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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Paula S. Reed, 04/1989
Hagerstown City Park Historic District
Inventory No.: WA-HAG-156
Date Listed: 7/5/1990
Location: Hagerstown, Washington County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1890-1941
Architect/Builder: Landscape Architect: George Burnap
Resources: 219 (182 contributing, 37 non-contributing)
Description: The Hagerstown City Park Historic District consists of the park with its natural and man-made features and the surrounding industrial area and residential neighborhoods. It consists largely of a late 19th and early 20th century residential area with most houses dating from 1890-1930. A middle class area, the residences are both single family and duplexes with a few apartment buildings as well. Major architectural styles represented are Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Foursquare, Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Bungalow. Exceptions to these basic architectural expressions are the 18th century Jonathan Hager House, a Germanic farmhouse, and the Mansion House in city park which dates from 1843-46 and reflects the Greek Revival style. Other significant architectural elements are the remaining industrial buildings between the Norfolk and Western Railroad and Key Street. These circa 1890-1900 brick buildings provided the economic basis for the nearby residential area east and south of the park. Significance: The Hagerstown City Park Historic District is significant for its association with an important period in Hagerstown's history and for the architectural character of the district. The district developed in response to a period of unprecedented industrial and commercial growth. By 1914 Hagerstown emerged as the second manufacturing city in Maryland in terms of value of product. The city's population more than quadrupled between 1880 and 1930. During this period of boom, which began about 1890 and continued through the 1920s, numerous additions were made to the town including posh Oak Hill on the north and various working class developments. The industrial buildings in the district further represent the city's industrial growth but also have a direct historical link with the residential section. Many of the residents of the district over time were employed by the industries occupying these buildings. Architecturally, the district buildings include excellent examples of the major architectural styles popular in Hagerstown during the period of significance and collectively exhibit a range of architectural expressions, craftsmanship, and technique of the period. From the point of community planning and development, the park, from which the name of the district is derived, represents an important effort on the part of the city government to enhance the community's quality of life. Designed by George Burnap, a landscape architect from Washington, D.C., the park results from the ambitious conversion of a privately owned marshy area historically used for recreation purposes into a formally designed public urban amenity characterized by a lake with lagoons and islands, picnic and play areas, gardens, and an art museum. City Park is the largest city park and the only one given such formal design.

District Resources (219) (182 contributing, 37 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
Key Street & Virginia AvenueCWA-HAG-170 -- Hagerstown City Park
Key Street & Virginia AvenueCWA-HAG-156-1 -- Ladies' Restroom
Key Street & Virginia AvenueCWA-HAG-156-2 -- Men's Restroom
Park DrivewayCWA-HAG-171 -- Mansion House, City Park
Highland WayCWA-HAG-153 -- Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
19 Key StreetCWA-HAG-009 -- Jonathan Hager House (Hager's Fancy, Hager's Choice)
Park Driveway & Highland WayCWA-HAG-145 -- Western Maryland Railway Steam Locomotive #202
between Highland Way and the Norfolk and Western RailroadCHagerstown Furniture Factory Building
Park Driveway & Key StreetCWA-HAG-167 -- Digby Products Building (Hagerstown Silk Company)
370 Virginia AvenueC 
400 Virginia AvenueC 
416 Virginia AvenueC 
422 Virginia AvenueC 
432 Virginia AvenueC 
434 Virginia AvenueC 
436 Virginia AvenueC 
539 Reynolds AvenueC 
524 Virginia AvenuC 
535 Summit AvenueCWA-HAG-168 -- Surrey Schoo1
672 Virginia AvenueC 
534 Brown AvenueC 
537 Brown AvenueC 
718 Virginia AvenueC 
720 Virginia AvenueC 
722 Virginia AvenueC 
721 Virginia AvenueC 
719 Virginia AvenueC 
717 Virginia AvenueC 
