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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: E. Beale, 04/1992
Lower Deer Creek Valley Historic District
Inventory No.: HA-1551
Date Listed: 11/3/1993
Location: Harford County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1730-c. 1940
Resources: 282 (156 contributing, 4 non-contributing)
Description: The Lower Deer Creek Valley Historic District comprises approximately 15, 20 acres in north central Harford County. The primary building material used in the valley is stone taken from local quarries composed of gneiss and granite. Houses, mills, schoolhouses, and churches (the primary buildings in the district) were all constructed in these native stones as were many dependencies including springhouses, stables, tenant houses, meathouses, ice houses, and barns. The district's contributing standing structures date from the mid 18th century to the 1940s. They are mostly built in vernacular styles by anonymous craftsmen but are the steady prosperity and generally high level of sophistication of the district's residents has resulted in a superior level of workmanship and a notable attention to detail. In addition, the names of one highly skilled artisan (English-born emigree stone mason David Hopkins, f. c. 1790-1820) and several distinguished 19th- and 20th-century architects (e.g., J. Crawford Neilson of Baltimore and Harford County and Theopholis Chandler, FAIA, Walter Cope, FAIA, and the firm Mellor & Meigs of Philadelphia) secured and executed many important commissions in the Deer Creek Valley. Anglo-American activity has been continuous and economically successful in the district resulting in a virtual catalog of domestic building styles, from simple 1740s structures to full-blown Queen Anne piles to colonial (largely vernacular) revival country retreats. Since colonial times the valley has attracted a sizeable Quaker population who, in turn, made the area a haven for free blacks; the district contains a sizeable free black community at Kalmia, the site of a documented stop on the Underground Railroad, and several other sites important to black history. Of the industrial complexes, four mills and one mill village still stand. Four parks lie wholly or partially in the district. The district also takes in the ancient crossroads hamlets of Lapidum and Glenville as well as the market town of Darlington. All three communities are and have always been intimately connected to the valley. Significance: The Lower Deer Creek Valley Historic District represents a 250-year evolution of all aspects of rural development--residential, agricultural, industrial, religious. The district is beautifully preserved as a discreet entity, easily distinguished from those sections of Harford County which abut it. The hundreds of inventoried sites in the district have historical, architectural, and familial links with each other that span several generations. The valley contains approximately 350 separate historic properties, many consisting of more than one structure, and probably represents the greatest and best-preserved concentration of significant sites in Harford County. The district as a district has been much studied for generations, at least as far back as August 14, 1858, when the Harford County weekly The AEgis praised "that romantic and classical portion of our county through which courses the magnificent Deer Creek, whose banks are adorned by"specimens of the most tasty architecture." Then in 1879-80 Dr. F. Stump Forwood, first president of the Historical Society of Harford County, wrote a series of pieces for The AEgis called "Homes on Deer Creek;" of the 37 structures Dr. Forwood described a remarkable 36 are still standing, in virtually unchanged condition. In 1979 the Maryland Department of Natural Resources declared the lower Deer Creek valley a "Wild and Scenic River" because of its "outstanding scenic...historic...[, and] cultural...values."

