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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
SM-1 Mulberry Fields (Montalbino)19700 Mulberry Fields Road, Valley Lee
SM-1A Brick Dependency at Mulberry Fields19700 Mulberry Fields Road, Valley Lee
SM-1B Howard Young's House at Mulberry Fields19700 Mulberry Fields Road, Valley Lee
SM-1C Mulberry Fields Weaving House19700 Mulberry Fields Road, Valley Lee
SM-1D Mulberry Fields Carriage House19700 Mulberry Fields Road, Valley Lee
SM-2 West St. Mary's ManorWest Saint Mary's Manor Road, Drayden
SM-3 Cross Manor (Manor of Cornwaley's Cross)47733 Cross Manor Road, St. Inigoes
SM-3A Slave Cabin at Cross Manor, siteCross Manor Road, St. Inigoes
SM-4 Resurrection Manor, siteDaniels Road, Hollywood
SM-5 St. Richard's ManorMillstone Landing Road, California
SM-6 Bachelor's HopeManor School Road, Chaptico
SM-7 Sotterley44300 Sotterley Lane, Hollywood
SM-7A Sotterley Field Hand's Quarter (Slave Cabin)44300 Sotterley Lane, Hollywood
SM-7B Sotterley Gate Houses44300 Sotterley Lane, Hollywood
SM-8 Leigh House (Widow Fenwick Farm, St. Peter's Key)47997 Memory Lane, St. Mary's City
SM-9 Clarke's Freehold (Daniel Clocker IV House, Clocker's Fancy)47681 Old Cove Road, Lexington Park
SM-10 Tudor Hall (America Felix Secundus)41680 Tudor Place, Leonardtown
SM-11 Replica of the 1676 State HouseOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-12 St. George's Protestant Episcopal Church (Poplar Hill)McKays Beach Road, Valley Lee
SM-13 Porto BelloPortobello Road, Drayden
SM-14 St. Inigoes Manor House, ruinWebster Field Road, St. Inigoes
SM-15 St. Ignatius Church (St. Inigoes Church)Webster Field Road, St. Inigoes
SM-16 U.S.S. Tulip MonumentCross Manor Road, St. Inigoes
SM-17 Fenwick FreeGrayson Road, St. Inigoes
SM-18 Manning's Hold (Smith Creek House & Farm)Wynne Road (MD 252), Ridge
SM-19 Calvert's RestCurleys Road, Ridge
SM-20 Bard's Field (Bardsfield, Trinity Manor)Pratt Road, Ridge
SM-21 WoodlawnWoodlawn Road, Ridge
SM-22 Pourtney's Oversight (Portney's Oversight)Portney's Overlook Drive, Ridge
SM-23 SmithwoodCamp Brown Road, Scotland
SM-24 Kirk HousePoint Lookout Road (MD 5), Scotland
SM-25 St. Michael's ManorPoint Lookout Road (MD 5), Scotland
SM-26 Point Lookout Civil War Prison CampPoint Lookout Road (MD 5), Scotland
SM-27 Rosecroft (Chancellor's Point)Rosecroft Road, St. Mary's City
SM-27A Rosecroft Log House (Slave Cabin at Rosecroft)Rosecroft Road, St. Mary's City
SM-28 Chancellor's Point, siteRosecroft Road, St. Mary's City
SM-29 St. Mary's City Historic DistrictSt. Mary's City
SM-29-1 Bridge 18009Point Lookout Road (MD 5) over Fisherman's Creek, St. Mary's City
SM-29-2 Old MD 5 over Broom Creek Concrete Slab StructurePoint Lookout Road (MD 5) between Bauer Road and Eighteen Wheel Road, Lexington Park
SM-29-3 Leroy House16161 Point Lookout Road, Lexington Park
SM-30 State House of 1676 SiteTrinity Church Road, St. Mary's City
SM-31 Leonard Calvert MonumentTrinity Church Road, St. Mary's City
SM-32 Trinity Episcopal ChurchTrinity Church Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33 Brome-Howard Farm, site (Brome-Howard House)Old State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33A Brome Farm Frame Duplex (Slave Quarter)Old State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33B Dairy at Brome Farm, siteOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33C Meathouse at Brome Farm, siteOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33D Carriage House at Brome Farm, siteOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33E Howard Hay Barn at Brome FarmOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33F Spence Howard's Office at Brome FarmOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33G Brome Farm GranaryOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-33H Barn at Brome FarmOld State House Road, St. Mary's City
SM-34 Father Andrew White MonumentPoint Lookout Road (MD 5) & Father Andrew White Memorial Road, St. Mary's City
SM-35 Father Andrew White Memorial Altar and ParkFather Andrew White Memorial Road, St. Mary's City
SM-36 The Great Brick Chapel & Priests House, sitePoint Lookout Road (MD 5), St. Mary's City
SM-37 St. Mary's College Historic DistrictPoint Lookout Road (MD 5), St. Mary's City
SM-37-1 St. Mary's College Historic District; Anne Arundel Hall47407 Old State Road, St. Mary's City
SM-37-2 St. Mary's College Historic District; Margaret Brent Hall16821 Point Lookout Road, St. Mary's City
SM-37-3 Cobb House (St. Mary's College)18952 E. Fisher Road, St. Mary's City
SM-38 Freedom of Conscience MonumentPoint Lookout Road (MD 5) & Trinity Church Road, St. Mary's City
SM-39 Copley TombTrinity Church Road, St. Mary's City
SM-40 Hawley's Manor (Broadneck, Redman's, or Reddin's)Saint Jeromes Neck Road, Dameron
SM-41 St. Jerome'sMalone Bay Court, Dameron
SM-42 Dameron House (St. Jerome's Crossroad's House)Camp Winslow Road, Dameron
SM-43 Carthagena, site (Hebb House, Hatton's Corbett)Windmill Point Road, Drayden
SM-44 St. George's Roman Catholic Church, siteSaint Georges Church Road, Valley Lee
SM-45 Herring Creek (Bushell's Rest, Duke's Retreat)McKays Beach Road, Leonardtown
SM-46 Westbury ManorAndover Road, Valley Lee
SM-47 Weston (Lot #1 of Westbury Manor)Piney Point Road (MD 249), Valley Lee
SM-48 Nuthall's FollySteuart Road, Piney Point
SM-49 CherryfieldsCherryfield Lane, Drayden
SM-50 Timerity Farm (Westbury Farm)Boothe Road, Drayden
SM-51 Great Mills Farmhouse, ruin (Medical College, site)Flat Iron Road, Great Mills
SM-52 Buena Vista230 Jefferson Street (MD 5), Leonardtown
SM-53 J.T.M. Raley House (Spalding-Camalier House)Leonardtown
SM-54 Whitehall, siteWashington Street West side, Leonardtown
SM-55 St. Mary's County Courthouse41605 Courthouse Drive, Leonardtown
SM-56 St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, siteWashington Street (MD 5), Leonardtown
SM-57 St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church CemeteryCemetery Road, Leonardtown
SM-58 St. Francis Xavier Church and CemeteryNewtown Neck Road (MD 243), Compton
SM-59 Newtown Manor HouseNewtown Neck Road (MD 243), Compton
SM-60 Nun's OakMedley's Neck
SM-61 HamptonMedley's Neck
SM-62 John Medley House, siteLeonardtown
SM-63 BloomsburyBeauvue Road (MD 244), Leonardtown
SM-64 Nevitt's St. Anne, siteBeauvue Road (MD 244), Leonardtown
SM-65 Our Lady's ChapelBeauvue Road (MD 244), Leonardtown
SM-66 St. Andrew's Episcopal ChurchSaint Andrews Church Road, California
SM-67 Methodist Meeting House, site & Cemetery25550 Point Lookout Road (MD 5), Leonardtown
SM-68 Ellenborough22855 Cedar Lane Road, Leonardtown
SM-69 Chaptico Historic DistrictBudds Creek Road (MD 234), Chaptico
SM-70 Christ Episcopal ChurchChaptico Hurry Road, Chaptico
SM-71 Deep Falls (Wales)Deep Falls Road, Chaptico
SM-72 Savona ([a] & Tobacco House [b])Budds Creek Road (MD 234), Chaptico
SM-73 Gravelly Hills (Hamberg)Brent Davis Road, Chaptico
SM-74 SouthamptonChaptico Road (MD 234), Chaptico
SM-75 Indian TownIndiantown Road, Mechanicsville
SM-76 Basford Manor, siteBashford Lane, Chaptico
SM-77 Notley HallMaddox Road (MD 238), Chaptico
SM-78 Loretum (Lauretum, Loretam)Chaptico Farm Lane, Chaptico