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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
AA-2290 Patapsco State ParkHalethorpe/Catons/Ell City/Gwynn Oak
BA-1850 Patterson Viaduct Ruins, Arch & CausewayIlchester Road & River Road, Catonsville
BA-3003 Patapsco State ParkHalethorpe/Catons/Ell City/Gwynn Oak
CARR-1662 Patapsco State ParkHalethorpe/Catons/Ell City/Gwynn Oak
HO-0000 Oakland Manor Stable5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia
HO-1 Cherry Grove (Fredericksburg)2937 Jennings Chapel Road, Woodbine
HO-2 Oakdale16449 Ed Warfield Road, Woodbine
HO-3 Pleasant Valley (Lost by Neglect)13893 Forsythe Road, Cooksville
HO-4 Red House TavernHoods Mill Road (MD 97), Cooksville
HO-5 Roberts Inn14610 Frederick Road (MD 144), Cooksville
HO-6 Ellerslie2761 Roxbury Mills Road (MD 97), Glenwood
HO-7 Union Chapel (St. Andrew's Episcopal Church)Roxbury Mills Road (MD 97), Glenwood
HO-8 Longwood (The Dependency)3188 Roxbury Mills Road (MD 97) (a.k.a. Washington Road), Glenwood
HO-9 Round About Hills (Peacefields)15505 Cattail Oaks, Glenwood
HO-10 Villa de Speranza (New Year's Gift)3890 Roxbury Mills Road (MD 97), Glenwood
HO-11 Duvall's Range (Stephen Boone Dorsey House)15451 Roxbury Road, Glenwood
HO-12 Roxbury MillRoxbury Mill Road, Brookeville
HO-13 Howard Lodge (Taylor's Park)12301 Howard Lodge Drive, Sykesville
HO-14 Howard County Hunt Club13402 Triadelphia Road, Ellicott City
HO-15 Glenelg Manor (Glenelg Country School)12793 Folly Quarter Road, Glenelg
HO-16 Carrollton Hall (Folly Quarter Manor, MacTavish House)12280 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City
HO-17 Folly Quarter Farm (and Bath House)4308 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City
HO-18 Walnut Grove5192 Sheppard Lane, Clarksville
HO-19 Huntington Farms13180 Brighton Dam Road, Clarksville
HO-20 Hickory Ridge13032 Highland Road, Highland
HO-21 Waverly2335 Waverly Mansion Drive, Marriottsville
HO-22 Doughoregan Manor (Charles Carroll III of Carrollton House)3500 Old Manor Lane, Ellicott City
HO-23 Burleigh Manor and Gate House (Burleigh Cottage)3950 White Rose Way, Ellicott City
HO-24 Font Hill3838 Parrot Drive, Ellicott City
HO-25 Brick House on the Pike (Brick House Farm, Ellerslie)9564 National Pike (US 40), Ellicott City
HO-26 St. John's Episcopal Church9120-9140 Frederick Road (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-27 Daniels Mill (Elysville, Gary, Alberton Mill)Daniels Road, Ellicott City
HO-28 Dorsey Hall5100 Dorsey Hall Drive, Ellicott City
HO-29 Arlington (Fairway Hills Golf Club)5100 Columbia Road, Columbia
HO-30 WoodlawnBendix Road (Formerly 9254 Old Annapolis Road), Columbia
HO-31 Spring Hill and Quarters4659 Montgomery Road (MD 103) Also 4614 New Cut Road, Ellicott City
HO-32 Oakland Manor5430 Vantage Point Road, Columbia
HO-33 Blandair6651 Little Patuxent Parkway (MD 175), Columbia
HO-34 WavelandSewells Orchard Drive, Columbia
HO-35 Christ Church (Queen Caroline Parish Church)6800 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia
HO-36 Oak Hall, siteOak Hall Lane, Columbia
HO-37 Athol6680 Martin Road, Columbia
HO-38 Montpelier10904 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel
HO-38-1 Montpelier Tenant House and Barn10904 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel
HO-39 White Hall (Glenburnie, Iris Hill, Worthington's Quarter)7504 Broadcloth Way (formerly Weather Worn Way), Columbia
HO-40 Moundland, siteGuilford Road, Columbia
HO-41 Commodore Joshua Barney House (Harry's Lott)7912 Savage-Guilford Road, Savage
HO-42 Savage Mill Historic DistrictSavage
HO-43 Belmont (Moore's Morning Choice)6555 Belmont Woods Road, Elkridge
HO-44 Troy Hill (Troy)Baltimore Washington Boulevard (US 1), Elkridge
HO-45 Trinity Church7474 Baltimore Washington Boulevard (US 1), Elkridge
HO-46 Spurriers Tavern, siteWaterloo Road (MD 175) & Baltimore Washington Boulevard (US 1), Jessup
HO-47 Temora4252 Columbia Road, Ellicott City
HO-48 Woodlawn, site (Le Papillon)8880 Frederick Road, Ellicott City
HO-49 Mount Hebron (Mt. Hebron)2331 Calvin Circle, Ellicott City
