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Photo by Elizabeth Hughes, 2012.

This page allows you to search basic information from the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, including the scanned survey files.

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MIHP NoProperty NameAddressPDF
CAR-362 Queen Anne's Railroad Corridor (M.D.&V Railroad, Denton to Wye Mills Railroad Corridor) 
CAR-374 Maryland & Delaware Railroad Corridor (Delaware and Chesapeake Railroad) 
QA-462 Wye Mill (Old Wye Mill, Wye Grist Mill)Centreville Road (MD 213) & Wye Mills Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
QA-699 Queen Anne's Railroad Corridor 
QA-700 Maryland Delaware Railroad Corridor 
T-1 Odd Fellows Hall (Miller Lodge, I.O.O.F.)1 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-2 Easton Emergency Hospital (Tred Avon Building)13 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-3 Star-Democrat Building7 E. Dover Street, Easton
T-4 Wheatley Buildings16-18 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-5 Judge Tharp House26 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-6 Miss Mary Jenkins House (George Rebman Interiors)30 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-7 Doctor Packard's Office Building32 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-8 Grimes Buildings (Lynch Buildings)41 Dover Street, Easton
T-9 Askins House105 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-10 Plate House109 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-11 Talbot County Women's Club18 Talbot Lane, Easton
T-12 Bullitt House100 W. Dover Street, Easton
T-13 Hill's Drug Store30-32 E. Dover Street, Easton
T-14 Hambleton Apartments28 S. Harrison Street, Easton
T-15 Christ ChurchSouth Street & Harrison Street, Easton
T-16 Christ Church Rectory (Christ Church Parish House)12 South Street, Easton
T-17 Hughlett-Henry House (Bond House)10 South Street, Easton
T-18 Brick Row124-130 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-19 Academy of the Arts (Old Primary School)106 South Street, Easton
T-20 Pinkney House120 South Street, Easton
T-21 Federal Row House107 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-22 Shearer Jeweler (Goldsborough Law Offices)111 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-23 Harrison's Florist113-115 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-24 Perrin-Smith House (Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club)117-121 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-25 Hollyday House131 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-26 Stewart Building (Old Brick Hotel)101-105 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-27 Clapboard Federal House, site118 N. Harrison Street, Easton
T-28 Cemetery Gate Keeper's HouseNorth Street, Easton
T-29 Luby House200 Goldsborough Street, Easton
T-30 Foxley Hall24 N. Aurora Street, Easton
T-31 Miller's House23 Hanson Street, Easton
T-32 Talbot Co. Historical Society Headquarters (Neall House)27 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-33 Joseph's Cottage (Joseph Neall House)20 West Street, Easton
T-34 Chaffinch House132 S. Harrison Street, Easton
T-35 Hopkin's House (Armed Forces Building)6 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-36 Rowen's Annex, South Building8 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-37 Bata Shoe Store14 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-38 McCrory's26-28 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-39 Old Frame Hotel (Nevius & Frampton Hardware)1 Goldsborough Street, Easton
T-40 North Building110-112 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-41 Lednum House130 N. Washington Street, Easton
T-42 Ratcliffe Manor (Radcliffe Manor)Farm Lane, Easton
T-43 Spence House (Plummer House)133 West Street, Easton
T-44 Marvel HouseDutchman's Lane, Easton
T-45 Trippe House (Beale House)220 South Street, Easton
T-46 Third Haven Meeting House405 S. Washington Street, Easton
T-47 Third Haven Meeting House (second)Border Lane, Easton
T-48 Crooked IntentionNeck Road, St. Michaels
T-49 St. John's Chapel of St. Michael's ParishUnionville Road (MD 370), Easton
T-50 Troth's Fortune (Acton, Troth Farm)30776 Triple Farm Way, Easton
T-51 Wye Mill (Old Wye Mill, Wye Grist Mill)Centreville Road (MD 213) & Wye Mills Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-52 The AnchorageUnionville Road (MD 370), Easton
T-53 Myrtle GroveGoldsborough Neck Road, Bantry
T-54 Wye House (Wye Plantation, Wye Farm)Bruffs Island Road, Copperville
T-55 Old Wye Church (Wye Chapel; St. Luke's, Wye)Wye Mills Easton Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-56 Wickersham (Dawson Baker Farm)Black Dog Alley Road, Easton
T-57 Wye Oak School (Wye Mills Schoolhouse)Longwoods Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-58 Wye Oak TreeLongwoods Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-59 San Domingo (Haphazard)8357 Church Neck Road, St. Michaels
T-60 FairviewCopperville Road, Copperville
T-61 Cannonball House200 Mulberry Street, St. Michaels
T-62 Wye Church VestryLongwoods Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-63 Jamaica PointJamaica Point Road, Bristolwood
T-64 Dickinson House4039 Main Street (MD 565), Trappe
T-65 Talbot County CourthouseWashington Street, Easton
T-66 Mount PleasantMount Pleasant Avenue, Easton
T-67 Saint Aubins105 Willis Avenue, Easton
T-68 HampdenIsland Creek Road, Hampton
T-69 Longwoods School11308 Longwoods Road (MD 662), Easton
T-70 Miller's House, Wye Mills (Wilton)Longwoods Road (MD 662), Wye Mills
T-71 Friel Farm (Holton Rhodes Farm House, Hassett Farm, Granthim)Wye Mills Queen Annes Road (MD 404), Wye Mills
T-72 Wye Landing Farm (King Hayes Farm, Indian Hill)12587 Wye Landing Road, Wye Mills
T-73 St. Joseph's Catholic ChurchChurch Lane, Cordova
T-74 Knotts Farm (Hiram Dudley Victorian House)Lewistown Road (MD 303), Queen Anne
T-75 James F. Moore HouseBlade Road, Queen Anne
T-76 Gordon Behrens HouseLocust Blade Road, Cordova
T-77 Richland (Covey Landing, John Walton House)Covey Landing Road, Queen Anne
T-78 BuckinghamLongwoods Road (MD 662) & Skipton Cordova Road, Skipton
T-79 Skipton Farm (Robert Hallett House)Longwoods Road (MD 662), Skipton
T-80 Skipton LandingSkipton Landing Road, Skipton
T-81 Wye Heights Plantation11650 Wye Heights Road, Easton
T-82 Forrest Landing28244 Forrest Landing Road, Easton
T-83 All Saints Church10806 Longwoods Road (MD 662), Easton
T-84 Pleasant Valley (St. Michaels Fresh Runs)28132 Pleasant Valley Drive, Easton
T-85 Shepard Krech Tenant HousePresquille Road, Todds Corner
T-86 Presqu'ilePresquille Road, Todds Corner
T-87 Gross' CoateGross Coate Road, Todds Corner
T-88 Bruffs Island, siteBruffs Island Road, Meeting House Corner
T-89 Wye Town Farm HouseBruffs Island Road, Meeting House Corner
T-90 Hope HouseVoit Road, Copperville
T-91 Fair HavenCopperville Road, Copperville
T-92 New Design FarmCopperville Road, Copperville
T-93 George Old Brick HouseGregory Road, Tunis Mills
T-94 KnightlyMarengo Road, Tunis Mills
T-95 TimberlaneMarengo Road, Tunis Mills