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Maryland's National Register Properties

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Federalsburg West Historic District
Inventory No.: CAR-338
Date Listed: 5/12/2016
Location: Roughly bounded by Railroad Avenue, University Avenue, Bloomingdale Avenue, Denton Road, Idlewild Road, and Marshyhope Creek, Federalsburg, Caroline County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1790-1964
Boundary Description: Beginning at a point along the west side of the Marshyhope Creek at its junction with the north side of the railroad right-of-way for the former Maryland and Delaware Railroad at a point marked A on the accompanying district map, thence heading in a southeasterly direction for a distance of approximately 1,250’ to a point marked B on the north side of the railroad right-of-way, thence in a northerly direction across Railroad Avenue on a line coincidental with Parcel 509 on accompanying map, and then by and with the back lines of Parcels, 502, 501, 500, 499, and 494, to a point marked C at the intersection with the northeast corner of parcel 494 and Academy Avenue, thence in an easterly direction by and with the south side of Academy Avenue for a distance of approximately 200’ to a point marked D at the intersection of Academy Avenue and University Avenue, thence in a northerly direction by and with the west side of University Avenue for a distance of approximately 850’ to a point marked E, which is the northeast corner of Parcel 81, thence in a westerly direction by and with the back lines of Parcels 81, 80, 79, 78, 77, 74, 73 to a point marked F at the northeast corner of Parcel 73 and Vesper Avenue, thence west by and with the south side of Vesper Avenue for approximately 50’ to a point marked G in line with the east line of Parcel 63, thence north by and with the east lines of Parcels 63 and 48 to a point marked H a distance of approximately 300’, thence in an easterly direction along the back lines of Parcels 45, 44, 40 and through Parcels 43 and 42 for a distance of approximately 300’ to a point marked I, thence in a northerly direction by and with the east lines of Parcel 39 and 35 for a distance of approximately 200’ crossing Bloomingdale Avenue to a point marked J, the northeast corner of Parcel 35, thence in a westerly direction along the back lines of Parcels 35, 34, 33, 32, and 31 to a point marked K, a distance of approximately 200’, thence in a northerly direction along the east line of Parcel 29 in a straight course to a point marked L, a distance of approximately 300’, to a point marked L, which is coincidental with the northern boundary of the town of Federalsburg, thence by and with the boundary line as well as the north line of Parcels 17 and 1125 and 1124 to a point marked M, a distance of approximately 500’, thence in a northerly course in a straight line coincidental with the back lines of Parcels 450, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 383, 384 and 385 as indicated on accompanying map to a point on the south side of Idlewild Road marked N, a distance of approximately 950’, thence in a westerly course along the south side of Idlewild Road and crossing Denton Road on a line even with the north line of Parcel 358 as indicated on said map for a distance of approximately 150’ to a point marked O, thence in a southerly course along the back lines of Parcels 358, 357, 356, 355, 354, 353, 352, 350, 349, 348, 347, 346 and 344 for a distance of approximately 1200’ to a point marked P on the east side of Marshyhope Creek, thence in a straight line across said creek to a Point marked P-1 on the west side of said watercourse, thence in a southerly direction by and with the west side of the Marshyhope Creek for a distance of approximately 1300’ to a point marked Q, which is coincidental with the north side of East Central Avenue, thence in a westerly direction by and with the north side of East Central Avenue for a distance of approximately 125’ to a point marked R on said map, thence in a southerly direction across said East Central Avenue in line with the west line of Parcel 707 to a point marked S, a distance of approximately 75’, thence in an easterly direction along the back lines of Parcels 707 and 704 to a point on the west side of the Marshyhope Creek marked T, a distance of approximately 125’, thence in a southerly direction by and with the west side of the Marshyhope Creek for a distance of approximately 700’ to the place of beginning marked A, the said boundary encompassing approximately 275 acres more or less.
