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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Dean R. Wagner, 10/2002
Lake Evesham Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5088
Date Listed: 12/23/2003
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1870-1946
Resources: 187 (181 contributing, 6 non-contributing)
Description: The Lake Evesham Historic District is a residential neighborhood in north Baltimore, just inside the city line. The district incorporates 260 buildings representing its development over the period 1870-1946. The district is characterized by a variety of house types and architectural styles typical of Baltimore's suburban communities from the late 19th century through the immediate post-World War II era. Several buildings represent the area's history from c. 1870 through the turn of the 20th century with vernacular interpretations of Victorian period styles; the majority of buildings in the district are bungalows and houses in various revival styles built in the 1920s and 1930s, when Lake Evesham was actively developed as a residential suburb. After about 1925, detached garages commonly accompanied the houses. Houses in the district are predominantly of wood frame construction, although a few brick houses occur as well. Many of the houses have associated garages. The district overall retains a high level of integrity. The most common alteration to houses within the district is the application of aluminum or vinyl siding, but this does not significantly affect their integrity, nor does it diminish the district's capacity to convey a sense of time and place through the rhythm of its old streetscapes, setbacks, and landscaping. Narrow roadways with stone-lined storm gutters and old growth trees contribute to a semi-rural atmosphere in Lake Evesham. Significance: The Lake Evesham Historic District is significant for its association with the suburban development of Baltimore, and as an example of a type of residential subdivision which characterized the area from the late 19th century through the immediate post-World War II era. Lake Evesham is distinctive among the subdivisions of north Baltimore for its diverse architectural character, comprising a variety of house types and architectural styles reflecting its development over the period c. 1870-1946. While several buildings survive to reflect the area's history from c. 1870 through the turn of the 20th century, the majority of houses in Lake Evesham were constructed in the 1920s, as a builder/developers responded to Baltimore's continuing growth by creating residential subdivisions along the York Road corridor north of the city. Although the neighborhood is the creation of several unrelated developers, the district conveys a distinctive sense of time and place through its architecture and the rhythm of its streets, setbacks, and landscaping.

District Resources (187) (181 contributing, 6 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
6111 Bellona AvenueC 
6115 Bellona AvenueC 
6119 Bellona AvenueC 
200 Evesham AvenueC 
300 Evesham AvenueC 
302 Evesham AvenueC 
304 Evesham AvenueC 
306 Evesham AvenueC 
308 Evesham AvenueC 
310 Evesham AvenueC 
312 Evesham AvenueC 
404 Evesham AvenueC 
406 Evesham AvenueC 
408 Evesham AvenueC 
410 Evesham AvenueC 
412 Evesham AvenueC 
414 Evesham AvenueC 
416 Evesham AvenueC 
418 Evesham AvenueC 
420 Evesham AvenueC 
422 Evesham AvenueC 
424 Evesham AvenueC 
426 Evesham AvenueC 
6003 Henderson AvenueC 
6005 Henderson AvenueC 
6006 Henderson AvenueC 
6008 Henderson AvenueC 