715 Virginia AvenueC 
556 Virginia AvenueC 
656 Virginia AvenueC 
660 Virginia AvenueC 
605 Virginia AvenueC 
603 Sunset AvenueC 
605 Sunset AvenueC 
607 Sunset AvenueC 
609 Sunset AvenueC 
611 Sunset AvenueC 
613 Sunset AvenueC 
615 Sunset AvenueC 
602 Highland WayC 
604-606 Highland WayC 
608 Highland WayC 
600 Highland WayC 
555 Highland WayC 
553 Highland WayC 
550 Highland WayC 
650 Sunset AvenueC 
648 Sunset AvenueC 
618 Sunset AvenueC 
603 Sunset AvenueC 
605 Sunset AvenueC 
717 Virginia AvenueC 
715 Virginia AvenueC 
605 Virginia AvenueC 
612 Sunset AvenueC 
608 Sunset AvenueC 
606 Sunset AvenueC 
604 Sunset AvenueC 
602 Sunset AvenueC 
504 Brown AvenueC 
518 Brown AvenueC 
520 Brown AvenueC 
522 Brown AvenueC 
524 Brown AvenueC 
517-519 Brown AvenueC 
515 Brown AvenueC 
656 Summit AvenueC 
706 Summit AvenueC 
708 Summit AvenueC 
710 Summit AvenueC 
716 Summit AvenueC 
726-730 Summit Av~nueC 
738 Summit AvenueC 
746-1/2 Summit AvenueC 
746 Summit AvenueC 
748-750 Summit AvenueC 
731-729 Summit AvenueC 
727 Summit AvenueC 
448 Summit AvenueC 
456 Summit AvenueC 
460 Summit AvenueC 
502 Summit AvenueC 
506 Summit AvenueC 
721 Summit AvenueC 
717 Summit AvenueC 
709 Summit AvenueC 
707 Summit AvenueC 
637 Summit AvenueC 
644-646 Summit AvenueC 
648 Summit AvenueC 
630 Summit AvenueC 
535 Brown AvenueC 
533 Brown AvenueC 
755 Summit AvenueC 
7 Dunn Irvin AvenueC 
429 Summit AvenueC 
425 Summit AvenueC 
423 Summit AvenueC 
419 Summit AvenueC 
413 Summit AvenueC 
401 Summit AvenueCWA-HAG-169 -- Moller Apartments
331-333 Summit AvenueC 
329 Summit AvenueC 
325-327 Summit AvenueC 
323 Summit Avenue (at Memorial Blvd)C 
350 Summit AvenueC 
352 Summit AvenueC 
402 Summit AvenueC 
406 Summit AvenueC 
408 Summit AvenueC 
410-412 Summit AvenueC 
418 Summit AvenueC 
422 Summit AvenueC 
426 Summit AvenueC 
428 Summit AvenueC 
430 Summit AvenueC 
438 Summit AvenueC 
442-444 Summit AvenueC 
508-514 Summit AvenueC 
520 Summit AvenueC 
522 Summit AvenueC 
526 Summit AvenueC 
528 Summit AvenueC 
530 Summit AvenueC 
532 Summit AvenueC 
534-536 Summit AvenueC 
538-540 Summit AvenueC 
542 Summit AvenueC 
600-602 Summit AvenueC 
606 Summit AvenueCPark Place Apartments
610 Summit AvenueC 
620 Summit AvenueC 
622 Summit AvenueC 
19 Dunn Irvin AvenueC 
Dunn Irvin DriveC 
412 Reynolds AvenueC 
400 Reynolds AvenueC 
415-417 Reynolds AvenueC 
411 Reynolds AvenueC 
409 Reynolds AvenueC 
403 Reynolds AvenueC 
500 Guilford AvenueC 
510-512 Guilford AvenueC 
439-441 Guilford AvenueC 
437 Guilford AvenueC 
435-433 Guilford AvenueC 
431-429 Guilford AvenueC 
427-425 Guilford AvenueC 
423-421 Guilford AvenueC 
West Side, Guilford AvenueC 
415 Guilford AvenueC 
413 Guilford AvenueC 
411 Guilford AvenueC 
409 Guilford AvenueC 
407 Guilford AvenueC 
501 Reynolds AvenueC 
515 Reynolds AvenueC 
523 Reynolds AvenueC 
527 Reynolds AvenueC 
533 Reynolds AvenueC 
518-522 Reynolds AvenueC 
516 Reynolds AvenueC 
459 Summit AvenueC 
457 Summit AvenueC 
445 Summit AvenueC 
439-441 Summit AvenueC 
437 Summit AvenueC 
527 Summit AvenueC 
523 Summit AvenueC 
519-521 Summit AvenueC 
743 Summit AvenueC 
403-401 Guilford AvenueC 
406-408 Guilford AvenueC 
410-410-1/2 Guilford AvenueC 
412-412-1/2 Guilford AvenueC 
414 Guilford AvenueC 
416-418 Guilford AvenueC 
420-422 Guilford AvenueC 
424 Guilford AvenueC 
454-456 Guilford AvenueC 
460 Guilford AvenueC 
426 Guilford AvenueNC 
442 Guilford AvenueNC 
446 Guilford AvenueNC 
450 Guilford AvenueNC 
402 Guilford AvenueNC 
741 Summit AvenueNC 
505 Summit AvenueNC 
433-435 Summit AvenueNC 
405 Guilford AvenueNC 
18 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
501 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
505 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
509 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
549 Summit AvenueNC 
751 Summit AvenueNC 
525 Brown AvenueNC 
623-625 Summit AvenueNC 
617 Summit AvenueNC 
500 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
504 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
508 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
633 Summit AvenueNC 
752-754 Summit AvenueNC 
526 Brown AvenueNC 
610 Sunset AvenueNC 
601 Virginia AvenueNC 
701 Virginia AvenueNC 
615 Virginia AvenueNC 
614 Sunset AvenueNC 
601 Virginia AvenueNC 
666 Virginia AvenueNC 
3 Dunn Irvin AvenueNC 
658 Virginia AvenueNC 
701 Virginia AvenueNC 
615 Virginia AvenueNC 
552-554 Virginia AvenueNC 
362 Virginia AvenueNCPark Circle Animal Hospital


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