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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Jennifer K. Cosham, 04/19/2006
Lineboro Historic District
Inventory No.: CARR-1029
Date Listed: 11/15/1996
Location: Lineboro, Carroll County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1820-c. 1930
Resources: 63 (57 contributing, 3 non-contributing)
Description: The Lineboro Historic District comprises most of the village of Lineboro, located just south of the Maryland-Pennsylvania border (Mason-Dixon Line) in northeast Carroll County, Maryland. The village is laid out primarily along one road, Main Street, which runs southwest-northeast. Houses predominate within the district, and most fit into five categories. Perhaps the most common house type is a regional vernacular expression, three bays wide with a center entrance, and usually two bays deep with an ell on the rear. Most of these are two-story buildings but several have a central gabled wall dormer. Several of these houses are constructed into a partially excavated bank. Similar to the former type, but larger and often more elaborately treated, is a group of five-bay buildings with a center entrance. The Pennsylvania Farmhouse plan, four bays wide with two center doors, two bays deep, with a one-story porch across the fa├žade, is also represented in Lineboro. The foursquare and bungalow house types of the early 20th century also are common within the district. Domestic outbuildings, including summer kitchens and smokehouses, also contribute to the historic character of the district. Several properties were farms before the development of Lineboro and continued to operate as such after the town grew up next to them. These properties retain a variety of agricultural outbuildings, including bank barns. Public, commercial, and industrial buildings include several stores, a one-room school and a fire hall. Other buildings of interest include the former hotel, a feed mill, and the 1908 cruciform-plan Gothic Revival Lazarus Union Church. The district retains a high degree of integrity. It comprises a total of 83 resources, of which 70, or 84%, contribute to its significance. Significance: The Lineboro Historic District is significant as an example of the linear, "Pennsylvania" town plan which is characteristic of 19th century villages in the Piedmont region of Maryland. As defined by the cultural geographer Wilbur Zelinsky in "The Pennsylvania Town: An Overdue Geographical Account" in Geographical Review, vol. 67, no. 2, April 1977, pp. 131-136, the "Pennsylvania Town" is characterized by compactness, linearity, limited setback of regionally distinctive buildings from the street, and "spatial scrambling" of urban functions, with "dwellings [and] shops . . .cheek by jowl with adjacent buildings, [but] churches, cemeteries, . . . and manufacturing and wholesale enterprises consigned to peripheral locations." These characteristics are fully present in Lineboro, and the village is distinctive among the linear towns of northeastern Carroll County in its high degree of integrity which permits it to exemplify the type. In addition, the buildings within the district themselves represent a wide variety of vernacular architectural forms typical of the domestic, commercial, religious, and agricultural buildings of the region during the period 1820-c. 1930. Through the second and third quarters of the 19th century, Lineboro remained a small crossroads community with a single church, a store, and an inn located at what is now the west end of the village. Growth accelerated following the arrival of the Baltimore and Hanover Railroad in 1877; a feed mill and store building were constructed next to the railroad tracks at the present east end of town, and the village became a center of transportation and commerce in rural northeastern Carroll County. Residential and commercial development proceeded to fill in along Main Street between the two ends of the present town. Building activity ceased in Lineboro during the Great Depression, and did not resume until after World War II.

District Resources (63) (57 contributing, 3 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
5231 S. Mill StreetCCARR-1083 -- Morris House
5237 S. Mill StreetCCARR-1080 -- Dubs House
5319 N. Mill StreetCCARR-1079 -- Hale House
4302 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1076 -- Warner Brick House
4302 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1077 -- Warner Frame Craft Shop
4229 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1031 -- R.F. Warner Sons Feed Mill
4229 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1032 -- Store and Railroad Station
4131 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1045 -- Dickmyer House
4230 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1072 -- Village Inn
5257 N. Church StreetC 
4100 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1055 -- Conrad Kerlinger House
4219 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1067 -- Plymouth
4242 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1074 -- Bookhultz House
4300 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1075 -- Borelli Brick House
5122 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1053 -- Brick House - Rt. 86 & Alesia
4101 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1052 -- Wentz-Goettner Farm Complex
4205 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1043 -- Burgoon House
4225 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1034 -- Shaeffer House
5310 N. Mill StreetCCARR-1078 -- Ecker House
4219 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1036 -- Warehime House
4128 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1061 -- Nace House
4116 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1058 -- Krug House
4130 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1062 -- Synder House
4115 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1051 -- Former Lutheran Parsonage
4119 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1049 -- Nace House
4127 Main StreetC 
4211 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1040 -- Fair House
4112 Main StreetC 
4118 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1059 -- Kneller House
4121 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1048 -- Fuhrman House
4209 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1041 -- Shaffer House
4134? Main StreetC 
4215 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1038 -- Miller House
4117 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1050 -- Kneller House
4220 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1068 -- Brick Bungalow
5241 S. Mill Street (MD 86)CCARR-1030 -- Warner House (Former Store)
4131, rear Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1085 -- Old Schoolhouse
4224 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1070 -- Lineboro Fire Department Building
4304 Main StreetCStore
4217 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1037 -- Lineboro General Store
422? Main StreetCMill
Lineboro Road (MD 86) over Branch of Gunpowder FallsCCARR-1069 -- Bridge 6018, Concrete Bridge (SHA 060018)
5101 S. Church StreetCCARR-1086 -- Lazarus Union Church (Lazarus United Church of Christ)
4227 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1033 -- Lineboro Post Office
4125 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1047 -- Martin House
5227 N. Church Street CCARR-1054 -- Log House
4110 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1056 -- Phillips House
4114 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1057 -- Garland House
4120 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1060 -- Grogg House
4129 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1046 -- Geisler House
4201 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1044 -- Warner House
4207 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1042 -- Malone House
Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1073 -- Creamery Building
4226-4228 Main Street (MD 86)CCARR-1071 -- Kaltrider House, site
5235 S. Mill StreetCCARR-1081 -- Paul House
5233 S. Mill StreetCCARR-1082 -- Bancroft House
5227 S. Mill StreetCCARR-1084 -- Maurer House
4223 Main Street (MD 86)NCCARR-1035 -- Bull House
4213 Main Street (MD 86)NCCARR-1039 -- Morris Warner House
4132 Main Street (MD 86)NCCARR-1063 -- Wertz Garage
4200 Main Street (MD 86) CARR-1064 -- Earl Kopp Bungalow
4200 Main Street (MD 86) CARR-1065 -- Kopp's Lumber Company
4200 Main Street (MD 86) CARR-1066 -- Frame Bank Barn


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