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Maryland's National Register Properties

About the Maryland Historical Trust's National Register Website

Browsing by County

These are complete listings (arranged alphabetically by offical National Register property name) of all National Register sites in a particular county. Click on the property name to display its information.

Searching the Database

The National Register database can be searched using three categories:

Property Name. All or part of a property name can be searched, but keep in mind that only the offical National Register property name is searched. Using search criteria such as "church" or "archeological" will result in fairly complete lists of some categories of sites. Searching by property name without specifying a variable will produce the entire list of Maryland's National Register sites.

Location. Properties can be search by location by using any combination of three variables: street name, city/town, and/or county.

Keyword. The "Keyword Search" searches all words in the capsule summaries contained in the National Register database. These capsule summaries are derived from property descriptions and statements of significance contained in the original National Register nomination forms.

Things to keep in mind when searching the National Register database:

  • Each main search category (Name, Location, Keyword) has its own "Submit" and "Reset" buttons; make sure you click the correct button.
  • Use the Search Hints

Taking the Virtual Tours

The properties highlighted on the various tours represent just a sampling of the National Register properties that may relate to a particular tour topic, and are intended to provide a general introduction to that topic. Click on any image in the gallery, or on the Launch Tour button.

Keep in main that these tours are not necessarily exhaustive. For more in-depth investigation of a topic, use the search tools. For example, for the topic "Civil War" you could perform a keyword search on phrases such as "Civil War," "battlefield," "Confederate," etc.

Other Features to Note

  • When reading the capsule summaries, please keep in mind that some properties were nominated more than 30 years ago, and the level of documentation has changed greatly over the years.
  • Clicking on the photographs accompanying any of the property descriptions will display an enlarged version.
  • Archeological sites are not depicted on the county maps; to access data on these sites, use the county lists or the database search function.

Acknowledgements & Credits

The Maryland Historical Trust's National Register website was developed by Trust staff in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (and later Maryland Department of Planning) Information Technology staff:

Original Database Team: Maureen Kavanagh, Carmen Swann, and Jennifer Falkinburg
Data Development: Jennifer Cosham and Jennifer Chadwick-Moore
Website Programming: Carmen Swann
Original Website Design: Dennis C. Curry
2014 Website Design: Gregory J. Brown
2014 Database Team: Doug Lyford, Greg Schuster, and Debbie Czerwinski

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