michaels Farm2091 Westernport Road, Westernport
G-I-C-087 Charles Michaels Farm3122 Westernport Road, Westernport
G-I-C-088 Stanely E. Green Farm860 Avilton Lonaconing Road, Lonaconing
G-I-A-089 Kenneth R. Durst HouseLower New Germany Road, Grantsville
G-I-A-090 Carl F. Bowers Log House (Durst House)1607 Lower New Germany Road, Grantsville
G-I-C-091 Albertus L. Beeman Farm1780 Swamp Road, Lonaconing
G-I-C-092 Jesse Green House7671 Westernport Road, Barton
G-I-C-093 George S. Warnick Farm1230 Pine Swamp Road, Barton
G-I-C-094 Russell House, siteRussell Road, Barton
G-I-C-095 Junior W. Fazenbaker Farm877 Aaron Run Road, Barton
G-I-C-096 Carder Farm3385 Westernport Road SW., Westernport
G-I-C-097 John Broadwater FarmAaron Run Road, Bloomington
G-I-B-098 Ray E. Miller Farm425 Pocahontas Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-099 Andrew Rosenberger HousePocahontas Road, Frostburg
G-I-B-100 Johnson School645 Pocahontas Road, Frostburg