6010 Henderson AvenueC 
6014 Henderson AvenueC 
6016 Henderson AvenueC 
420 Kenneth SquareC 
421 Kenneth SquareC 
422 Kenneth SquareC 
423 Kenneth SquareC 
424 Kenneth SquareC 
425 Kenneth SquareC 
426 Kenneth SquareC 
427 Kenneth SquareC 
428 Kenneth SquareC 
429 Kenneth SquareC 
430 Kenneth SquareC 
431 Kenneth SquareC 
432 Kenneth SquareC 
433 Kenneth SquareC 
434 Kenneth SquareC 
435 Kenneth SquareC 
203 E. Lake AvenueC 
205 E. Lake AvenueC 
207 E. Lake AvenueC 
209 E. Lake AvenueC 
211 E. Lake AvenueC 
213 E. Lake AvenueC 
215 E. Lake AvenueC 
217 E. Lake AvenueC 
219 E. Lake AvenueC 
221 E. Lake AvenueC 
303 E. Lake AvenueC 
305 E. Lake AvenueC 
307 E. Lake AvenueC 
308 E. Lake AvenueC 
309 E. Lake AvenueC 
310 E. Lake AvenueC 
311 E. Lake AvenueC 
312 E. Lake AvenueC 
313 E. Lake AvenueC 
317 E. Lake AvenueC 
400 E. Lake AvenueC 
401 E. Lake AvenueC 
402 E. Lake AvenueC 
403 E. Lake AvenueC 
404 E. Lake AvenueC 
405 E. Lake AvenueC 
408 E. Lake AvenueC 
410 E. Lake AvenueC 
411 E. Lake AvenueC 
413 E. Lake AvenueC 
414 E. Lake AvenueC 
415 E. Lake AvenueC 
416 E. Lake AvenueC 
418 E. Lake AvenueC 
419 E. Lake AvenueC 
420 E. Lake AvenueC 
421 E. Lake AvenueC 
422 E. Lake AvenueC 
423 E. Lake AvenueC 
424 E. Lake AvenueC 
425 E. Lake AvenueC 
6012 Pinehurst RoadC 
6013 Pinehurst RoadC 
6014 Pinehurst RoadC 
6015 Pinehurst RoadC 
6016 Pinehurst RoadC 
6017 Pinehurst RoadC 
6018 Pinehurst RoadC 
6020 Pinehurst RoadC 
6021 Pinehurst RoadC 
6022 Pinehurst RoadC 
6023 Pinehurst RoadC 
6024 Pinehurst RoadC 
6025 Pinehurst RoadC 
6026 Pinehurst RoadC 
6027 Pinehurst RoadC 
6028 Pinehurst RoadC 
6002 Prescott AvenueC 
6004 Prescott AvenueC 
6006 Prescott AvenueC 
6008 Prescott AvenueC 
6009 Prescott AvenueC 
6010 Prescott AvenueC 
6011 Prescott AvenueC 
6013 Prescott AvenueC 
6014 Prescott AvenueC 
6015 Prescott AvenueC 
6016 Prescott AvenueC 
6000 Sycamore StreetC 
6001 Sycamore StreetC 
6002 Sycamore StreetC 
6003 Sycamore StreetC 
6004 Sycamore StreetC 
6005 Sycamore StreetC 
6007 Sycamore StreetC 
6009 Sycamore StreetC 
6011 Sycamore StreetC 
6013 Sycamore StreetC 
6015 Sycamore StreetC 
6017 Sycamore StreetC 
6019 Sycamore StreetC 
6006 York RoadC 
6008 York RoadC 
6010 York RoadC 
6012 York RoadC 
6014 York RoadC 
6100 York RoadC 
6108 York RoadC 
311 E. Melrose AvenueC 
313 E. Melrose AvenueC 
315 E. Melrose AvenueC 
317 E. Melrose AvenueC 
6000 Pinehurst RoadC 
6001 Pinehurst RoadC 
6002 Pinehurst RoadC 
6003 Pinehurst RoadC 
6004 Pinehurst RoadC 
6005 Pinehurst RoadC 
6006 Pinehurst RoadC 
6007 Pinehurst RoadC 
6008 Pinehurst RoadC 
6009 Pinehurst RoadC 
6010 Pinehurst RoadC 
6011 Pinehurst RoadC 
6001 Bellona AvenueC 
6003 Bellona AvenueC 
6015 Bellona AvenueC 
6017 Bellona AvenueC 
6019 Bellona AvenueC 
6021 Bellona AvenueC 
6023 Bellona AvenueC 
6025 Bellona AvenueC 
6027 Bellona AvenueC 
6029 Bellona AvenueC 
6031 Bellona AvenueC 
6033 Bellona AvenueC 
6101 Bellona AvenueC 
205 E. Melrose AvenueC 
206 E. Melrose AvenueC 
207 E. Melrose AvenueC 
208 E. Melrose AvenueC 
209 E. Melrose AvenueC 
210 E. Melrose AvenueC 
211 E. Melrose AvenueC 
212 E. Melrose AvenueC 
214 E. Melrose AvenueC 
303 E. Melrose AvenueC 
304 E. Melrose AvenueC 
305 E. Melrose AvenueC 
307 E. Melrose AvenueC 
309 E. Melrose AvenueC 
426 E. Lake AvenueC 
427 E. Lake AvenueC 
429 E. Lake AvenueC 
431 E. Lake AvenueC 
203 E. Melrose AvenueNC 
310-316 E. Melrose AvenueNC 
6103 Bellona AvenueNC 
6107 Bellona AvenueNC 
6110 York RoadNC 
315 E. Lake AvenueNC 


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