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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Edith B. Wallace, 10/1999
Funkstown Historic District
Inventory No.: WA-I-529
Date Listed: 9/8/2000
Location: Funkstown, Washington County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1767-1950
Boundary Description: West Side Ave. to Stouffer Ave. Poplar to Green St.
Resources: 290 (135 contributing, 113 non-contributing)
Description: The Funkstown Historic District is located in a horseshoe bend of the Antietam Creek in Washington County, Maryland. The National Road forms Funkstown's main street (Baltimore Street) and shaped in a significant way the appearance of the town. Funkstown's early and most extensive development was along this route, including the town's oldest known dwelling, the Jacob Funk House, built by the founder in 1769. Other properties are of sided log, stone, or brick construction of mixed residential and commercial use, dating from the late 18th century through the mid 20th century. The streets are laid out in a grid pattern terminating at the creek at the north, south, and west sides. Industrial sites including a grist mill, powder mill, paper mill, and a woolen mill were located along the creek. None of these industries has survived but their sites are known and they may yield archeological data. Architecturally, the district exhibits examples of colonial Germanic, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, and Italianate styles, along with later developments such as Queen Anne, Foursquares, Bungalows, and 'Cape Cods.' the district includes 217 contributing buildings, 1 contributing structure, and 3 contributing sites. There are 182 non-contributing buildings, mostly infill development less than 50 years old. The majority of these later buildings are located along the secondary streets. Significance: The Funkstown Historic District reflects a unique set of events or conditions that created the community's patterns of development. The power source provided by the Antietam Creek led to a variety of industries which were established early at this location. The textile industry was prominent among these causing Funkstown to be one of the early centers of the manufacture of Brussels carpet in America. The old wagon road, the main route from Baltimore to the west had a tremendous impact on the town. As it eventually became part of the National Pike in the 1820s, the town experienced rapid growth along the route (Baltimore Street) with hotel and tavern business predominating. Civil War history also impacted Funkstown. The July, 1863 Battle of Funkstown was an important delaying tactic by the Confederates. The resulting casualties were cared for by the citizens of Funkstown. The town's citizens were very divided in their sentiments, pro-South and pro-North. Funkstown's particular history is reflected in its architecture and other historic resources, giving it historic significance in the areas of transportation, military, and industrial development, and for its architectural character, representing adaptations of several important styles and types.

District Resources (290) (135 contributing, 113 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
2-4 West Side AvenueCWA-I-615 -- Greek-Revival Brick House (Mill Employees Housing)
6 West Side AvenueCWA-I-616 -- Dunker Church (Italianate Brick House)
4 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-668 -- Skilling Log or Frame House
10 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-666 -- Troxhill Log House
12 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-667 -- Tritsch Log House
13 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-673 -- Frame Bungalow House
19-21 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-672 -- Frame Double House
23 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-671 -- Victorian Gothic Frame House
2 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-674 -- Frame Queen Anne-style House
8 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-675 -- Brick House w/ Colonial Revival Porch
18 W. Poplar StreetCWA-I-670 -- Frame House
18 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-676 -- Frame House
38 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-678 -- Kemp Brick Greek Revival House
100 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-679 -- Frame House w/ German Siding & Cutwork Balustrade
10 W. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-663 -- American Foursquare Frame House
20 E. Poplar StreetCWA-I-677 -- Possible Log House
37-39 W. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-665 -- Frame Double House
8 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-653 -- Frame House w/ German Siding on Front
10-12 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-654 -- Frame House
14 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-655 -- Frame House
16 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-656 -- Foursquare/Queen Anne Frame House
20 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-647 -- Erick Frame House w/ Brick Veneer & Aluminum Siding
100 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-646 -- Troxell Frame (Possibly Log) House
111 E. Chestnut StreetC 
