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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Betty Bird, 04/1999
Market Center Historic District
Inventory No.: B-1262
Date Listed: 2/4/2000
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1820-1945
Boundary Description: Bounded by Baltimore St, Liberty St, Saratoga St, Park Ave, Howard Tunnel, Eutaw St, Franklin St, Paca St, Pierce St, Diamond, Pearl St, Fayette St, and Redwood Rd
Resources: 398 (115 contributing, 79 non-contributing)
Description: The Market Center Historic District is an approximately 24-block area in downtown Baltimore that includes buildings associated with the development of the area as Baltimore’s historic retail district. The area evolved from an early 19th century neighborhood of urban rowhouses to a premiere shopping district featuring large department stores, grand theaters, and major chain stores. The diverse size, style, scale, and types of structures with in the district reflect is residential origins and evolution as a downtown retail center. The brick rowhouses, which date from ca. 1820s through the late 19th century, late 19th century churches, and schools reveal the mix of residential and commercial use that characterized urban land use until the early 20th century. The district also includes a noteworthy collection of 19th century commercial buildings, including brownstones and structures with cast-iron fronts, that testify to the prosperity of Baltimore’s merchant class. The presence of larger structures like department stores and national chain stores on Howard and Lexington Streets emphasizes the historic prominence of these two streets and changing retail practice in the decades before World War I. The vitality of the area spawned additional enterprises, resulting in hotels and theaters as well as subsidiary buildings like clubs, banks, fire stations, a police station, and a bus station that supported activity in the area. The district also contains office buildings and warehouses as well and loft buildings associated with Baltimore’s wholesale clothing manufacturers. Intrusions in the district include mid-20th century high-rise garages and Lexington Market as well as faddish, late-20th century streetscape improvements like the Lexington Street pedestrian mall and overscale light fixtures on Lexington Street and Howard Street. A variety of architectural styles are present in the district, ranging from discreet Federal and Italianate ornament on rowhouses to sober Romanesque Revival and Classical Revival styles used in banks. Purpose-built commercial and retail structures adopted the more exuberant and eclectic versions of fashionable style resulting in grand statements of Italianate, Italian Renaissance Revival, Romanesque Revival, Art Deco, and Streamline Moderne. Hotels and theaters went over the top, producing baroque combinations of French and Italian Renaissance Revival styles. In keeping with continuous retail use of the area, many of the 1st and 2nd floor storefronts have been altered over the years. The street façades of numerous buildings were updated with stucco, metal, and tile cladding in the late 20th century. None of these changes affect the overall form and scale of the buildings. The district retains sufficient integrity to convey its architectural character and historic associations. Significance: The Market Center Historic District comprises Baltimore’s historic retail core. Spurred by the activity generated by Lexington Market in the early 19th century, the area evolved from a small-scale urban residential neighborhood into the city’s premiere, early-20th century shopping district. The increasing importance of the automobile and growth of the outlying shopping areas led tot he slow decline of the area’s retailing following World War II. The locally significant Market Center Historic District represents Baltimore’s retail growth and development from ca. 1820 to 1945. The rowhouses, small commercial buildings, churches, schools, hotels, department stores, and chain stores record the evolution of the city over a 100-year period. The District also is significant for the variety of architectural styles and building types represented, and for the work of locally important architects within the district boundaries. Baldwin and Pennington, Joseph E. Sperry, Robert Cary Long, Jr., and Charles E. Cassell all designed buildings in the district. While major late-20th century buildings intrude on the historic scale and architectural fabric of the district, many of these intrusions are associated with Lexington Market and the continuation of its historic use as a vital, urban market. Virtually all of the buildings presently in commercial use display 1st and 2nd floor storefront alterations typical of the retail evolution of urban buildings. These alterations do not impair the integrity of the individual buildings or the overall integrity of the historic district.