District Resources (282) (156 contributing, 4 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
2000 Glenville RoadCHA-397 -- John W. Coale House
Thomas Run Road & Pennington RoadCHA-133 -- Leighton (Marylea Farm, McGuirk House)
Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-575 -- Gilman Paul House (Land of Promise)
Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-576 -- Gilman Paul Schoolroom (Land of Promise)
Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-577 -- Gilman Paul Toolshed (Land of Promise)
4514 Conowingo Road (US 1)CHA-311 -- Roscrea (J.E. Smith House)
Price RoadCHA-178 -- Old Mill (Rodgers & McCann Mill)
702 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-11 -- Stokes-Wilson Mill (Wilson's Mill)
Lapidum Road and Stafford RoadCHA-376 -- Lapidum Warehouse Wharf Site
Lapidum Road and Stafford RoadCHA-377 -- Lapidum Inn Site
Deer CreekCColumbia Mill
Stafford RoadCHA-199 -- Stafford Flint Mill/Iron Furnace
Darlington RoadCSilver Family Quarry
Stafford RoadCHA-191 -- Rock Run Mill
Glenville RoadCWilson Family Quarry
2102 Shuresville RoadCHA-81 -- Bailey-Hanna House
Kirk Road & Main StreetCHA-80 -- Kenneth Walker's Store (Ely's Store, Swift's Store, Kenneth Walker Store)
3069 Harmony Church RoadCHA-161 -- Old George Cook House
Harmony Church RoadCHA-158 -- Cookvsille Tanbark Mill
3108 Harmony Church RoadCHA-159 -- Cooksville Tannery
Nobles Mill RoadCHA-335 -- Noble's Mill
Glenville RoadCHA-295 -- Glenville Store
Rock Run RoadCHA-312 -- Foard's Blacksmith Shop, site
Walters Mill RoadCHA-16 -- Walter's Mill (Forwood's Mill)
Deer Creek Church RoadCHA-18 -- Walter's Mill Cabin
Scarboro RoadCHA-869 -- Klondike Flint Mill, site (American Pottery Supply)
Craigs Corner RoadCHA-204 -- Stump Family Cemetery
Craigs Corner Run Road & Rock Run RoadCHA-565 -- Rock Run Church
Thomas Run RoadCHA-49 -- Thomas Run Church (Watters Meeting House)
Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-532 -- Prospect School
Harmony Church RoadCHA-293 -- Glenville Schoolhouse
Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-165 -- Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church
Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-166 -- St. George's Chapel of Ease (Trappe Church, St. James Chapel of Ease)
Main StreetCHA-78 -- Grace Memorial Episcopal Church
Main StreetCHA-79 -- Grace Memorial Rectory
Shuresville RoadCHA-82 -- Darlington Cemetery and Sanctuary
2001 Kalmia RoadCHA-48 -- Clark's Chapel M.E. Church
2119 Shuresville RoadCHA-2179 -- Darlington Elementary School
Stafford RoadCHA-382 -- Lapidum Lock
Stafford RoadCHA-195 -- Rock Run Bridge Toll House (Bridge & Banking Co.)
Stafford RoadCHA-196 -- Rock Run Bridge Piers
parallel Susquehanna RiverCSusquehanna and Tidewater Canal
Nobles Mill Road over Deer CreekCHA-336 -- Bridge 160, Noble's Mill Bridge
Forge Hill Road over Deer CreekCHA-1982 -- Bridge (SHA H-37) Forge Hill Road Bridge
Darlington RoadCHA-1578 -- Wilson's Mill Bridge (SHA Bridge No. 12040)
445 Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-579 -- Lyle Property Main House (Eightrupp)
445 Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-580 -- Lyle Property Barn (Eightrupp)
445 Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-582 -- Lyle Property Springhouse (Eightrupp)
445 Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-581 -- Lyle Property Stable (Eightrupp)
600 Craigs Corner RoadCHA-279 -- Friendship
600 Craigs Corner RoadCHA-283 -- Friendship Outbuilding
600 Craigs Corner RoadCHA-284 -- Friendship Spring House
600 Craigs Corner RoadCHA-285 -- Friendship Tool Shed