HO-50 First Presbyterian Church (Howard County Historical Society Building)8328 Court Avenue, Ellicott City
HO-51 Howard County Courthouse8360 Court Avenue, Ellicott City
HO-52 Patapsco National Bank8098 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-53 Samuel Powell House8198 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-54 Howard County Jail3709 Park Avenue (Formerly 1 Emory Street), Ellicott City
HO-55 Emory Methodist Church3799 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-56 Jenkins-Powell House (Jonathan Ellicott House, MacGill House)3791 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-57 The Manse3788 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-58 Angelo Castle (Angelo Cottage, Castle Angelo)3749 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-59 Mount Ida3691 Sarah's Lane, Ellicott City
HO-60 Patapsco Female Institute, ruins (Patapsco Heights Hotel, Burg Alnwick Hotel, The Hilltop Theatre)3655 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-61 The Firehouse Museum (Old Howard Co. Fire Department Building, Old Howard Co. Public Library)3829 Church Road, Ellicott City
HO-62 The Town Hall (Opera House, Rhodey's Emporium)8044-8046 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-63 Patterson ViaductIlchester Road & River Road, Catonsville
HO-64 Thomas Isaac's Log Cabin (Stanton's Log Cabin)8394 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-65 Ellicott Family Burial GroundsOld Columbia Pike (MD 987), Ellicott City
HO-66 Quaker Burial GroundsOld Columbia Pike (MD 987), Ellicott City
HO-67 Friends Meeting House (Quaker Meeting House)3771 Old Columbia Pike (MD 987), Ellicott City
HO-68 Howard House8202 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-69 Walker-Chandler House, Mrs. Rowland Bounds' House (Ellicott Country Store)8180-8182 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-70 Patapsco Hotel (Thomas' Patapsco Hotel, Stewart's Hotel, Wilson Patapsco Hotel, Ellicott City Times)8004-8026 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-71 Ellicott City B&O Railroad Station, Freight Building, & Turntable2711 Maryland Avenue, Ellicott City
HO-72 Bridge Market (E.T. Clark Property, Radcliffe’s Emporium, Louis T. Clark Grocery)8000 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-73 Ellicott Mill Original Historic SiteFrederick Road (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-74 (Open Number) 
HO-75 (Open Number) 
HO-76 St. Paul's Catholic School (Patapsco National Bank)St. Paul Street, Ellicott City
HO-77 (Open Number) 
HO-78 Ellicott City Historic DistrictEllicott City
HO-78-1 Angevina Cottage3779 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City
HO-79 I.O.O.F. Lodge Building (Annie's)8126-8132 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-80 Thomas Viaduct, Baltimore & Ohio RailwayB&O Railroad over Patapsco River, Halethorpe
HO-81 Bollman Suspension Truss BridgeSavage Road, Savage
HO-82 Disney's Tavern, H.H. Tamburo Shop (Mount Misery, Fabric House, Sprecher House)8298-8304 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-83 Collier's Grist Mill (Bernard Fort CM, Ellicott City Mills, E. C. Electric Light and Power Co.)8069 Tiber Alley, Ellicott City
HO-84 Linden Grove (New Year's Gift)5790 Tamar Drive, Columbia
HO-85 Montrose Farm13370 Brighton Dam Road, Clarksville
HO-86 Railroad Hotel (Turn Over a New Leaf, The Meeting House)8028-8036 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-87 Bethesda (Dower Cottage, Long Reach)9140 Sybert Drive, Ellicott City
HO-88 Cacao Lane Restaurant (Hunt's General Store, Millinery Shop, Edward Alexander House)8066-8068 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-89 Bernard Campbell House (Froogle Fashions, Import Specialties)8074-8082 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-90 Charlotte Tazewell House (Lena McCauley Brick House)8186-8192 Main Street (MD 144), Ellicott City
HO-91 Hobson's Choice3145 Florence Road, Woodbine
HO-92 Trusty FriendFrederick Road (MD 144), Cooksville
HO-93 (Open Number)