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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: R. Mancini, 02/17/2000
Lutherville Historic District
Inventory No.: BA-2211
Date Listed: 11/9/1972
Location: Lutherville-Timonium, Baltimore County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1852
Resources: 98 (77 contributing, 17 non-contributing)
Description: Lutherville Historic District is an irregularly shaped urban entity north of the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), west of York Road (MD 45), south of Ridgely Road, and east of Riderwood-Lutherville Drive. Founded in 1852, Lutherville began as a mid-19th century summer resort and suburb of Baltimore City. Single-family dwellings on large lots characterize the community, and tree-lined streets, laid out in a grid pattern, still lend it a quiet, rural atmosphere. Most of the structures predate World War I, although ranch-type and "colonial" houses have appeared in the past few decades. The new construction, so far, has not altered or infringed upon the 19th-century character of the district. Just east of the western boundary of Lutherville run the tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad, now used as a Light Rail line. The completion of the railroad from Baltimore north to Lutherville in the mid-1850s spurred development of the area by providing easy access to the city. Eighty structures of architectural merit stand in Lutherville. Most of these are houses, but there are a few churches and a stone railroad station. Significance: Lutherville, Maryland is a 19th century residential community that has retained its original character while growing at a moderate pace. The village still conveys the rural atmosphere of its original plan as seen in its large lots and tree-shaded streets. Architecturally, Lutherville aptly expresses the rationale for an historic district: a geographical entity comprised of structures that individually have limited architectural merit but express a unity of scale and urban design when viewed ensemble. The village contains examples of the dominant domestic American architectural styles. The Gothic Revival in the tradition of Andrew Jackson Downing and Calvert Vaux is represented in several dwellings. Other styles include the octagon mode, the Second Empire Revival with its characteristic Mansard roof, Shingle Style, the Queen Anne style, and the Georgian Revival. The genre architecture of the 20th century is present in several bungaloid style houses, as well. The village was founded in 1852 by two Lutheran clergymen, Dr. John Gottlieb Morris and Dr. Benjamin Kurtz, and a Lutheran layman, Charles Augustus Morris. The founders laid out the streets, which were named for Lutheran clergymen, in a grid pattern that radiated from the lot set aside for the Lutheran Church. Dr. Morris planned the village as a residential setting for the Lutherville Female Seminary, a women’s college, which he founded in 1853, The college was financed by the sale of the 118 lots in Lutherville. Thomas Dixon, one of the most outstanding mid-19th century Baltimore County architects, designed two of the major buildings in Lutherville: the railroad station (1856) and the Lutherville Female Seminary (1853).

District Resources (98) (77 contributing, 17 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1423 Bellona AvenueCBA-2211-1 -- Bellona Avenue, 1423
313 Morris AvenueCBA-64 -- Oak Grove
1708 Kurtz AvenueCBA-66 -- Octagon House
311 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-196 -- Sadtler-Parker House
Kurtz Avenue & Melanchton AvenueCBA-290 -- St. Paul's Lutheran Church
302 North AvenueCBA-69 -- Weisbrod-Carroll House
1611 Francke AvenueCBA-306 -- Johnson Bowie House
202 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-292 -- Jones House
204 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-293 -- T.R. Walters House
206 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-343 -- Reese House
207 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-299 -- George T. Gilmore House
208 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-322 -- Buck House
209 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-298 -- Mrs. Harry Abbott House
210 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-329 -- Butz House