1424 Thomas Run RoadCHA-52 -- Lochary Farm
Craigs Corner RoadCHA-570 -- James Stephenson House
Stafford RoadCHA-200 -- Stafford Farm (John Stump House)
3214 Harmony Church RoadCHA-286 -- Woodlawn
Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-907 -- Jericho Abandoned House (Jericoe)
Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-908 -- Jericho Abandoned Outhouse
Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-909 -- Jericho Family Graveyard
4125 Harmony Church RoadCHA-566 -- Fourteen Shillings (Gregory Farmhouse)
1247 Stafford RoadCHA-176 -- Stump-Holloway House
2330 Thomas Run RoadCHA-134 -- Ruff's Chance (Ruff's Chance Manor, Ruff's Farmhouse)
1014 Thomas Run RoadCHA-54 -- Old Munnikhuysen House
2802 Forge Hill RoadCHA-47 -- Preston Stone House (Barbara Rumsey House)
Rock Run RoadCHA-192 -- Carter-Archer House (Rock Run Mansion)
Rock Run RoadCHA-193 -- Carter-Archer Carriage House/Barn
Rock Run RoadCHA-194 -- Carter-Archer Privy
3226 Harmony Church RoadCHA-287 -- Gravity Flow (Crocker-Jewett House)
2706 Sandy Hook RoadCHA-965 -- St. Omer's Farm
1857 Deths Ford RoadCHA-289 -- Wakefield Farm (Proctor-Coale Farm)
1857 Deths Ford RoadCHA-290 -- Wakefield Barn (Proctor-Coale Farm, Deerdale Barn)
1034 Main Street & Kirk RoadCHA-21 -- Dr. Kirk House
3023 Ady RoadCHA-17 -- Spittle Craft
1145 Stafford RoadCHA-180 -- Adams-Harlan House (Cockade Farms, Red Oak Farm)
Nobles Mill RoadCHA-156 -- Cedar Hill (Bliss-Weaver Place)
Rock Run RoadCHA-567 -- Todd-Stephenson House
Rock Run RoadCHA-569 -- Todd-Stephenson Barn
Rock Run RoadCHA-568 -- Todd-Stephenson Toolhouse
3073 Sandy Hook RoadCHA-605 -- Forwood-Lee House (Cummings House)
3201 Deths Ford RoadCHA-325 -- Price-Garono House
3332 Cool Branch RoadCHA-145 -- Sayre-Coale House (Waffle Hill Farm)
3332 Cool Branch RoadCHA-146 -- Sayre-Coale Tenant House (Waffle Hill Farm Tenant House)
4054 Wilkinson RoadCHA-383 -- Charles T. Stephens House (Thomas Smith House)
3069 Harmony Church RoadCHA-161 -- George Cook House
Harmony Church RoadCHA-409 -- William F. Bayless House
Craigs Corner RoadCHA-204 -- Henry Stump House (Lyman Gardner Property)
Lapidum RoadCHA-587 -- Brenneman-Tydings House (Amos Hughes House)
2626 Thomas Run RoadCHA-51 -- Archer-Hawkins House
Craigs Corner RoadCHA-198 -- Gaughen House and Corn Crib, site (Three Dare House)
2950 Sandy Hook RoadCHA-870 -- Bald Hill (Smithson-Webster House)
Old Forge Hill RoadCHA-45 -- Joshua Husband House
3137 Deths Ford RoadCHA-327 -- Garono-Wilson Farmhouse (Issac C. Wilson Farmhouse)
1951 Trappe Church RoadCHA-328 -- Johns Hopkins Farmhouse (Wilson-Hopkins House)
Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-385 -- Vignon (John Silver House, Moxley-Will Silver Barn)
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-398 -- Benjamin Silver House (Moxley House)
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-399 -- Benjamin Silver Barn
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-404 -- Benjamin Silver Carriage House
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-405 -- Benjamin Silver Corncrib
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-400 -- Benjamin Silver Dairy
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-403 -- Benjamin Silver Icehouse
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-406 -- Benjamin Silver Pen & Yard
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-401 -- Benjamin Silver Servants Quarters
3646 Harmony Church RoadCHA-402 -- Benjamin Silver Smokehouse
521 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-389 -- William F. Silver House & Lehnerd Silver Barn