District Resources (398) (115 contributing, 79 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
512 W. Fayette Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street)CB-4515 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
410 Park AvenueC 
412 Park AvenueCB-2059 -- Park Sportsman's Bar and Restaurant
414 Park AvenueCB-2060 -- Paul the Tailor
106 W. Saratoga StreetCB-2152 -- Marconi's Restaurant (Maison Marconi)
316 N. Paca Street (MD 295)CB-2259 -- Art-Craft Interior Decorator
405 N. Paca StreetCB-2254 -- A. Hoffman Awning Company
101-103 W. Saratoga StreetC 
117-123 W. Saratoga StreetC 
416 W. Baltimore StreetCB-1269 -- (Map Only)
409-411-413 W. Saratoga StreetC 
310 N. Eutaw StreetC 
405-411 Park AvenueCB-2069 -- Hassard-Curley Houses
313 N. Howard StreetCB-2100 -- Constant Spring
300 N. Paca Street (MD 295) & 500 W. Saratoga Street (now 512 W. Saratoga Street)CB-2261 -- Old Seventh Baptist Church (St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, St. Jude Shrine)
100 block N. Howard Street (west side)C 
300 block Park Avenue (west side)C 
300 block N. Paca Street (west side)C 
426 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2342 -- Peoples National Bank (Samuelson's Boston Loans)
307 W. Baltimore StreetC 
322 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2348 -- Brink Alberti & Co. Building (Park Royal Sportswear)
227-229 W. Lexington StreetCMcCrory's
110 W. Saratoga StreetC 
221 W. Franklin StreetC 
223-225 W. Franklin StreetC 
327-329 W. Lexington StreetC 
103 W. Lexington StreetC 
315-319 W. Lexington StreetCB-2313 -- Bernheimer Brothers Original Building (Princess Shops)
121 N. Greene StreetCB-2303 -- Rosello Building (H. C. Walterhoeffer Co.)
10-12 N. Howard StreetCB-2343 -- Business Block (Meyer and Thalheimer Building)
200 W. Fayette Street (100-102 Park Drive)CB-2318 -- Barenburg Building (Border State Savings Bank)
219-237 Park AvenueCB-1412 -- Redemptorist Row
406 Park AvenueCB-2056 -- China Doll Restaurant
318-320 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2347 -- ASA Building (Lombardy Knitwear)
409 N. Howard StreetCB-2047 -- Straw hat factory
108 W. Lexington StreetC 
306 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2266 -- Massey's Furniture
109 N. Howard StreetCB-4336 -- Chicken George
422-424 N. Howard StreetCB-2255 -- Hecht Brothers (Wieland's Furniture)
320 N. Eutaw StreetC 
308 W. Fayette StreetCBernheimer Building
20 N. Eutaw Street & 401 W. Fayette StreetCB-2336 -- Maryland National Bank (Eutaw Savings Bank, Baltimore Grand)
14 N. Eutaw Street & 401 W. Fayette StreetCB-2337 -- Western National Bank (First National Bank of Maryland, Baltimore Grand)
Howard Street and Fayette StreetCformer Howard Bank
236-240 N. Howard StreetCB-2277 -- Provident Savings Bank
100-104 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2309 -- Drovers and Mechanics National Bank
Howard Street and Saratoga StreetCformer Calvert Bank
323-325 N. Paca Street (MD 295)CB-2268 -- Engine Co. #1 Fire House (Stars Palace)
220-224 W. Saratoga StreetCB-2140 -- Engine Company Number 23 Fire House (Engine Co. No. 23 Fire House)
N. Howard Street and Centre StreetCOld City College Building
520 W. Fayette StreetCB-2302 -- Male Grammar School #1 (Poe School, Primary School #1)
12 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2338 -- Hippodrome Theater
311-317 W. Fayette StreetCB-2352 -- Town Theatre (Empire Theatre, Palace Theatre)
508 N. Howard StreetCB-2249 -- Mayfair Theater , ruin (Howard Auditorium, Baltimore Natatorium, Polis Auditorium and Turkish Baths, The Auditorium)
113-115 N. Howard StreetCB-4337 -- Howard Theater
200-208 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2354 -- Baltimore Bargain House (Civic Plaza Building. Butler Brothers Building)
Franklin Street and Paca StreetCJ. Henry Miller Building
209-211 W. Fayette StreetCB-2356 -- Marco Building (Townsend, Grace & Co., Building)
2-8 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2339 -- Eutaw Building
SW corner of Howard Street and Fayette StreetC 
215-221 W. Lexington StreetCB-2319 -- Schulte-United Building
119-123 W. Lexington Street & 116-120 N. Liberty StreetCB-2321 -- S. S. Kresge Store #20 (Drug Fair)
118 N. Howard StreetCB-3673 -- Hecht Company (May Company Store, Bernheimer-Leader Department Store)
220-228 N. Howard StreetCHutzler's Tower Building
200 block W. Lexington Street (north side)C 
unit block N. Howard Street (east side)C 
406-420 and 520-524 W. Lexington Street (now 520 W. Lexington Street and 200 N. Eutaw Street)CB-2275 -- Lexington Market
