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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Julie Darsie, 04/2001
Lauraville Historic District
Inventory No.: B-4301
Date Listed: 12/28/2001
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1870-1941
Boundary Description: Roughly bounded by Harford Rd., Herring Run Creek, Cold Spring Lane, Charlton Ave., Halcyon Ave., Grindon Rd., Catalpha Rd. and Echodale Ave.
Resources: 108 (14 contributing, 77 non-contributing)
Description: The Lauraville Historic District is a cohesive residential suburb defined by hilly topography, contoured street patterns, and early 20th century free-standing frame and masonry houses. The district is comprised of a variety of early 20th century suburban architectural forms. Foursquare houses and bungalows predominate, but there are examples of late 19th century residences which may predate the subdivision, suburban villas of the 1900s and 1910s, Queen Anne houses of the 1910s, brick rowhouses from the 1890s to 1930s, and scattered examples of revival styles from the 1920s and 30s. The historic district also includes commercial buildings along Harford Road, two churches, one school, and one cemetery. With few exceptions, the residential section of Lauraville appears little changed and possesses a high degree of integrity. Demolition and major alterations appear to have been largely confined to the present commercial strip along Harford Road. Significance: The Lauraville Historic District is an excellent example of an early 20th century Baltimore suburb. The district is comprised of an unusually cohesive cluster of residential developments tied together by its hilly topography and angled irregular street patterns. Composed primarily of frame and shingle foursquares and bungalows, Lauraville also includes late 19th century residences, brick commercial buildings, churches, a school, and a cemetery. Its period of significance extends from the late 19th century through 1941, when development was halted by World War II. The Lauraville Historic District is significant for its association with the suburban development of Baltimore, encompassing the full range of features that embody the suburban ideal. In architectural style, street patterns, and landscape treatment, the neighborhood provides a powerful contrast to older, urban sections of Baltimore. With the exception of various types of siding applied to houses and demolition of unsympathetic new construction along the Harford Road commercial edge, the Lauraville Historic District exhibits a high degree of integrity. Its boundaries reflect long-time neighborhood perception, the pattern of frame housing stock, and the development of the area before 1941.

District Resources (108) (14 contributing, 77 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
2400-2909 Ailsa AvenueC 
Corner of Alisa Avenue and Morello RoadCB-5053 -- