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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

To begin a search, click on the link for a specific county or jurisdiction below. To change to a different kind of search, select one of the other search options at the top. For a more complete search, you may also use Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.

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Click on the MIHP number link to view details about the property; click on PDF icon to view scanned survey files (in a new tab or window). A "X" in the PDF column means there is no scanned file.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
S-1 Beckford11700 Mansion Street, Princess Anne
S-2 Tunstall Cottage (Geddes House)11790 Church Street, Princess Anne
S-3 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church11700 Church Street, Princess Anne
S-4 C.H. Hayman House30491 Prince William Street, Princess Anne
S-5 Dougherty House30490 Prince William Street, Princess Anne
S-6 William Lecates House (Fitzgerald House)30454 Prince William Street (Formerly 229 Prince William Street ), Princess Anne
S-7 Colonel George Handy House (Cohn House, Dennis Property)11728 Beechwood Street, Princess Anne
S-8 John H. Stewart House (Brittingham House)11707 Beechwood Street (Formerly 269 Beechwood Street ), Princess Anne
S-9 East Glen, sitePrince William Street & Beechwood Street, Princess Anne
S-10 Teackle Mansion (Beckford Mansion)11736 Mansion Street, Princess Anne
S-10A Teackle Gatehouse (Gallaher House)30466 Prince William Street, Princess Anne
S-11 Brittingham Farm (Lee House)12282 Brittingham Lane, Princess Anne
S-12 Sarah Martin Done House (Waller House, Wilson House)11724 Mansion Street, Princess Anne
S-13 Seth D. Venables House (Maria L. Holbrook House, Carey House)11714 Mansion Street (Formerly 14 Mansion Street ), Princess Anne
S-14 Nutter's Purchase30455 Flurers Lane, Princess Anne
S-15 Old Episcopal Manse (Flurer House)30411 Flurers Lane, Princess Anne
S-16 Manokin Presbyterian Church11890 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-17 Linden Hill11923 Somerset Avenue (MD 675) (Formerly 441 N. Somerset Avenue), Princess Anne
S-18 Washington Hotel11784 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-19 Colgan House11828 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-20 Dennis-Dashiell House, site (Dashiell House)Somerset Avenue (MD 675) & Antioch Avenue, Princess Anne
S-21 William W. Johnston House (Cooley House)11653 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-22 Old Bank of Somerset (Old Somerset Bank)11739 Somerset Avenue (MD 675) (Formerly 311-313 N. Somerset Avenue ), Princess Anne
S-23 General George Handy House (Manokin Presbyterian Manse)11695 Somerset Avenue (MD 675) (Formerly 113 S. Somerset Avenue ), Princess Anne
S-24 Littleton Long House (May House)11696 Church Street, Princess Anne
S-25 Olney House, siteUMES campus, Princess Anne
S-26 Beechwood (American Legion Post 94)30782 West Post Office Road (MD 388), Princess Anne
S-27 White Hall (Bailey's Good Luck, Taunton, Austin's Adventure, Belleville)Cooley Road, Polk Landing
S-28 Edinburgh, site (Moyer House, Cottman House)Polks Road, Polk Landing
S-29 William Adams House, site (House on Tull Farm)Polks Road, Loretto
S-30 Brentwood Farm (Smith's Adventure, Adams Purchase)Allen Road, Loretto
S-31 Waterloo (Almshouse Farm)Mt. Vernon Road (MD 362), Jason
S-32 Millwood (Mannings Resolution)Mt. Vernon Road (MD 362), Mt. Vernon
S-33 Myrtle Grove (Joe Bound House)Mt. Vernon Road (MD 362), Mt. Vernon
S-34 BeverlyPerry Road, Kings Creek
S-35 Glebe House (Davis's Choice, Turner's Purchase, Samuel Chase House)10950 Market Lane, Princess Anne
S-36 Cherry GroveStewart Neck Road, Princess Anne
S-37 Arbor Acres (Davis Farm, Wilson's Purchase, Cedar Lane Farm)Stewart Neck Road, Princess Anne
S-38 Hollyhurst (Holly Hurst)Anderson Road, Venton
S-39 Homewood (Homewood Farm)Funky Road, Oriole
S-40 AlmodingtonFunky Road, Oriole
S-41 Elmwood (Elmwood Farm)Funky Road, Oriole
S-42 Myrtle Grove (Dr. Hyland House)Crab Island Road, Oriole
S-43 William S. Smith House (Joseph Croswell House, Phoebus House)Oriole Road (MD 627), Oriole
S-44 Joshua Thomas Chapel (Deal Island Methodist Church)9883 Deal Island Road (MD 363), Deal Island
S-45 Noah Webster House9802 Deal Island Road (MD 363), Deal Island
S-46 Bradshaw HouseDeal Island Road (MD 363), Deal Island
S-47 William Price HouseDeal Island Road (MD 363), Wenona
S-48 CliftonRevells Neck Road, Manokin
S-49 Workington, site (Tall Property)Revells Neck Road, Manokin
S-50 Westover (Westover Farm)29587 Keenan Lane, Westover
S-51 Arlington (Wilson's Lott)Millard Long Road, Westover
S-52 Liberty Hall (Armstrong's Lott)Clyde Ford Road, Westover
S-53 Salisbury PlantationClyde Ford Road, Westover
S-54 Waters' River (Robertson Farm)Hood Road, Manokin
S-55 Tudor Hall (Lockerman House)Fairmount Road (MD 361), Upper Fairmount
S-56 Sudler's Conclusion (Sutler's Conclusion)Hood Road, Manokin
S-57 Cook House (Littleton Dorsey House)27650 Fairmount Road (MD 361), Upper Fairmount
S-58 Hall House27482 Fairmount Road (MD 361), Upper Fairmount
S-59 Robert H. Jones House27523 Fairmount Road (MD 361), Upper Fairmount
S-60 Schoolridge Farm (School House Ridge)Fairmount Rumbley Road (MD 361), Landonville
S-61 Frances Barnes Tenant House (Gothic House with Corn Cribs)Ocean Highway (US 13), Greenhill
S-62 Beauchamp House (Long Farm, Washburn House)Old Westover Marion Road, Kingston
S-63 Kingston Hall (& Ice House)Old Westover Marion Road, Kingston
S-64 Williams' Conquest (Williams' Green)Charles Cannon Road, Kingston
S-65 Greenwood Farm, site (Conquest Greenwood)Charles Cannon Road, Kingston
S-66 St. Mark's Episcopal Church6973 Old Westover Marion Road, Westover
S-67 Old Watkins Place (Farmhouse near Hudson's Corner)Old Westover Marion Road, Hudson Corner
S-68 Lankford House (Anderson House)Old Rehobeth Road (MD 667), Hudson Corner
S-69 Reward (Williams Point Farm)Williams Point Road, Shelltown
S-70 Coventry Parish Ruins (Rehobeth Episcopal Church)Vessey Road, Rehobeth
S-71 Rehoboth Presbyterian ChurchRehoboth Road, Rehoboth
S-72 Caldicott (Essex Farm, Vessey House)Old Rehobeth Road (MD 667), Rehobeth
S-73 Puncheon Mill HousePuncheon Landing Road, Puncheon Landing
S-74 Hayward's Lott (Ivy Hall)Hayward Road, Pocomoke City
S-75 Norfolk Plantation (Evans House)Cokesbury
S-76 William Costen House (Old Costen Homestead)Cokesbury Road, Cokesbury
S-77 Burton Cannon House (Windsor Plantation)Dublin Road, Cokesbury
S-78 Stephen Costen HouseDublin Road, Cokesbury
S-79 St. Paul's P.E. Church (Annemessex Chapel)Saint Paul's Church Road, Tulls Corner
S-80 Old Cullen HouseLawson Barnes Road, Hopewell
S-81 MakepeaceJohnson Creek Road, Lawsonia
S-82 Pomfret PlantationOld Rehobeth Road (MD 667), Marion
S-83 Harrington (Wagner Farm)Polks Road, Widgeon
S-84 Panther's Den (Lindenwood, Kohlheim House)Drawbridge Road, Venton
S-85 Turpin's Purchase (Whitty Fontaine House, Ochletree House)Fountain Road, Manokin
S-86 George Maddox Farm (Cottage Hall or Albert Sudler Farm)River Road, Manokin
S-87 Waddy House (Jarvis Ballard House)Perryhawkin Road, Oakville
S-88 Rufus Parsons House (Burns House, Magruder House, Josh House)30488 Prince William Street, Princess Anne
S-89 Waters House11571 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-90 Mrs. Muir House11780 Beechwood Street (Formerly 14 Beechwood Street), Princess Anne
S-91 Somerset County Courthouse30512 Prince William Street, Princess Anne
S-92 Mt. Pleasant M.P. Church (First Methodist Church)1st Street & West Main Street (MD 380), Crisfield
S-93 Baptist TempleSomerset Avenue & West Main Street (MD 380), Crisfield
S-94 Francis Barnes House (Washington Academy Junior School)30499 Prince William Street (Formerly 221 Prince William Street), Princess Anne
S-95 Teackle Tenement (Judge Tracey House)30467 Prince William Street (Formerly 217 Prince William Street), Princess Anne
S-96 Charles Jones House (MacVeigh House, Owner's Choice)11816 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-97 John W. Crisfield Law Office (Mercantile Building, Testerman's Jewelry)11787 Somerset Avenue (MD 675), Princess Anne
S-98 Powell-Benston House, site (Tilghman House)Old Rehobeth Road (MD 667), Rehobeth
S-99 Princess Anne Railroad Terminal11611 Beechwood Street, Princess Anne