Eutaw Street and Lexington StreetCOne Market Center
Eutaw Street and Saratoga StreetCMTA Operations Center
415 Park AvenueCMaryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
121-123 W. Saratoga StreetC 
108 W. Saratoga StreetC 
326 Park AvenueC 
612 W. Lexington StreetC 
17 N. Eutaw StreetC 
400 block W. Baltimore StreetC 
411 W. Baltimore StreetCB-1266 -- (Map Only)
202 W. Fayette StreetC 
205 W. Fayette StreetC 
327 N. Eutaw StreetCB-4424 -- Darnel's Vintage Clothing
200 block W. Saratoga StreetC 
200 W. Saratoga StreetCB-2132 -- Progress Federal Savings and Loan Assoc.
SE corner of Franklin Street and Eutaw StreetCCharles Fish & Sons
419-421 N. Howard StreetCB-2052 -- U.S. Air Force Recruiting (Restaurant: Pickfords?, Tops Personnel Service, Inc.)
412 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2340 -- Blair & Co. Building, site (Morton Schenk and Company)
308 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2265 -- Massey's Furniture (Kruse's Hotel)
304-306 Park AvenueCB-2109 -- Park Pantry
111 W. Saratoga StreetCB-4377 -- Toner Parsons Opticians
114 N. Greene StreetCB-1262-1 -- House
118 N. Greene StreetCB-1262-2 -- House
419 W. Baltimore StreetCB-1272 -- Harry Guss, Inc.
423 W. Baltimore StreetC 
429-433 N. Eutaw StreetCB-2258 -- Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (Charles Fish and Sons, Inc.; The Fish Building)
210-218 N. Howard StreetCB-2279 -- Hutzler Brothers Palace Building (Hutzler's South Building)
118-120 N. Paca Street (MD 295)CB-2294 -- Bruce Packaging Company and Gordon Cartons (Sanitary Laundry Company)
500 W. Fayette Street & 100 N. Paca StreetCB-2296 -- Baltimore General Dispensary
121 N. Howard StreetCB-2320 -- Knipp, George & Brother
407 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2360 -- L. Frank and Sons Building
530 N. Howard StreetCB-2488 -- Baltimore City College (Thomas A. Edison Boys Vocational School No. 293; Baltimore City College (Old); Western High School)
409 W. Baltimore StreetCB-2359 -- N. Hess and Brother Building (Calvert Dry Goods)
196 N. Paca StreetCB-3695 -- Paca Street Firehouse
114 W. Lexington StreetCB-3699 -- Federal Reserve Building (Baltimore Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)
100-102 N. Greene StreetCB-4091 -- Swiss Steam Laundry Building
20 Park Avenue & 201-203 W. Fayette StreetCB-4099 -- Brewer's Exchange (Mercantile Savings Bank)
201 N. Howard Street & 226-232 W. Lexington StreetCB-2290 -- Stewart's Department Store (Posner Building, Stewart and Co.)