3643 Harmony ChurchCHA-407 -- Silverton (Dr. Silas B. Silver House, Reeves-Silver House)
626 Stafford RoadCHA-381 -- Ferncliff (Derrickson House, Pugh House)
1145 Stafford RoadCHA-183 -- Ellis J. Tucker House (Cockade Farms, Red Oak Farm)
2215 Allibone RoadCHA-43 -- Gleeson Farmhouse (Charles Walter Tenant House)
718 Craigs Corner RoadCHA-205 -- Seaman-Smith House
Lapidum RoadCHA-585 -- Quaker Bottom Farm Main House
Lapidum RoadCHA-586 -- Quaker Bottom Farm Barn
Stafford RoadCHA-1076 -- Holloway Farm
E. Nobles Mill RoadCHA-332 -- William Hopkins House (Clay Adams Farmhouse)
937 Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-339 -- Charles Durham House (James Silver House, Silvermount Farm)
725 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-319 -- Edward M. Allen House (Kelvin Grove Manor)
725 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-320 -- Allen Tenant House
1229 Boyd RoadCHA-331 -- John Dunnigan House
Sandy Hook RoadCHA-44 -- D.H. Springhouse (David Holland Springhouse, Bald Hill Farm)
Forge Hill RoadCHA-1226 -- Husband Flint Mill Archaeological Site
Main StreetCHA-12 -- Deer Creek Friends Meeting House
 CHA-408 -- Silver Houses Historic District
4528 Conowingo Road (US 1)CHA-310 -- Gray Gables (Scriven-Stokes House)
 CHA-1746 -- Darlington Historic District
2618 Cool Spring RoadCHA-138 -- Priest Neale Mass House & Mill, Site (Paradice Farm)
1839 Trappe Church RoadCHA-329 -- Hall-Matthews House (Miss Tacy's, Hopkins-Matthews House)
Shure's Landing RoadCHA-1776 -- Worthington House
Ady Road (MD 543)CHA-90 -- Deer Park
Thomas Run RoadCHA-50 -- Bull-Barrow House
1000 Glenville RoadCHA-147 -- George C. Davis House (Mrs. Webster Barnes Kitchen)
1000 Glenville RoadCHA-148 -- Dr. Robert House (Mrs. Webster Barnes House)
3031 Lochary Road (on Oldfield Road?)CHA-46 -- Preacher House
Cooley Mill RoadCHA-8 -- Friendship (Mt. Friendship)
Quaker Bottom RoadCHA-584 -- Botts-Worthington House
Stafford RoadCHA-378 -- Watts-Virdin House (Smith Ferry House)
Wilkinson RoadCHA-207 -- Stephenson-Archer House
Cool Spring RoadCHA-136 -- Maiden's Bower
Stafford RoadCHA-197 -- Rock Run Miller's House
1108 Glenville RoadCHA-668 -- Westwood Farm Tenant House (Fielder-Coale House)
Noble's Mill RoadCHA-337 -- Noble's Mill House
Glenville RoadCHA-1591 -- William Silver Farm
3300 Harmony Church RoadCHA-288 -- Douglas-Jewett Mansion (Lansdowne)
Conowingo Road (US 1)CHA-280 -- Meadow Farm (Walnut Hill)
3160 Deths Ford RoadCHA-326 -- Fairland (Charles Y. Thomas Farmhouse)
Glenville RoadCHA-396 -- John Cole House (Wysong's Spring Lane)
3247 Forge Hill RoadCHA-317 -- Evergreen (McCann House)
3211 Ady Road (MD 543)CHA-903 -- Norman-Jackson Stone House, site (Famous-Jackson House)
325 Lapidum RoadCHA-588 -- Golden Vein Farm
2100 Trappe Church RoadCHA-323 -- Winstone
918 Darlington RoadCHA-322 -- Gatewood-Smith House (Westacre)
Priestford Road (MD 136)CHA-342 -- Indian Spring Farm (Stump House, Stump's Prospect)
Glenville RoadCHA-675 -- Westwood (Westwood Manor)
702 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-10 -- Wilson's Mill House
702 Darlington Road (MD 161)CHA-25 -- Wilson's Mill Miller's House
Stokes Road & Glenville RoadCHA-392 -- Wilson's Mill Tenant Cottage
628 Stafford RoadCHA-2190 -- Neff House (Rinehart House)
intersection of Deths Ford Road, Glenville Road, and Harmony Church RoadNC 
subdivision near Darlington RoadNC 
community of KalmiaNC 
 NCAberdeen Proving Grounds Tank-testing Grounds
1530 Glenville RoadC/NCHA-678 -- Windmill Hill
856 Priestford Road (MD 136)C/NCHA-340 -- Silverdale (McDaniel-Silver House)