Resources: 462 (431 contributing, 30 non-contributing)
Description: The town of Federalsburg is located on the Marshyhope Creek, a tributary of the Nanticoke River in southern Caroline County, Maryland. The Federalsburg West Historic District comprises the part of the town on the west side of Marshyhope Creek, including both the floodplain and higher ground on which the town expanded during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The corridor of the Maryland-Delaware Railroad, located parallel to Railroad Avenue, forms the southern boundary of the historic area. The buildings that define the Federalsburg West Historic District range in date from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century, the largest concentration of resources date between 1880 and 1950 when the town experienced explosive growth as a center of commerce and industry in the southern end of Caroline County servicing northeastern Dorchester County and Sussex County, Delaware. Due to several downtown fires and floods, the early housing stock of the district is reduced to three dwellings dating from the first quarter of the 19th century. The property known as Exeter, CAR-70, listed separately on the National Register, stands on the northeast side of the district and it dates to the first quarter of the 19th century. The house known as Sandy Hill located at 324 South Main Street, is another prominent structure that retains original vernacular building finishes, including beaded weatherboards and an exposed brick firewall on its north gable end. A smaller story-and-a-half house standing at 311 North Main Street, is typical of the small one- or two-room plan dwellings that defined Federalsburg in its first generation of development. The district also retains a few structures dating from the third quarter of the 19th century, and prominent among them is the Christ United Methodist Church on South Main Street, erected in 1871-72 by the Federalsburg Presbyterians. It was later acquired and enlarged by the town’s Methodist Protestant congregation. The Greek Revival-influenced frame church has a bold pediment and classically inspired front entrance distinctive for its semi-circular designed transom lights. The majority of the district, however, is defined by houses, outbuildings, commercial buildings, and churches dating from the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. Following prevailing national trends in the late Victorian Gothic, Second Empire, and Italianate, Neoclassical, bungalow, foursquare, Colonial Revival, and early Ranch-style house designs. The collection also includes dwellings built in response to popular literature during the pre- and post-World War III period. Greatly facilitating the construction of the late 19th and 20th century buildings was the industrialization of the construction industry, which produced a variety of building projects that were shipped to Federalsburg by railroad or steamboat. There is a particularly high percentage of buildings that incorporate early and later rock-faced and other patterned, mass-produced concrete blocks in foundation and wall construction. Significance: The Federalsburg West Historic District is locally architecturally significant for its collection of resources that reflect a wide range of vernacular forms and finishes common to the region during the period from 1820 through 1964 with a particular concentration of houses, outbuildings, churches, and commercial buildings erected during the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. The range of buildings that define the district reflect well the transition from hand-crafted construction materials to the fully industrialized building practices that characterized the late 19th century and the decades before and after World War II. The Federalsburg West Historic District contains the largest and most diverse collection of early to mid-20th century house types in Caroline County. The period of significance, 1790-1964, spans the period between the founding of the town and a date 50 year prior to the nomination documentation. The earliest phase of the town’s history is represented by the location of the Northwest Fork (now Central Avenue) Bridge. Extant resources within the district exemplify the period ca. 1820 to the early 1960s.

