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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Donna Ware, 01/2001
Mt. Tabor Good Samaritan Lodge #59
Inventory No.: AA-775
Date Listed: 7/20/2001
Location: Saint Stephens Church Road , Chesterfield, Anne Arundel County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1899
Architect/Builder: Builder: Lawrence Hawkins, Sr.
Description: Mt. Tabor Good Samaritan Lodge #59 lies in the small rural community of Chesterfield in central Anne Arundel County. Constructed in 1899, the small, two-story wood frame building has a rectangular plan and a gable front. Resting on brick piers, the building has a gable roof covered with asphalt shingles, and the walls are covered with wood weatherboard siding. A brick, interior stove chimney is located at the center of the east elevation. A small one-story gable roof addition was made in 2000. The lodge is a simple utilitarian structure with little architectural ornamentation. It has a gable front orientation, facing south. A slight nod to architectural embellishment and symmetry is expressed on this elevation. The entrance to the one-room plan structure is located in the center of the south elevation. Plain poured-concrete steps rise to a wood six-paneled door. The door surrounds are plain boards except for the door head, which is decorated with a pediment-shaped flat board. Small 4/4 wood sash windows flank the entrance. A 6/6 sash window is located above the door at the second story. The east and west elevations have four 6/6 sash windows each, two per floor. All of the windows appear to be original, yet they must have been reused sashes because some of the windows consist of two upper sashes. The rear addition has an entrance on the east elevation, which is covered by an extension of the roof. Exterior walls of the addition are covered with modern beaded wood siding. Significance: The Mt. Tabor Good Samaritan Lodge #59 is significant for its association with the African American beneficial or benevolent society movement. Originally formed in the early 1890s as the United Sons and Daughters of Levi Beneficial Society, No. 1 of Mount Tabor, the Society reorganized in 1923 as the Independent Order of Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria of Mount Tabor, No. 59. The Lodge is one of only two Good Samaritan Lodges still in operation in Maryland. The Lodge also derives significance as representing a distinctive and rare building form in Maryland. It is one of six surviving African American benevolent society structures in the state. The structure faces south toward the Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church, built in 1893, an arrangement symbolizing the more private nature of business for the lodge in comparison to the open and welcoming position of the church, which fully faces the road.


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