2239 Price RoadC/NCHA-316 -- Archer-Price Farmhouse (Judge John Price House, Mt. Yoe)
2505 Cool Spring RoadC/NCHA-137 -- Coolspring Farm (Parker H. Lee House)
3510 Harmony Church RoadC/NCHA-294 -- Thymly
1331 Deer Creek Church RoadC/NCHA-976 -- Smith Farm Barn
Stokes Road HA-293 -- Old Darlington Road (Stokes Road)
2223 Old Quaker Road (on Meeting House Lane?) HA-1689 -- Orthodox Friends Meeting House
2129 Shuresville Road HA-75 -- Otto Monsees Shoemaker Shop & House (Joseph Murphy House)
Main Street north of Trappe Church Road, West of Darlington Road HA-76 -- Roy Elliott House (David Thomas House, Charlie Wilson House)
Stafford Road HA-202 -- Ruins on Creel Property
2017 Trappe Church Road HA-324 -- Smith-Troutman House
3514 Harmony Church Road HA-1572 -- Spurlin House
Lapidum Road HA-373 -- Stephenson Lodge, site (Lapidum School)
Glenville Road HA-395 -- Stokes-Wilson-Rigbie Mill Damn, site
1222 Stafford Road HA-177 -- Stump-Smithson House (Garrettson House)
  HA-2036 -- Susquehanna State Park
Stafford Road HA-174 -- T. M. Barry Farmhouse
Stafford Road HA-201 -- Tanbark Mill Ruins, site
1831 Deths Ford Road HA-291 -- Tanbark Mill, site (Proctor-Coale Millrace)
1417 Trappe Road HA-184 -- Trappe Church Parsonage
Stafford Road HA-358 -- Village Site, Holloway Farm
3128 Ady Road (MD 543) HA-390 -- Walter Tenant House
Stafford Road HA-379 -- Watts-Virdin Schoolhouse (Bonnie T. Watts House)
Cool Branch Road HA-144 -- Webster-Close Brick House (Cool Branch Farm)
Glenville Road HA-677 -- Westwood Graveyard
Glenville Road HA-676 -- Westwood Slave Quarters
3213 Ady Road (MD 543) HA-388 -- William Carr House
Wilkinson Road HA-386 -- William Danneker, Sr. House Site & Springhouse
2123 Shuresville Road HA-73 -- William Wynde Tailor Shop (Edith Worthington House, Kiethley House)
Shuresville Road HA-172 -- Wilson-Edge House
Stafford Road HA-173 -- Walter Jourdan House
Craigs Corner Road HA-572 -- Worthington-Minnick House
1011 Main Street HA-77 -- Wroth House (Kit Wilson House)
2125 Shuresville Road (on Kirk Road?)  
1105 Main Street  
1122 Main Street  
1125 Main Street  
1139 Main Street  
1143 Main Street  
1149 Main Street  
1201 Main Street  
1111 Main Street  
622 Stafford Road HA-380 -- Abrahams House (James Nicholson House)
E. Nobles Mill Road HA-334 -- Adams Blacksmith Shed
1145 Main Street HA-19 -- Allan Rumsey House
Harmony Church Road HA-292 -- Armatz
1900 Glenville Road HA-1573 -- Bank House (Testerman House)
Harmony Church Road HA-157 -- Bliss Stone Tenant House
Priestford Road (MD 136) over Deer Creek HA-1579 -- Bridge (SHA 12033), Priestford Road Pony Truss Bridge
Stafford Road over Herring Run HA-1877 -- Bridge (SHA H-19)
Glenville Road over Graveyard Creek HA-1878 -- Bridge (SHA H-26)
Harmony Church Road over Mill Brook HA-1879 -- Bridge (SHA H-28)
Glenville Road over Mill Brook HA-1880 -- Bridge (SHA H-30)
US 1 over Deer Creek HA-2020 -- Bridge 12002
3056 Harmony Church Road HA-162 -- Brooks End Farm
Harmony Church Road HA-169 -- Brooks End Farm Barn
1973 Trappe Church Road HA-330 -- Brown-Hopkins Farmhouse (Frank J. Hopkins House, Glenview Farm)
1130 Boyd Road HA-387 -- Carr-Thomas House
1102 Main Street (MD 161) HA-170 -- Chandlee Harness Shop (Edwin McNatt Apartment House)
1448 Stafford Road HA-83 -- Coale House
2111 Shuresville Road HA-23 -- Conlisk-Dickinson House (Dr. Ramsay House)
2127 Shuresville Road HA-74 -- Conlisk-Silver House
3071 Harmony Church Road HA-160 -- Cooksville School House
Cool Branch Road HA-1539 -- Cool Branch Tenant House (Windmill Hill Tenant House)
Thomas Run Road HA-53 -- Corns Family House