District Resources (462) (431 contributing, 30 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
101-105 N. Main StreetC 
102 N. Main StreetCFederalsburg Bank
107 N. Main StreetC 
109 N. Main StreetC 
111 N. Main StreetC 
115 N. Main StreetC 
117 N. Main StreetC 
112-116 N. Main StreetCCARR-377 -- Nanticoke Lodge No. 172 AF & AM (Nanticoke Lodge, Federalsburg Masonic Temple)
118 N. Main StreetCFederal Theatre (Federalsburg Senior Center and Federalsburg Town Hall)
119 N. Main StreetC 
121 N. Main StreetC 
123-125 N. Main StreetCChambers House
201 N. Main StreetC 
203-205 N. Main StreetC 
204-206 N. Main StreetC 
207 N. Main StreetC 
208 N. Main StreetC 
210 N. Main StreetCVerizon Building
212 N. Main StreetC 
213 N. Main StreetC 
215 N. Main StreetC 
214-216 N. Main StreetCFrampton Funeral Home
217 N. Main StreetC 
218 N. Main StreetC 
301 N. Main StreetC 
304 N. Main StreetC 
306 N. Main StreetC 
308 N. Main StreetC 
310 N. Main StreetC 
311 N. Main StreetC 
312 N. Main StreetC 
314-318 N. Main StreetC 
319 N. Main StreetC 
320 N. Main StreetC 
321 N. Main StreetC 
323 N. Main StreetC 
324 N. Main StreetC 
325 N. Main StreetC 
326 N. Main StreetC 
328 N. Main StreetC 
332 N. Main StreetCNuttle Store Building
102 S. Main StreetCFederalsburg Bank of the Eastern Shore (First National Bank)
103 S. Main StreetC 
105 S. Main StreetCC.L. Pratt House
107 S. Main StreetC 
112 S. Main StreetC 
113-115 S. Main StreetC 
116 S. Main StreetC 
117-119 S. Main StreetCW.R. Breeding Building
118 S. Main StreetC 
201 S. Main StreetCFederalsburg Presbyterian Church (Christ Methodist Church)
203-205 S. Main StreetC 
101-103 W. Central AvenueC 
105-107 W. Central AvenueC 
106 W. Central AvenueC 
108 W. Central AvenueC 
109 W. Central AvenueC 
110 W. Central AvenueCDr. Fred Wright House
111 W. Central AvenueC 
112 W. Central AvenueC 
113 W. Central AvenueCJ.J. Frampton House
115 W. Central AvenueC 
116 W. Central AvenueC 
117 W. Central AvenueC 
119 W. Central AvenueC 
120 W. Central AvenueC 
122 W. Central AvenueC 
124 W. Central AvenueC 
126 W. Central AvenueC 
128 W. Central AvenueC 
201 W. Central AvenueC 
203 Central AvenueCDr. W.K. Knotts House
204 Central AvenueC 
205 W. Central AvenueCCAR-309 -- Goslin House
206 W. Central AvenueCClinton S. Poole House
207 W. Central AvenueC 
208 W. Central AvenueC 
209 W. Central AvenueC 
211 W. Central AvenueC 
213 W. Central AvenueC 
215 W. Central AvenueCCharles Handy House
301 W. Central AvenueC 
302 W. Central AvenueCArthur Johnson House
304 W. Central AvenueC 
305 W. Central AvenueC 
306 W. Central AvenueC 
307 W. Central AvenueC 
308 W. Central AvenueC 
309 W. Central AvenueC 
310 W. Central AvenueC 
311 W. Central AvenueC 
312 W. Central AvenueC 
313 W. Central AvenueC 
315 W. Central AvenueC 
316 W. Central AvenueC 
317 W. Central AvenueC 
318 W. Central AvenueC 
319 W. Central AvenueC 
320 W. Central AvenueC 
321 W. Central AvenueC 
322 W. Central AvenueC 
301 S. Main StreetC 
302-304 S. Main StreetC 
303 S. Main StreetC 
306 S. Main StreetC 
307 S. Main StreetC 
309 S. Main StreetC 