306-312 W. Franklin StreetCB-2250 -- Congress Hotel (Hotel Kernan)
512-516 W. Fayette Street & 102-106 Diamond Street (Now 518 W. Fayette Street)CB-2297 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
514 W. Fayette Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street)CB-2298 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
516 W. Fayette Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street)CB-2299 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
114-120 W. Saratoga StreetCB-22 -- St. Alphonsus Church R.C. Church
125-127 W. Saratoga StreetCB-128 -- St. Alphonsus Church Hall
125 W. Saratoga StreetCB-4381 -- St. Alphonsus Halle School
21 N. Eutaw Street & Fayette StreetCB-94 -- Eutaw Savings Bank; Baltimore Equitable Society
415 W. Saratoga StreetCB-1038 -- Krug Iron Works
307-309 W. Baltimore StreetCB-1081 -- Faust Brothers Building (Pearre Brothers Building, The Trading Post)
104 N. Greene StreetNCB-3575 -- Alfred H. Reip House
221 N. Howard StreetNCB-4339 -- Gold Rush
232 Liberty StreetNC 
118 W. Mulberry Street (NW corner of Mulberry Street and Park Avenue)NC 
SE corner of Mulberry Street and Paca StreetNC 
116 Paca StreetNC 
225 Paca StreetNC 
411 Paca StreetNC 
415 Paca StreetNC 
415 Park AvenueNC 
214 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-2138 -- House of Canham Coiffeurs (Hollywood Nails; Timbouctou Hair Braiding)
229-231 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-4392 -- Arrow Parking
218 W. Baltimore StreetNCB-2355 -- Arcade, site (Amusement Parlor)
223 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-3605 -- Arthur's Bakery
315-319 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-2272 -- Blaney's Theatre (Demolished) (Hutzler's Annex, Colonial Theatre, St. Mark's English Lutheran Church, Third Presbyterian Church)
206 W. Franklin StreetNCB-1968 -- Central Liquors, site
320-322 W. Lexington StreetNCB-2281 -- Hochschild Kohn Annex, site (Murphy Building)
313-319 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-2284 -- Hochschild Kohn Annex, site (Brager of Baltimore Department Store)
200-208 N. Howard StreetNCB-2280 -- Hochschild Kohn, site
18 N. Howard StreetNCB-4318 -- Baltimore Studio of Hair Design
111 N. Greene StreetNCB-3588 -- Castle Food Products Building
101-103 N. Howard StreetNCB-4334 -- Hupfeldt Optical
19 N. Howard StreetNCB-4326 -- International Watch & Jewelry
301 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-2270 -- Lexington Market Metro (Operations Control Center)
203-205 N. Eutaw Street (now 201 N. Eutaw Street)NCB-2283 -- McDonald's
25 N. Howard StreetNCB-4328 -- McDonald's
204 W. Franklin StreetNCB-1967 -- Landing One Hour Dry Cleaning, site
15 N. Howard StreetNCB-4325 -- New Deal Opticians
400-404 Park AvenueNCB-2055 -- Parking Garage
210 W. Franklin StreetNCB-1970 -- Roy Miller's Bruning Paint Center, site
212 W. Franklin StreetNCB-1971 -- Roy Miller's Paint Center, site
328-330 W. Lexington StreetNCB-2282 -- S. & N. Katz, site
210-218 W. Baltimore StreetNCB-4419 -- Arrow Parking Garage
315 W. Baltimore StreetNCB-4421 -- Avis Rent-A-Car/Parking
405 W. Baltimore StreetNCB-4422 -- Stylistics Hair Salon
Corner of Eutaw Street & Fayette StreetNC 
115-117 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-2316 -- Old European Delicatessen
200 block Eutaw StreetNC 
222 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-2274 -- Farbers
NE corner of Eutaw Street & Saratoga StreetNC 
SE corner of Eutaw Street & Saratoga StreetNC 
312 Eutaw StreetNC 
316-320 N. Eutaw StreetNCB-2264 -- Gomprecht and Benesch Building (Maran Printing Services)
328 Eutaw StreetNC 
401 Eutaw StreetNC 
210 Fayette StreetNC 
226 Fayette StreetNC 
401 Fayette StreetNC 
213-215 W. Franklin StreetNCB-2063 -- Lutheran Service Center/Aetna Finance
304 Franklin StreetNC 
309-311 W. Franklin StreetNCB-4408 -- Quille-Crown Parking
108 N. Greene StreetNCB-3577 -- Augustus J. Albert House (Demolished)
100 block east side (no number) Greene StreetNC 
130 N. Greene StreetNCMarket Center Post Office Station
11-13 N. Howard StreetNCB-4324 -- Kids N' Play Children's Wear
Corner of Howard Street and Fayette StreetNC 
312-318 N. Howard StreetNC 
329-331 N. Howard StreetNCB-2107 -- Loyola Federal Savings and Loan Assoc.