222 E. Chestnut StreetCWA-I-686 -- Paris Frame House (The Doll Shop)
2-6 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-649 -- Frame Triplex House
16 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-650 -- Carley Brick House
17 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-651 -- American Foursquare Brick & Frame House w/Segmental Arches
101 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-652 -- American Foursquare Frame House w/ German Siding
102 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-657 -- M.E. Church (Brick House)
106 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-658 -- Foursquare Frame House w/ German Siding
109 E. Chestnut StreetC 
108 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-659 -- Stuccoed Frame Colonial Revival Bungalow House
111 N. High StreetCWA-I-680 -- Troxell Log House
201 N. High StreetCWA-I-681 -- Stuccoed Frame Double House
24 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-626 -- Shanaberger Log House
26-28 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-625 -- Stuccoed Frame American Foursquare Duplex House
30 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-624 -- Frame Italianate House, probably formerly Commercial
32 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-623 -- Dellinger Stone House (American Antiques Store)
34 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-622 -- Garver Brick House w/Frame Extension
36 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-621 -- McCoy Brick House with Greek-Revival & Italianate Influence
8 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-630 -- Glenn's Tavern (Spanish Colonial Revival Concrete Block)
10-12 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-629 -- Bender Brick Duplex House
14-16 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-628 -- Snyder Brick House
44 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-618 -- Hughes Log House w/ Bevel-topped Siding
46 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-617 -- Fiery Brick Italianate House
2 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-632 -- Williams Brick House
6 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-633 -- Queen Anne-style Brick House
28 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-637 -- Frame High Victorian Gothic House
30 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-638 -- Funkstown Town Hall (Romanesque-Revival Brick Church)
E. Baltimore Street & High StreetCWA-I-639 -- Keller House (Solomon J. Keller Brick House)
100 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-640 -- Crawford Log House (Hudson House Antiques)
102 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-641 -- Stuccoed American Foursquare Frame House
104 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-642 -- Stuccoed American Foursquare Commercial/Residential
108 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-643 -- Commercial Moderne-style Building (Valley Supply & Equipment)
Frederick Road, Baltimore Street and Edgewood Drive (Chewsville Road)CWA-I-527 -- Funkstown World War I Doughboy Monument
206 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-644 -- Frame House
12-14 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-635 -- South Log House w/ Brick Veneer
20 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-636 -- Brick American Foursquare House w/ Queen Anne Influence
110 N. Antietam StreetCWA-I-660 -- American Foursquare Frame House w/ Bracketed Cornice
218 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-645 -- American Foursquare Brick House
7-9 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-548 -- Fiery Brick American Foursquare House
11 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-549 -- Grosh Brick House
15-17 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-550 -- Grosh Log and Stone House
23 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-551 -- Funkstown Tavern (Bowman Cabinet Shop, Log w/ German Siding)
25 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-552 -- Knode Log House w/ Cutwork Trim
27 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-553 -- Knode Log House w/ Cast Iron Porch
29 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-554 -- Angela Kirkham Davis House (Schindel Brick House)
37 W. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-556 -- Garver Log House
1 E. Baltimore Street.CWA-I-546 -- Hamilton Log House
5 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-545 -- Hamilton Stone, Brick, and Frame House
7-9 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-544 -- Williams Stone House
11-13 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-543 -- Italianate Brick House (William Store)
15 E. Baltimore Street.CWA-I-542 -- Schieldtknecht Log House
21 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-541 -- Cranberry Cottage (Frame Commercial Building, German Siding)
25 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-540 -- Log House
27 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-539 -- Brick House w/ Jigsaw
29-31 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-538 -- Rumberger Frame House
33-35 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-537 -- Keller Brick House
41 E. Baltimore Street.CWA-I-536 -- Chaney House (Newcomer Brick House, Ruth's Antiques)
101 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-535 -- Shafer Log House
117 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-532 -- Concrete Block Commercial Building
217 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-682 -- Harman Log House w/ Bracketed Frieze
223 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-683 -- Williams Log House w/ German Siding
301 E. Baltimore StreetCWA-I-684 -- American Foursquare Brick House w/ Queen Anne Influence
14 West Side AvenueCWA-I-579 -- Frame House w/ Queen Anne Influence
16 West Side AvenueCWA-I-580 -- Log House
100 West Side AvenueCWA-I-581 -- Stouffer Log House w/ German Siding
101 West Side AvenueCWA-I-578 -- South Brick House
102 West Side AvenueCWA-I-582 -- Possible Log House
106 West Side AvenueCWA-I-583 -- Frame House w/ Flat-Roofed Porch
118 West Side AvenueCWA-I-584 -- Frame or Log House
120 West Side AvenueCWA-I-585 -- Gable-Fronted Frame House
122 West Side AvenueCWA-I-586 -- Brick House w/ Hip-Roofed Porch
200-202 West Side AvenueCWA-I-588 -- Shafer Log House
1 W. Maple StreetCWA-I-571 -- Riddle Log House
4 W. Maple StreetCWA-I-574 -- Stuccoed Frame Bungalow-style House
8 W. Maple StreetCWA-I-575 -- Frame "Shotgun" House
201 West Side AvenueCWA-I-589 -- Stuccoed Log House
49 W. Maple StreetCWA-I-577 -- Sager Log House
23 E. Maple StreetCWA-I-566 -- Hughes Log House w/ German siding
28 E. Maple StreetC 
39 E. Maple StreetCWA-I-563 -- Erick Log House
101 E. Maple StreetCWA-I-558 -- Frame American Foursquare House w/ German Siding
105 E. Maple StreetCWA-I-560 -- Frame American Foursquare House
24 W. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-592 -- Frame House
30 W. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-591 -- Furray Brick House
Green Street & Antietam StreetCWA-I-564 -- Funkstown Cemetery
6 E. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-608 -- Frame Bungalow-style House
14 E. Cemetery StreetC 
17 E. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-600 -- McCoy Italianate-Influenced House
22 E. Cemetery StreetC 
23 E. Cemetery StreetC 
24 E. Cemetery StreetC 
25 E. Cemetery StreetC 
26 E. Cemetery StreetC 
29 E. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-601 -- Frame House
35 E. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-602 -- Iseminger Frame or Log House w/ German Siding
103 E. Cemetery StreetCWA-I-603 -- Frame House
107 E. Cemetery StreetC 
101 E. Cemetery StreetC 
21 W. Green StreetCWA-I-596 -- Brick House (possibly enlarged from Log House)
13 E. Green StreetCWA-I-609 -- Frame House w/ German Siding
112 E. Green StreetCWA-I-612 -- Frieze Log House, Partially Veneered w/ Brick
113 E. Green StreetCWA-I-611 -- Frame House
6 S. Antietam StreetCWA-I-631 -- Stuccoed House
106 S. Antietam StreetCWA-I-594 -- Gower Frame House w/ German Siding
201 S. High StreetCWA-I-610 -- Valentine House
4 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-530 -- Brick Dwelling House
6 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-531 -- Frame American Foursquare House
12 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-606 -- Frame House
22 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-605 -- Gaunt Brick House
36 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-689 -- 20th Century Stone Commercial Building
37 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-690 -- Frame Bungalow-style House
40 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)CWA-I-688 -- 20th Century Stone House
16 Frederick RoadNC 
20 Frederick RoadNC 
202 S. High StreetNC 
End of S. High Street, fronting on Antietam CreekNC 
Corner of E. Green Street and Frederick RoadNC 
105 S. Antietam StreetNC 
205 S. Antietam StreetNC 
300 S. Antietam StreetNC 
304 S. Antietam StreetNC 
305[?] S. Antietam StreetNC 
100 (132 on map) S. High StreetNC 
112 (122 on map) S. High StreetNC 
122 (112 on map) S. High StreetNC 
14 E. Green StreetNC 
16 E. Green StreetNC 
17 E. Green StreetNC 
18 E. Green StreetNC 
19 E. Green StreetNC 
21 E. Green StreetNC 
22 E. Green StreetNC 
23 E. Green StreetNC 
24 E. Green StreetNC 
100 E. Green StreetNCWA-I-613 -- Frame House
101 E. Green StreetNC 
102 E. Green StreetNC 
111 E. Green StreetNC 
22 W. Green StreetNC 
23 W. Green StreetNC 
5 E. Green StreetNC 
10 E. Green StreetNC 
11 E. Green StreetNC 
12 E. Green StreetNC 
102 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
18 E. Maple StreetNC 
19 W. Green StreetNC 
109 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
1 W. Green StreetNC 
105A E. Cemetery StreetNC 
105 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
106 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
28 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
20 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
7 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
1 E. Cemetery StreetNC 
34 W. Cemetery StreetNC 
298 E. Maple StreetNC 
2 W. Cemetery StreetNC 
14 W. Cemetery StreetNC 
30 E. Maple StreetNC 
24 E. Maple StreetNC 
212 West Side AvenueNCWA-I-598 -- Frame Cape Cod-style House
221 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
47 W. Maple StreetNC 
16 W. Maple StreetNC 
17 W. Maple StreetNC 
19 W. Maple StreetNC 
21 W. Maple StreetNC 
30 W. Maple StreetNC 
33 W. Maple StreetNC 
