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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Daniel C. Church, Undated Photo
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Inventory No.: S-66
Date Listed: 10/25/1990
Location: 6973 Old Westover Marion Road, Westover, Somerset County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1846, 1924
Description: St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a single-story one-bay by three-bay frame structure built in 1846 and moved to this site in 1924. Facing west, the gable-front frame building is sheathed with plain weatherboards. The eaves are slightly extended with short returns at the base of the roof. A small one-bay by one-bay apse extends to the rear (east). The front elevation is pierced by a single double-door opening with three-panel doors. The north and south sides have three 9/9 sash windows with louvered shutters. A brick stove stack rises through the south roof slope. The interior has Victorian pews with simple Gothic point end panels. A pair of unconventional four-panel doors open into the sacristy to each side of the communion table. A cemetery with about a dozen 19th century burials lies to the side of the building. Significance: The significance of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in rural Somerset County is derived from the architectural character of the building. Moved to its present site in 1924, this modest one-story frame building erected in 1846 is one of the only two extant Somerset County structures built for religious purposes to display the influence of the Greek Revival style. The other example is the Joshua Thomas Chapel on Deal Island, built in 1850, which is larger in size and more elaborately decorated on the facade.


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