330-336 Howard StreetNCB-4351 -- Sizes Unlimited
401-405 N. Howard StreetNCB-2045 -- Liberty Federal Savings and Loan Association
418-420 N. Howard StreetNCB-4358 -- Augusta Federal Savings Bank
105-107 Lexington StreetNC 
109-111 Lexington StreetNC 
116 Lexington StreetNC 
204-206 Lexington StreetNC 
224 Lexington StreetNC 
Lexington Street between Howard Street and Eutaw StreetNC 
611-613 Lexington StreetNC 
14 Liberty StreetNC 
100 block Liberty Street at Marion StreetNC 
208 Liberty StreetNC 
208 W. Franklin StreetNC 
106 N. Greene StreetNCB-3576 -- Stephen Grove House (Demolished)
317-319 N. Howard StreetNCB-2102 -- Revco
214 W. Franklin StreetNCB-1972 -- Keuffel and Esser Company, site
427 W. Lexington Street (Now 130 N. Eutaw Street)NCB-2307 -- The Purity Building
307-309 N. Eutaw Street (now 301 N. Eutaw Street)NCB-2271 -- U.S. Credit Life (Demolished) (Hutzler Bros. Co. Appliances)
223 N. Howard StreetNCB-4340 -- Times Square Men's Fashions (Moving Pictures)
225-227 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-4391 -- Zimmerman Shoes/Spencer Beauty
203 W. Saratoga Street B-4383 -- Top Dog Custom Jewelry
416 N. Howard Street B-4357 -- Tops Temporary Personnel
404 W. Saratoga Street B-4398 -- Ultimate Designs Hair Studio
313-317 Tyson Street B-2121 -- Warehouse (Substation)
111-117 Park Avenue B-2322 -- Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railroad Terminal (Equitable Trust Bank, Health Care for the Homeless)
418 W. Fayette Street B-2308 -- Westminister Hotel (Charles A. Gambrill Residence)
425 N. Howard Street B-2054 -- White Coffee Pot, Jr. (Drugstore)
320 Park Avenue B-2116 -- White Rice Inn
219 N. Howard Street B-4338 -- Wig Center/Baker's Beauty Salon
2 N. Howard Street B-2345 -- Young, Kimmel and Diggs Building
502 W. Fayette Street B-3591 -- Thomas Eddy Building
328-330 W. Baltimore Street B-2350 -- Knobe's Piano Works, site
21-23 N. Howard Street B-4327 -- Kruger's Restaurant
410 N. Howard Street B-4355 -- Rite Aid Pharmacy
112 W. Lexington Street B-2292 -- Ritz Camera Store
415 N. Howard Street B-2050 -- Robinson Brothers Modern Furniture
225 W. Mulberry Street B-2128 -- Rogers Art Supplies
227 W. Mulberry Street B-2129 -- Rogers Art Supplies
209 W. Saratoga Street B-4386 -- Rose Shanis Loans/Bal Masque Costumes
319 W. Franklin Street B-4412 -- Stew/Arts Trader of Fine Furniture
404-406 N. Howard Street B-2257 -- Strand Theater (The Boutique Elegance/Uniform City)
326 N. Howard Street B-4349 -- Sumi's Discount Housewares
410 W. Saratoga Street B-4400 -- Tate Temporary Personnel
211 W. Franklin Street B-2062 -- The Carswell Institute for Stammerers, Office (Maynadier)
119 N. Eutaw Street B-2315 -- The Dutch Grille
421 W. Saratoga Street B-4403 -- The French Connection
213 W. Mulberry Street B-2124 -- The Mercury Trading Co., site (Bakery)
216 W. Franklin Street  
222 W. Franklin Street  
224 W. Franklin Street  
411 N. Howard Street  
108 W. Mulberry Street  
110 W. Mulberry Street  
112 W. Mulberry Street  
322 Park Avenue  
324 Park Avenue  
328-332 Park Avenue  
221 W. Mulberry Street  
404 N. Paca Street  
416-428 W. Mulberry Street  
324 N. Eutaw Street  
