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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
K-1 Middle Hall - Washington College (Middle College)Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-2 East Hall - Washington College (East College)Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-3 West Hall - Washington College (West College)Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-4 Reid Hall - Washington College (Normal Hall)Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-5 Old Gym - Washington College (Maintenance Storage)Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-6 Levi Rogers House202-204 S. Water Street, Chestertown
K-7 Capt. James F. Taylor House (Whitsitt House, Fort Belvedere)201 S. Water Street, Chestertown
K-8 Hynson-Ringgold House (The Abbey, Ringgold Mansion)S. Water Street & Cannon Street, Chestertown
K-9 Customs House101 S. Water Street, Chestertown
K-10 Widehall (Water Lot #16)101 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-11 Anderson-Aldridge House (John K. Aldridge House)103 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-12 River House (Smyth-Letherbury House, Denton-Weeks House)107 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-13 Esau Watkins House109 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-14 McHard House (Meeteer House, Frisby House)110 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-15  111 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-16  113 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-17 Simon Wickes House (Perkins House)115 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-18 Metcalfe Apartments118 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-19 Chester House201 N. Water Street, Chestertown
K-20 Bolton-Anderson House (Powers House)108 Maple Avenue (MD 213), Chestertown
K-21 Bolton House (Bolton-Dunn House)137 Queen Street, Chestertown
K-22 Dunn House135 Queen Street, Chestertown
K-23 Houston House113 Queen Street, Chestertown
K-24 Geddes-Piper House101 Church Alley, Chestertown
K-25 Stewart House204 N. Queen Street, Chestertown
K-26 Guy Goodfellow House109 Queen Street, Chestertown
K-27 Buck-Chambers House (John Buck House)103 Queen Street, Chestertown
K-28 Bedingfield Hands House106 S. Queen Street, Chestertown
K-29 Wickes House102 High Street, Chestertown
K-30 Wallis-Hines House (Hines House)106 High Street, Chestertown
K-31 William Barroll House108 High Street, Chestertown
K-32 William Barroll House110 High Street, Chestertown
K-33 Molloy House109 High Street, Chestertown
K-34  123 High Street, Chestertown
K-35  125 High Street, Chestertown
K-36 Cahall Store (Chestertown Library)127 High Street, Chestertown
K-37 (Open Number) 
K-38 Evans Building200 High Street, Chestertown
K-39 Old Post Office201 High Street, Chestertown
K-40 Old Bank203 High Street, Chestertown
K-41 Stam HallHigh Street & Court Street, Chestertown
K-42 Lawyers Row Law Office109 Court Street, Chestertown
K-43 Lawyers Row Law Office111 Court Street, Chestertown
K-44 Lawyers Row Law Office113 Court Street, Chestertown
K-45 Lawyers Row Law Office115 Court Street, Chestertown
K-46 Lawyers Row Law Office117 Court Street, Chestertown
K-47 Lawyers Row Law Office119 Court Street, Chestertown
K-48 Masonic Building (Pinder Building, Masonic Temple)100 Memorial Plaza, Chestertown
K-49 White Swan Tavern (American Hotel)231-235 High Street, Chestertown
K-50 Kent County CourthousePark Row, Chestertown
K-51 Emmanuel Episcopal Church101 N. Cross Street (MD 289), Chestertown
K-52 Methodist Meeting House320 High Street, Chestertown
K-53 Hackett House (Mallard Gift Shop, Mallard Apartments)314 Park Row, Chestertown
K-54 Chestertown PharmacyHigh Street & Spring Avenue, Chestertown
K-55 Lawrence House (Tuckers Paint Store)355 High Street, Chestertown
K-56  357 High Street, Chestertown
K-57 Public School Building400 High Street, Chestertown
K-58 (Open Number) 
K-59 Hubbard House402 High Street, Chestertown
K-60 Rebecca Lloyd Anderson House411 High Street, Chestertown
K-61 Bordley-Usilton House (Yellow Brick House)414 High Street, Chestertown
K-62 John Russell House512 High Street, Chestertown
K-63 Robert Reid House518 High Street, Chestertown
K-64 John Reid House520 High Street, Chestertown
K-65 Palmer House (Rock of Ages)532 High Street, Chestertown
K-66  536 High Street, Chestertown
K-67  600 High Street, Chestertown
K-68  602 High Street, Chestertown
K-69 First Methodist ChurchHigh Street & Mill Street, Chestertown
K-70 Usilton Lane House202 Radcliffe Drive, Chestertown
K-71 James Anderson House (Hanson House)400 Cannon Street, Chestertown
K-72 Sterling Castle105-107 S. Mill Street, Chestertown
K-73 Sterling Castle103 S. Mill Street, Chestertown
K-74 Brick OutbuildingSpring Avenue, Chestertown
K-75 Stam House114 Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-76  125 Washington Avenue, Chestertown
K-77 Fountain in the ParkHigh Street & Cross Street, Chestertown
K-78 Wilmer's Mill House, site (Old Wilmer House)Chestertown Fairlee Road (MD 20), Chestertown
K-79 Lauretum (Vickers House)954 High Street (MD 20), Chestertown
K-80 Cedar Hill8035 Airy Hill Road, Chestertown
K-81 Killy Longford8293 Brices Mill Road, Chestertown
K-82 Kentland (Quinn Farm)Chestertown Fairlee Road (MD 20), Langford Acres
K-82A Kentland small brick outbuildingChestertown Fairlee Road (MD 20), Langford Acres
K-83 The Plains (Chapman Farm)Bakers Road, Langford
K-84 Providence Plantation (Bartus Trew Home)Quaker Neck Road, Johnsontown
K-85 White House Farm (Stepney Manor, Stepne)406 S. Cross Street (MD 289), Chestertown
K-86 Radcliffe Cross (Ratcliffe, Ratcliff Crosse, Radcliff Cross)Quaker Neck Road (MD 289), Chestertown
K-87 Plank Building at Wilkins Lane, siteQuaker Neck Road (MD 289), Chestertown
K-88 Godlington Manor7201 Wilkins Lane (MD 664), Chestertown
K-89 Fair Hope FarmQuaker Neck Road (MD 289), Pomona
K-89A Fair Hope Log HouseQuaker Neck Road (MD 289), Pomona
K-90 The Reward (Tilden's Farm)Walnut Point Road, Johnsontown
K-91 Comegys Bight HouseJohnstown Road, Johnsontown
K-92 Clark's ConveniencyQuaker Neck Road (MD 289), Johnsontown
K-93 Caulk's Field House (Arcadia)Rock Hall Fairlee Road (MD 20), McCleans Corner
K-94 Airy Hill7909 Airy Hill Road, Chestertown
K-95 The Alms House (Mount Pleasant, County Farm)Broad Neck Road (MD 446), Langford Acres
K-96 Brice Mill Farm (Perkins Mill, Jones Mill, Beck's Mill)Fannells Branch Road, Langford
K-97 Violet Farm (Ringgold's Fortune)Hynson Rodgers Road, Langford
K-98 BroadnoxRicauds Branch Langford Road, Sandy Bottom