311 S. Main StreetC 
313 S. Main StreetC 
315 S. Main StreetC 
316 S. Main StreetC 
317 S. Main StreetC 
319 S. Main StreetC 
321-323 S. Main StreetCFederalsburg Hotel
324 S. Main StreetCSandy Hill
Crossing MarshyhopeCCAR-367 -- Cambridge-Seaford Railroad Bridge #9.65
104 E. Central AvenueC 
120 Morris AvenueCPost Office
206 Morris AvenueC 
208 Morris AvenueC 
210 Morris AvenueC 
211 Morris AvenueC 
212 Morris AvenueC 
213 Morris AvenueC 
214 Morris AvenueC 
216 Morris AvenueC 
217 Morris AvenueC 
219 Morris AvenueC 
221 Morris AvenueC 
223 Morris AvenueC 
301 Morris AvenueC 
303 Morris AvenueC 
305 Morris AvenueC 
306 Morris AvenueC 
307 Morris AvenueC 
308 Morris AvenueC 
309 Morris AvenueC 
310 Morris AvenueC 
311 Morris AvenueC 
312 Morris AvenueC 
313 Morris AvenueC 
314 Morris AvenueC 
315 Morris AvenueC 
317 Morris AvenueC 
318 Morris AvenueC 
320 Morris AvenueC 
104 Greenridge RoadC 
105 Greenridge RoadC 
106 Greenridge RoadC 
107 Greenridge RoadC 
108 Greenridge RoadC 
109 Greenridge RoadC 
110 Greenridge RoadC 
111 Greenridge RoadC 
117 Greenridge RoadC 
119 Greenridge RoadC 
201 Greenridge RoadC 
202 Greenridge RoadC 
203 Greenridge RoadC 
204 Greenridge RoadC 
205 Greenridge RoadC 
206 Greenridge RoadC 
207 Greenridge RoadC 
208 Greenridge RoadC 
209 Greenridge RoadC 
211 Greenridge RoadC 
212 Greenridge RoadC 
215 Greenridge RoadC 
216 Greenridge RoadC 
217 Greenridge RoadC 
218 Greenridge RoadC 
219 Greenridge RoadC 
220 Greenridge RoadC 
301 Greenridge RoadC 
305 Greenridge RoadC 
306 Greenridge RoadC 
307 Greenridge RoadC 
309 Greenridge RoadC 
206-208 S. Main StreetC 
207 S. Main StreetC 
210 S. Main StreetC 
216-218 S. Main StreetC 
219 S. Main StreetCJ.B. Sullivan House
117 E. Central AvenueC 
110-116 Morris AvenueCLong and Short Building
311 Greenridge RoadCOdd Fellows Temple, Federal Lodge #35 I.O.O.F.
314 Greenridge RoadC 
316 Greenridge RoadC 
318 Greenridge RoadC 
Greenridge Road and University AvenueCBaseball Club House and Federal Field
204 Vesper AvenueC 
205 Vesper AvenueC 
206 Vesper AvenueC 
101 Bloomingdale AvenueCFirst Church of God
101 Bloomingdale AvenueCMount Pleasant Cemetery (Hillcrest Cemetery)
105 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
107 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
108 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
111 Bloomingdale AvenueCC.W. Jefferson House
116-118 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
120 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
121 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
124 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
123 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
125 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
126 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
127 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
128 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
129 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
201 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
206 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