309-315 N. Paca Street (MD 295)  
329 N. Eutaw Place  
509-511 W. Lexington Street  
20-22 N. Howard Street and 301-303 W. Fayette Street  
9 N. Howard Street  
306-310 N. Howard Street  
310 W. Saratoga Street (front) & 311 W. Mulbery Street (rear) (now 307 W. Mulberry Street)  
406-408 W. Saratoga Street  
423-425-427 W. Saratoga Street  
419 N. Eutaw Street  
423 N. Eutaw Street  
425-427 N. Eutaw Street  
15 N. Eutaw Street  
2-6 N. Howard & 302 W. Baltimore Street B-1263 -- (Map Only)
327 W. Baltimore Street B-1265 -- (Map Only)
413 W. Baltimore Street B-1267 -- (Map Only)
415 W. Baltimore Street B-1268 -- (Map Only)
417 W. Baltimore Street B-1270 -- (Map Only)
420 W. Baltimore Street B-1273 -- (Map Only)
421 W. Baltimore Street B-1274 -- (Map Only)
422 W. Balitmore Street B-1275 -- (Map Only)
424 W. Baltimore Street B-1277 -- (Map Only)
425 W. Baltimore Street B-1278 -- (Map Only)
410 W. Fayette Street B-4512 -- (Map Only)
510 W. Fayette Street B-4513 -- (Map Only)
208 W. Pleasant Street B-2130 -- 208 W. Pleasant Street, site
210 W. Pleasant Street B-2131 -- 210 W. Pleasant Street, site
323 N. Howard Street B-2104 -- A&A Wireless
300 W. Franklin Street B-4406 -- Academy Hotel (Stanley House)
316 Park Avenue B-2114 -- Emporium (Ice Cream/Kuomingtang of China, Baltimore Branch)
106 N. Paca Street (now 118 N. Paca Street) B-3695 -- Engine House No. 1 (Truck House #2, Paca Street Firehouse)
207 W. Saratoga Street B-4385 -- Etta's Beauty Salon/Dr. Allen Eisner
320 N. Howard Street B-4347 -- Fashion City
119 W. Mulberry Street B-2149 -- Ferdinand Roten Galleries (Mane Attraction)
123 W. Mulberry Street B-2150 -- Ferdinand Roten Galleries (My Sister's Place)
209 W. Mulberry Street B-2122 -- Food Manufacturing, site (Hack House)
504 W. Fayette Street B-3592 -- Francis Guerand House
115 W. Saratoga Street B-4379 -- Frederick Realty Inc.
304 W. Baltimore Street B-2346 -- French's Inc.
409-419 Tyson Street B-2061 -- Fur Warehouse
211 W. Mulberry Street B-2123 -- Gemini
117-121 N. Howard Street B-2320 -- George Knipp & Brother Building (McCrory's Buildings)
110 N. Green Street (now 104 N. Green Street)  
501-509 N. Howard Street  
519 N. Howard Street  
531-535 N. Howard Street  
7 N. Howard Street B-4322 -- Samson's Jewelry/Patti's Barber Shop
205 W. Saratoga Street B-4384 -- Saratoga Beauty Supply & Hosiery
412 N. Howard Street B-2256 -- Schellhase's Restaurant
400 W. Saratoga Street B-4396 -- Select Union Service/Immigration Consultation
220-228 W. Baltimore Street (1 N. Howard Street) B-4420 -- Siegel, Rothschild & Co. Umbrella Factory
423 N. Howard Street B-2053 -- Sinbad Traders Boutique
227 N. Howard Street B-4342 -- Sound of Baltimore (Golden Brothers)
229 N. Howard Street B-4343 -- Sound of Baltimore (Maty Hair Braiding)
5 N. Howard Street B-4321 -- Peccadillo's Pizzeria
537 N. Howard Street B-1964 -- Pizza Palazzo, site
315 W. Franklin Street B-4410 -- Place Cocktails & Package Goods
407 N. Howard Street B-2046 -- Plumber/tin shop
301-303 N. Howard Street B-2099 -- Pollack-Blums (Crook-Horner & Co. Plumber's & Mill Supplies, Mfrs.; Mattress factory)
114-116 N. Howard Street B-2311 -- Polock Johnnies/Mel Hayes Ladies Fashions
