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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Al Luckenbach, 09/1989
Magothy Quartzite Quarry Archeological Site
Inventory No.:
Other Name(s): White Rocks
Date Listed: 11/8/1991
Location: Anne Arundel County
Category: Site
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1000 B.C. to 800 A.D.
Related Multiple Property Record: Prehistoric Human Adaptation to the Coastal Plain Environment of Anne Arundel County, Maryland
The nomination is marked Not for Public Access. Qualified Medusa accountholders should please contact the MHT Librarian for a copy.
Description: The Magothy Quartzite Quarry Archaeological Site was first recognized as an archaeological site in the fall of 1989. The site consists of several large outcroppings of quartzite and sandstone. Only a random surface collection has been conducted at the site to date; no subsurface testing has been initiated. Evidence shows that the quarry may have been utilized by prehistoric Native American groups as early as the Middle Archaic period, if not earlier. Sites located near the quarry often contain Magothy River quartzite lithic debitage, which is probably from materials obtained at this site. Significance: The Magothy Quartzite Quarry is significant as a procurement/extractive site. It is the only bedrock quarry within Anne Arundel County known to have been utilized by prehistoric people. The site is potentially valuable as a source of information concerning the utilization of lithic materials in Anne Arundel County, particularly when tied to other sites in the county where Magothy quartzite has been found. The site could contribute to our understanding of the seasonal round of bands residing in Anne Arundel County. The existence of a possible rockshelter in association with the quartzite outcroppings suggests that settlement patterns could also be addressed.


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