207 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
208 Bloomingdale AvenueCDallas Blades House
209 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
210 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
212 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
214 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
Covey Williams LaneCFederalsburg Historical Society
105 Park LaneC 
106 Park LaneC 
108 Park LaneC 
109 Park LaneC 
110 Park LaneC 
123 Park LaneCWomen's Club of Federalsburg (Caroline County Public Library)
202 Park LaneC 
206-208 Park LaneC 
208 Vesper AvenueC 
209 Vesper AvenueC 
210 Vesper AvenueC 
211 Vesper AvenueC 
212 Vesper Avenue C 
213 Vesper AvenueC 
214 Vesper AvenueC 
215 Vesper AvenueC 
216 Vesper AvenueC 
219 Vesper AvenueC 
213 Park LaneC 
305 Park LaneC 
310 Park Lane C 
402 Park LaneC 
404 Park LaneC 
109 Denton RoadC 
115 Denton RoadC 
116-118 Denton RoadC 
201 Maple AvenueC 
202 Maple AvenueC 
203 Maple AvenueC 
204 Maple AvenueC 
205 Maple AvenueC 
206 Maple AvenueCCAR-317 -- Armes House
207 Maple AvenueC 
208 Maple AvenueC 
210 Maple AvenueC 
211 Maple AvenueC 
212 Maple AvenueC 
213 Maple AvenueC 
214 Maple AvenueC 
215 Maple AvenueC 
216 Maple AvenueC 
217 Maple AvenueC 
218 Maple AvenueC 
220 Maple AvenueC 
221 Maple AvenueC 
223 Maple AvenueC 
305 Maple AvenueC 
306 Maple AvenueC 
307 Maple AvenueC 
308 Maple AvenueC 
309 Maple AvenueC 
310 Maple AvenueC 
311 Maple AvenueC 
312 Maple AvenueC 
313 Maple AvenueC 
314 Maple AvenueC 
315 Maple AvenueC 
317 Maple AvenueC 
318 Maple AvenueC 
319 Maple AvenueC 
320 Maple AvenueC 
322 Maple AvenueC 
324 Maple AvenueC 
325 Maple AvenueC 
331 Maple AvenueC 
104-108 Academy AvenueC 
105-111 Academy AvenueC 
115 Academy AvenueCStowell Printing Company Building (Food Instrument Corporation)
202 Academy AvenueCHoward Freeman Carpentry Shop
203 Academy AvenueC 
204 Academy AvenueC 
205 Academy AvenueC 
206 Academy AvenueC 
208 Academy AvenueC 
209 Academy AvenueC 
211 Academy AvenueC 
212 Academy AvenueC 
213 Academy AvenueC 
215 Academy AvenueC 
216 Academy AvenueC 
217 Academy AvenueC 
218 Academy AvenueC 
220 Academy AvenueC 
222 Academy AvenueC 
302 Academy AvenueC 
303 Academy AvenueC 
304 Academy AvenueC 
305 Academy AvenueCDr. G.C. Webb House
306 Academy AvenueC 
307 Academy AvenueC 
308-310 Academy AvenueCT.J. Williams House
309 Academy AvenueC 
311 Academy AvenueC 
403-405 Academy AvenueC 
407 Academy AvenueC 
409 Academy AvenueC 
411 Academy AvenueC 
412 Academy AvenueC 
413 Academy AvenueC 
415 Academy AvenueC 
417 Academy AvenueC 
419 Academy AvenueC 
421 Academy AvenueC 
423 Academy AvenueC 
203 Park AvenueC 
210 Denton RoadC 
216 Denton RoadC 
219 Denton RoadCCAR-355 -- Zion Methodist Episcopal Church
221 Denton RoadC 
223 Denton RoadC 
231-239 Denton RoadC 
325 Denton RoadC 
402 Denton RoadCService Trucking Co.
403 Denton RoadC 
404 Denton RoadC 
405 Denton RoadC 
406 Denton RoadC 
Three Bridges RoadCCAR-70 -- Exeter
410 Denton RoadC 
412 Denton RoadC 
Three Bridges RoadCCAR-71 -- Herring Hill (Merriken House)