2115 Shuresville Road HA-72 -- Darlington Academy
Darlington Road HA-394 -- Darlington Deer Creek Covered Bridge, site
1134 Main Street HA-2181 -- Darlington Library
Shuresville Road HA-24 -- Darlington United Methodist Church
2103 Shuresville Road HA-22 -- Dr. Windolph House (Harry James House)
Quaker Bottom Road HA-578 -- Dudeck-Stevenson House
Nobles Mill Road HA-1564 -- Edward M. Chew Tenant House
2120 Shuresville Road HA-69 -- Emerson House (Countess's House)
Glenville Road HA-669 -- Fiedler-Roberts Frame Cottage, site
3119 Ady Road (MD 543) HA-1584 -- Frame Bank House
2116 Shuresville Road (on Kirk Road?) HA-1688 -- Frame Crossgable House
2428 Shuresville Road HA-2180 -- Francis Silver Park
Craigs Corner Road HA-571 -- Frank Zellman Log House
2015 Nobles Mill Road HA-338 -- Franklin Curry House (Gover-Curry House)
Lapidum Road HA-375 -- Fred Boerngen House, site (Jesse Price House)
1027 Main Street (MD 161) HA-1968 -- Gahagan House
1112 Main Street HA-1253 -- Galbreath-Voss House
Thomas Run Road HA-135 -- Gaughen Tenant House
Shuresville Road HA-171 -- George House
Craigs Corner Road HA-203 -- George Stephenson House, site (Starr House)
1110 Main Street HA-1256 -- George Whitelock House
2130 Shuresville Road HA-84 -- Gorrell's Old Wagon Shop & Blacksmith's Shop
Nobles Mill Road HA-1563 -- Gover-Garono Barn
2828 Forge Hill Road HA-182 -- Gover-Greme House
3145 E. Nobles Mill Road HA-333 -- Hall-Duncan Farmhouse (Matthews-Hall House)
Cool Branch Road HA-143 -- Hall's Rich Neck (Cool Branch Farm)
Wilkinson Road HA-206 -- Hannah Parker House
1130 Main Street HA-1586 -- Harper Frame House
1132 Main Street HA-1595 -- Harper Log House
221 Darlington Road (MD 161) HA-925 -- Hazel Trivet Log House
2109 Shuresville Road HA-70 -- Higbee House
Wilkinson Road Susquehanna State Park HA-1989 -- Hitchcock/Davis Farm, site, Susquehanna State Park
Deth's Ford Road HA-1571 -- Holdaway's (Log Tenant House)
837 Darlington Road (MD 161) HA-321 -- Hopkins-Mick-Milton House (Bayless House, Elberton Hill Farm)
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-344 -- Hopkins-Shearman Ruins
401 Quaker Bottom Road HA-583 -- Horne-Silver House (Everitt Hughes House)
1226 Stafford Road HA-179 -- James Forwood House (Post-Err House)
Main Street HA-1255 -- James Gosier House
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-341 -- Janney Mansion (McDaniel Tenement)
2107 Shuresville Road HA-68 -- John George House (Elsie Stine House)
Lapidum Road HA-374 -- Joseph Spencer House
Harmony Church Road HA-410 -- Kennedy-Carriere-Bayless Barn
Trappe Road HA-1093 -- Knight Farm (Oak Hill)
337 Fox Road HA-384 -- Lebanon (Reece-Silver House, Seven Springs Farm)
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-413 -- Lee-Wilson House
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-414 -- Little Jericho (Rhian-Williams House)
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-416 -- Little Jericho Slave Quarters (Rhian-Williams Smokehouse)
Priestford Road (MD 136) HA-415 -- Little Jericho Springhouse (Rhian-Williams Springhouse)
Rock Run Road In Rock Run Sanctuary HA-573 -- Maryland Ornithological Society
Rock Run Road In Rock Run Sanctuary HA-574 -- Maryland Ornithological Society (Bird House Ruins)
Main Street HA-20 -- Massey House
Price Road HA-318 -- McClair-Whiteford House
2823 Forge Hill Road HA-181 -- McCoy Farm (Wilson-Moxley House)
1104-1106 Main Street HA-85 -- Mick Building
1203 Main Street HA-67 -- Miss Bertie House
2113 Shuresville Road HA-71 -- N. D. Smith House


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