208 West Side AvenueNC 
205 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
209 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
215 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
20 E. Baltimore StreetNCSt. Paul's Lutheran Church
26 E. Baltimore Street.NC 
212 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
202 N. High StreetNC 
205 N. High StreetNC 
300 N. High StreetNC 
302 N. High StreetNC 
304 N. High StreetNC 
109 N. Antietam StreetNC 
110 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
107 N. Antietam StreetNC 
204 N. Antietam StreetNC 
207 N. Antietam StreetNC 
211 N. Antietam StreetNC 
302 N. Antietam StreetNC 
77 N. High StreetNC 
107 N. High StreetNC 
108 N. High StreetNC 
109 N. High StreetNC 
200 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
201 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
218 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
219 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
104 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
31 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
31 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
3 E. Chestnut StreetNC 
22 E. Poplar Street.NC 
36 E. Poplar Street.NC 
11 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
12 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
14 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
20 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
22 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
28 W. Chestnut StreetNC 
102-104 E. Poplar StreetNC 
103 E. Poplar Street.NC 
105 E. Poplar Street.NC 
19 E. Poplar Street.NC 
north side of W. Poplar StreetNCTrailer Park
south side of W. Poplar StreetNCTrailer Park
9 E. Poplar StreetNC 
14 E. Poplar StreetNC 
15 E. Poplar Street.NC 
N. West Side AveNCAmerican Legion Building
Corner of NW Side Avenue and W. Chestnut St.NC 
4 Wye Oak DriveNC 
10 Wye Oak DriveNC 
19 Wye Oak DriveNC 
21 Wye Oak DriveNC 
2 W. Poplar StreetC/NCWA-I-661 -- Skilling Log House Converted to a Bungalow
14 W. Poplar StreetC/NCWA-I-669 -- Victorian Gothic Frame House
30 W. Chestnut StreetC/NCWA-I-664 -- Furray Brick Double House
21 E. Chestnut StreetC/NCWA-I-648 -- American Foursquare Brick House (Old Lutheran Parson)
220 E. Chestnut StreetC/NCWA-I-685 -- Frame Bungalow-style House
38 W. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-620 -- Friend Brick House w/ Greek-Revival & Italianate Influence
40 W. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-619 -- Fiery Greek-Revival Log House
8-10 E. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-634 -- South Italianate Brick House
18-20 W. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-627 -- Skilling Log House
1-5 W. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-547 -- Funkstown General Store (Log Commercial/Residential Structure)
111 N. Antietam StreetC/NCWA-I-662 -- Flora Frame Italianate House
35 W. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-555 -- Jacob Funk Stone House (South's Hotel, Baker House)
201 E. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-528 -- Erick House (Brick-cased Log House)
S. West Side AvenueC/NCFunkstown Volunteer Fire Co
107 E. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-534 -- H. Dusang House (Brick House w/ Colonial Revival Porch)
109 E. Baltimore StreetC/NCWA-I-533 -- Frame Shed-Roofed House
11 W. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-573 -- Stouffer Log House w/ Brick Veneer & Italianate Porch
119 West Side AvenueC/NCWA-I-587 -- Iseminger Brick House
35-37-39 W. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-576 -- Frame Triplex w/ German Siding
25 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-565 -- Hannah Stone, Log, & Frame House
1 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-569 -- McCoy Log House w/ German Siding
13 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-568 -- Frame Bungalow or Cape Cod-style House
15 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-567 -- Frame Bungalow-style House
16 W. Cemetery StreetC/NCWA-I-593 -- Frame American Foursquare House (Log Church & School, site)
109 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-561 -- Bowman Log House
103 E. Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-559 -- Frame American Foursquare House
36 W. Cemetery StreetC/NCWA-I-590 -- Furray Log House
8 E. Cemetery StreetC/NCWA-I-607 -- Frame House
15 E. Cemetery StreetC/NCWA-I-599 -- Fisher Log House
37 E. Cemetery StreetC/NC 
39 E. Cemetery StreetC/NC 
7 W. Green StreetC/NCWA-I-595 -- Cape Cod-style House, possibly reconstructed Log House
102 W. Green StreetC/NCWA-I-597 -- Bowman Log House w/ German siding
20 E. Green StreetC/NC 
15 S. Antietam StreetC/NCWA-I-570 -- Clark Frame House
16 S. Antietam StreetC/NCWA-I-572 -- Stuccoed Frame Bungalow-style House
117 E. Green StreetC/NC 
129 S. High StreetC/NCWA-I-614 -- Frame House
6 S. High StreetC/NCWA-I-557 -- Edmar Manor B & B (Dr. Butler Stone & Log House)
12-14 S. High StreetC/NCWA-I-562 -- Frame Duplex House w/ Gamrel Roof
Frederick Road (Alt. US 40) & Maple StreetC/NCWA-I-687 -- Iseminger Log House w/ German Siding
23 Frederick Road (Alt. US 40)C/NCWA-I-604 -- American Foursquare Frame House w/ German Siding


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