418 Denton RoadC 
504 Denton RoadC 
505, 507, 509 Denton RoadC 
508 Denton RoadC 
510 Denton RoadC 
512 Denton RoadC 
513 Denton RoadC 
515 Denton RoadC 
516 Denton RoadCCharles Walker House
517 Denton RoadC 
519 Denton RoadC 
521 Denton RoadC 
522 Denton RoadC 
524 Denton RoadC 
103 Vernon AvenueC 
105 Vernon AvenueC 
106 Vernon AvenueC 
108 Vernon AvenueC 
110 Vernon AvenueC 
112 Vernon AvenueC 
201 Vernon AvenueC 
203 Vernon AvenueC 
204 Vernon AvenueC 
301 Vernon AvenueC 
302 Vernon AvenueC 
304 Vernon AvenueC 
107 Buena Vista AvenueC 
109 Buena Vista AvenueC 
110 Buena Vista AvenueC 
111 Buena Vista AvenueC 
201 Buena Vista AvenueC 
202 Buena Vista AvenueCCharles Smith House
203 Buena Vista AvenueC 
204 Buena Vista AvenueC 
205 Buena Vista AvenueC 
206 Buena Vista AvenueC 
207 Buena Vista AvenueCT.S. Holt House
301 Buena Vista AvenueCStowell House
303 Buena Vista AvenueC 
304 Buena Vista AvenueC 
305 Buena Vista AvenueC 
307 Buena Vista AvenueCH.B. Messenger House
308 Buena Vista AvenueC 
310 Buena Vista AvenueC 
312 Buena Vista AvenueC 
313 Bunea Vista AvenueC 
314 Buena Vista AvenueC 
315 Buena Vista AvenueC 
316 Buena Vista AvenueC 
317 Buena Vista AvenueC 
319 Buena Vista AvenueC 
322 Buena Vista AvenueC 
323 Buena Vista AvenueC 
333 Park AvenueCVictory Packaging, Inc.
305 Holt StreetC 
306 Holt StreetC 
307-309 Holt StreetC 
308 Holt StreetC 
310 Holt StreetC 
311 Holt StreetC 
312 Holt StreetC 
313 Holt StreetC 
314 Holt StreetC 
315 Holt StreetC 
316 Holt StreetC 
317 Holt StreetC 
320 Holt StreetCMarshy Hope Hardware
324 Holt StreetCHaines B. Holt Co.
Railroad AvenueCCAR-163 -- Federalsburg Railroad Station
Railroad AvenueCFederal Paper and Chemical
405-409 Railroad AvenueC 
101 N. University AvenueC 
203 N. University AvenueC 
205 N. University AvenueC 
204 Bloomingdale AvenueC 
203 Denton RoadC 
206 Denton RoadC 
308 Vernon AvenueC 
102 S. Park LaneC 
104 S. Park LaneC 
106 S. Park LaneC 
101 Buena Vista AvenueCCAR-307 -- H.V. Messenger, John E. Elrick House
305 Park AvenueC 
307 Park AvenueC 
308-312 Park AvenueC 
108 S. University AvenueC 
202 S. University AvenueC 
204 S. University AvenueC 
206 S. University AvenueC 
208 S. University AvenueC 
107 Maple AvenueC 
S. Main StreetCCAR-338-2 -- Brown House (Mrs. Clyde J. White Property)
113 Maple AvenueNC 
S. Main StreetNCCAR-338-1 -- White House (Mrs. Clyde J. White Property)
320-322 Park AvenueNC 
105 Buena Vista AvenueNC 
208 Denton RoadNC 
205 Bloomingdale AvenueNC 
106 S. University AvenueNC 
325 Buena Vista AvenueNC 
305 Vernon AvenueNC 
520 Denton RoadNC 
207 Park AvenueNC 
301 Park AvenueNC 
304 Park AvenueNC 
117 Denton RoadNC 
100 Bloomingdale AvenueNC 
209 Park LaneNCPark Lane Church of God
202 Bloomingdale AvenueNC 
203 Bloomingdale AvenueNC 
207 Vesper AvenueNC 
322 Greenridge RoadNC 
118 Morris AvenueNC 
100 W. Central AvenueNC 
300 S. Main StreetNCService Station
310 Greenridge RoadNC 
319 Morris AvenueNC 
105 E. Central AvenueNC 
108 E. Central AvenueNCCAR-338-3 -- A & R Automotive Sales
104 Morris AvenueNCPolice Department and Office for Public Works
106 Morris AvenueNC 
204 S. Main StreetNCSubway Sandwich Shop
E. Central Avenue (MD 315) (MD 306) over Marshyhope Creek CAR-305 -- Bridge 5030 (SHA)


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