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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Betty Bird, 11/1996
Pleasant Hill
Inventory No.: CH-78
Date Listed: 12/12/1997
Location: 9205 Marshall Corner Road, Pomfret, Charles County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1761; c. 1840
Description: Pleasant Hill is a 2 1/2-story, 3-bay Tidewater house constructed between 1761 and 1848. The house has four sections, a one-story east kitchen wing, a 2-story section, the 2 1/2-story main block, and a recently constructed west wing, connected by a hyphen. The original part of the house, constructed in 1761, consisted of the east kitchen wing and the first story of the 2-story section, both of Flemish bond brick construction. The east gable end of the kitchen has a flush chimney. The south facade of this brick portion holds a narrow 4/4 sash window in the kitchen. To the west are a door and a 6/6 sash window. The frame portion added above, holds a single 6/6 sash window on the north and south sides. A brick chimney rises through the north slope of the roof of this section, near the west end where it abuts the main block. The main block, constructed c. 1840, is of frame construction, three bays wide. The north facade has a central entrance flanked by 9/9 sash windows on the first floor and 6/6 sash windows on the second. The second floor door is in the west bay, opening onto the second floor of the two-story shed-roofed porch which covers this facade. This porch is supported by square posts and has balustrades on both levels. The south elevation is completely covered by a two-story glass-enclosed porch. The west gable end of the house holds two narrow windows in the attic gable, flanking an exterior chimney. In 1992 a wing was added to the west, connected to the house by a one-story hyphen. The wing and hyphen are of frame, although the first story of the wing has a brick veneer. The south roof slope of the wing is pierced by both a chimney in the west bay and a wide dormer in the east. A barn on the property was constructed c. 1900, but was moved to the site c. 1980. An early-20th century garage also stands on the property. Significance: Pleasant Hill well illustrates the characteristic pattern of evolution of vernacular domestic architecture in Charles County from small one- and two-room 18th century dwellings into the larger houses that survive today. The house, which retains its rural setting, displays features characteristic of late-18th and early-19th century architecture in Southern Maryland. The size and plan of the earliest portion of the building, the telescoped massing, the combination of brick and weatherboard, and the 19th century two-story north porch offer a catalogue of traditional Charles County building practice. Pleasant Hill is significant as an excellent illustration of the evolution of domestic architecture in Charles County, during this period.


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