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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Ron Haisfield, 03/1991
Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church
Inventory No.: B-4432
Date Listed: 9/4/1992
Location: 1327 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1857
Architect/Builder: Architect: Thomas Balbirinie
Description: The Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church is an 1857-1858 brick, Greek Revival, temple-fronted structure with four fluted Corinthian columns below a dentiled gable. The side exterior walls are divided into six bays with Doric pilasters. The interior has Greek Revival and Victorian decorative elements. Projecting from the rear is a lower two-story Colonial Revival decorated wing which appears to date from about 1900 though the basic structure may have been erected in the preceding decades. A low two-story wing of recent date projects from the south. A mid-19th century iron railing decorates the entrance. Significance: The Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church is important for its architectural character. Built in 1857-1858, the church is one of a small number of Greek Revival temple-front public buildings standing in Baltimore. This group includes the Lloyd Street Synagogue and McKim Free School. A number of small churches of this temple type were built in Maryland, some of masonry and some of wood construction. They were constructed generally around the Baltimore area. Stone Chapel in Baltimore County is a good example. These all date from around the same period as Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Enhancing the architectural significance is the Colonial Revival interior of the back wing added about 1900. It is an elaborate public space which remains intact. Few public spaces of this sort in Baltimore have remained unaltered.


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