212 W. Saratoga Street B-2137 -- Reliable Weaving (Hany's Hardware)
515-517 N. Howard Street B-1956 -- Remington Electric Shaver and Commercial Finance, site
217-219 W. Franklin Street B-2064 -- Restaurant (Sid's News Agency)
8 N. Howard Street B-2344 -- New Howard Hotel
204-218 Park Avenue B-2289 -- New Theatre (New Theater)
325-329 W. Lexington Street B-2317 -- Old Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (Van Brunt & Adams, Meat Merchant)
319 Park Avenue B-2143 -- Park Avenue Hairdressers (Baltimore Asian Center Development LLC)
318 Park Avenue B-2115 -- Park Avenue Liquors
327 Park Avenue B-2146 -- Park Bar Lounge
110 N. Eutaw Street B-2310 -- Larkin's Seafood House (William Jones House)
314 Park Avenue B-2113 -- Laundercenter
312 N. Paca Street (MD 295) B-2260 -- Leisure-Time USA
219 W. Mulberry Street B-2125 -- Mee Jun Low Chop Suey
521 N. Howard Street B-1958 -- Megan-Baldwin Music Company, site
319 W. Mulberry Street B-4428 -- Miller Appliance
514B N. Howard Street B-4360 -- Mr. T&S (Academy Hotel, Stanley Hotel)
201 W. Saratoga Street B-4382 -- Music Liberated
100-102 N. Howard Street B-2312 -- National Howard Bank (Keg of Ale Restaurant)
218-220 W. Franklin Street B-1974 -- M. Goldseeker Company, site
116 W. Mulberry Street B-2076 -- MacAllen Building
525 N. Howard Street B-1960 -- Manpower Temporary Services, site
208 W. Saratoga Street B-2135 -- Man's World (Saratoga Hair Braiding)
204-210 W. Clay Street B-2288 -- Markland Building, site (Geo. Essel Mann & Co. Picture Frames & Mouldings; H. Meiser & Son/A.H. Grape & Co.)
214 W. Mulberry Street B-2067 -- Martick's Restaurant Francais (Speakeasy, Pool Hall)
305 W. Franklin Street B-4407 -- Maryland Square Restaurant
315 N. Howard Street B-2101 -- Massey's Shoes (U.A. Pollack's Mattress Manufactory)
523 N. Howard Street B-1959 -- Mayfair Two, site (Little Theatre)
308 Park Avenue B-2110 -- J. Allan Furs
327 N. Howard Street B-2106 -- J.J. West
317 W. Franklin Street B-4411 -- J.V.C. Hi-Hi
307 W. Howard Street B-4352 -- Jean City
308 W. Saratoga Street B-4393 -- Jean City
108 N. Howard Street B-4331 -- Jeans Fair
317 Park Avenue B-2142 -- Jode Costume Shop (Rutledge Costume Co.)
112 N. Greene Street B-3578 -- John Lambden House (Demolished)
216-218 W. Saratoga Street B-2139 -- Johnson Brothers (Erlanger Underwear Manufacturing Company; 14Karat Cabaret, Maryland Art Place, Inc.)
414 W. Baltimore Street B-2341 -- Joshua Robinson and Co. Building, site (Morton Schenk and Company)
105-107 N. Howard Street B-4335 -- Just Casual Clothing & One Hour Martinizing
413 N. Howard Street B-2049 -- K&A Clothing
325 N. Howard Street B-2105 -- Kent Fisher Furs
309 W. Saratoga Street (311 W. Saratoga Street) B-2285 -- Hutzler's Saratoga Street Building (Department of Human resources)
322-324 N. Howard Street B-4348 -- Hyde Building (Coward Shoe)
401-403 W. Baltimore Street B-2361 -- Centrabank-Citizens Branch (Central Savings Bank, German Savings Bank)
215 W. Saratoga Street B-4389 -- Baltimore Travel Center
16 N. Howard Street B-4317 -- Berman's Diamonds
302-306 W. Fayette Street B-2314 -- Bernheimer Brothers Annex (Hecht Co. Annex, May Company Annex)