212 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-323 -- St. John's Methodist Church, Residence
300 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-325 -- College Manor (Lutherville Female Seminary)
311 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-287 -- Giles Parker Gate House
319 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-289 -- Strutt House, site
325 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-326 -- Pierce House
327 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-327 -- Wright House
329 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-308 -- Adrian Hughes House (Mrs. C.E. Woollen House)
331 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-305 -- Harvey Tracey House
333 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-302 -- Ella V. Kane House
1402 Front AvenueCBA-194 -- Creighton
Part of 1404 Front AvenueCBA-194A -- Creighton Spring House
1430 Front AvenueCBA-307 -- Frank W. Littleton House
1433 Front AvenueCHouse
1505 Front AvenueCBA-337 -- Armstrong House
1601 Lutherville-Riderwood DriveCBA-68 -- Lutherville Station
109 Melanchton AvenueCBA-2548 -- Lovell House
112 Melanchton AvenueCBA-332 -- Taylor House
115 Melanchton AvenueCBA-333 -- Weber House
201 Melanchton AvenueCBA-309 -- Apartment House
206 Melanchton AvenueCBA-310 -- William Barnes House
211 Melanchton AvenueCBA-331 -- Elmnook
212 Melanchton AvenueCBA-311 -- Sunnyside
215 Melanchton AvenueCBA-312 -- Miller House
216 Melanchton AvenueCBA-313 -- Berry House
217 Melanchton AvenueCBA-314 -- Myer House
219 Melanchton AvenueCBA-67 -- Landon House
220 Melanchton AvenueCBA-315 -- Landon House Annex
226 Melanchton AvenueCBA-316 -- Callahan House
319 Melanchton AvenueCBA-198 -- Marston House
1613 Kurtz AvenueCBA-65 -- Graystone
1711 Kurtz AvenueCBA-294 -- Richard Borneman House
1722 Kurtz AvenueCBA-344 -- Boyd House
305 North AvenueCBA-295 -- Barry Hamilton House
1704 Division StreetCHouse
1430 Francke AvenueCBA-303 -- Dr. G.C. Rosenquist House
1501 Francke AvenueCBA-304 -- Clarence Thompson House
130 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-296 -- Chapel of the Holy Comforter
200 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-328 -- Mattson House
214 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)CBA-330 -- St. John's Methodist Church and Manse
1603 Francke AvenueCBA-336 -- Gelston House
200 Morris AvenueCBA-297 -- Herbert Davis House (Mrs. Robert Bates House)
201 Morris AvenueCBA-338 -- Taylor House
207 Morris AvenueCHouse
223 Morris AvenueCBA-318 -- Thompson House
301 Morris AvenueCBA-319 -- Paxon House
301 Morris AvenueCBA-319A -- Paxon House Carriage Shed (c. 1910 Fire Department)
305 Morris AvenueCBA-320 -- Reese House
308 Morris AvenueCBA-197 -- Twin Gates (Benjamin Sadtler House)
325 Morris AvenueCBA-321 -- Snow House
213 Lincoln AvenueCHouse
215 Lincoln AvenueCBA-195 -- Corkran House
1400 Clark AvenueCHouse
305 Melanchton AvenueCBA-317 -- Ray House
1419 Bellona AvenueCBA-341 -- Brown House
1421 Bellona AvenueCBA-342 -- Edgewood Church Rectory
1432 Bellona AvenueCHouse
1436 Bellona AvenueCHouse
1434 Bellona AvenueCBA-300 -- Edgewood United Methodist Church
1506 Bellona AvenueCBA-335 -- Fraser House
1507 Bellona AvenueCBA-334 -- Hasbrouck House
1508 Bellona AvenueCBA-291 -- Washington Bowie House
1510 Bellona AvenueCHouse
1517 Bellona AvenueCBA-339 -- Dettmer House
1601 Bellona AvenueNCHouse
1425 Bellona AvenueNCHouse
1401 Clark AvenueNCHouse
1405 Clark AvenueNCHouse
200-200 1/2 Lincoln AvenueNCDuplex
202-202 1/2 Lincoln AvenueNCDuplex
206 Lincoln AvenueNCHouse
210 Lincoln AvenueNCHouse
314 Morris AvenueNCHouse
210 Morris AvenueNCHouse
213 Morris AvenueNCHouse
214 Morris AvenueNCHouse
218 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)NCHouse
201 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131)NCBA-340 -- Brattan House
1510 Francke AvenueNCHouse
302 Melanchton AvenueNCHouse
100 block Seminary AvenueNCHouse
213 W. Seminary Avenue (MD 131) BA-324 -- Stinnett House
1420, 1422, 1424, and 1426 Bellona Avenue Duplex Houses
318 Melanchton Avenue BA-301 -- Keyburn Spring House (Thomas Sheeler Spring House)
1505 Francke Avenue BA-288 -- Edward Ady House


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