114 W. Mulberry Street B-2075 -- Betz & Strouse, Inc.
104 N. Howard Street B-4329 -- Black Image Sportswear
205 W. Centre Street B-1965 -- Hochschild, Kohn and Company Service Building
312 Park Avenue B-2112 -- Hong Kong Fashion Co.
211 W. Saratoga Street B-4387 -- Hosiery World
511 W. Lexington Street B-2306 -- Hot Dog Stand, Lexington St.
112 N. Howard Street B-4333 -- Howard Street Jewelers
311-313 W. Baltimore Street B-2363 -- Howard Uniform Company
402 N. Howard Street B-4354 -- Charm City Brokers
3 N. Howard Street B-4320 -- Chic Apparel
323 Park Avenue B-2145 -- Chinese Merchants Association (Chinatown Café)
204 N. Greene Street B-3988 -- Club Indigo
400 N. Howard Street B-4353 -- Country Style Fried Chicken
117 Diamond Street B-3586 -- Daniel Robinson House (George Hildebrand House)
119 Diamond Street B-3587 -- Daniel Robinson House (Lewis Linker House)
210 W. Saratoga Street B-2136 -- David Komins Company (Saratoga Hair Braiding)
206 W. Saratoga Street B-2134 -- Den Olu Wa African Shop (Kristos Carry Out)
225 N. Howard Street B-4341 -- Dimensions II Lady's Fashions
328 N. Howard Street B-4350 -- Discount City
402 W. Saratoga Street B-4397 -- Dr. I. Sandler, Optometrist
231 N. Howard Street B-4344 -- Duke Brothers Shoes (King of Lexington Jewelry)
321 N. Howard Street B-2103 -- Earl of Sandwich
106 N. Howard Street B-4330 -- Elegance
511-513 N. Howard Street B-1955 -- Employers Overload, site
321 W. Baltimore Street & 318 W. Redwood Street B-4295 -- Good Humor Café, site
113 W. Saratoga Street B-4378 -- Grandma's Candle Shop
200-230 W. Centre Street & 601 N. Howard Street B-1953 -- Greyhound Bus Station, Terminal and Service Building
529 N. Howard Street B-1962 -- Greyhound Hotel and Downtown Sounds, site
414 N. Howard Street B-4356 -- H&R Block Income Tax
122 N. Paca Street (MD 295) B-2293 -- Haendler Chocolates & Candies (Handlers Ice Cream; Henry Reip House)
300-304 N. Howard Street B-2269 -- Hahn Shoes & Africenters Artistic Hair Designs
310 Park Avenue B-2111 -- Hardware
213 W. Saratoga Street B-4388 -- Harry's Goldmine
223 W. Saratoga Street B-4390 -- Hassan Gentleman Touch Salon
105-107-109 W. Saratoga Street B-4376 -- HCH Clinic/Dr. J. Breshkin/Vacant
302 Park Avenue B-2108 -- Herbs and Things (Cigar factory)
506-514 N. Howard Street (aka 500-504) B-4359 -- Bottoms Up (Academy Hotel, Stanley Hotel)
110 N. Howard Street B-4332 -- Boykins Fashions
200-202 W. Franklin Street B-1966 -- Budget Office Furniture, site (United Catholic Charities)
417 N. Howard Street B-2051 -- C.H. Lears Fine Furniture
233-235 N. Howard Street B-2286 -- Calvert Bank (Maryland National Bank)
313 W. Franklin Street B-4409 -- Candi's Sensuous Illusions
204 W. Saratoga Street B-2133 -- Carmen's Bridal Shoppee/Audiophone Co. (Beauty of a Woman; Hot Mama)
321 Park Avenue B-2144 -- Arts and Crafts Supply Company
521-523 W. Lexington Street B-2304 -- B&L Market (Doctor's Office)
401-407 W. Saratoga Street B-4401 -- Bag Mart
408 Park Avenue B-2057 -- Bakery
213-221 W. Fayette Street B-2357 -- Baltimore Bargain House (Airways Rent-a-Car/Parking Garage)
324-326 W. Baltimore Street B-2349 -- Baltimore Hanger Co.
527 N. Howard Street B-1961 -- Ali Baba Boutique, site
100 W. Lexington Street B-2291 -- American National Building and Loan Building (Park Bank Building; Offices of Con. Gas, Electric, Light & Power Co.; Liberty Building)
223 W. Mulberry Street B-2127 -- American Trimming House
217-221 W. Saratoga Street B-2287 -- Arcade des Arts
418 W. Baltimore Street B-1271 -- (Map Only)
102 Diamond Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street) B-2300 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
104 Diamond Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street) B-2301 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse
106 Diamond Street (now 518 W. Fayette Street) B-4507 -- John Eager Howard Townhouse


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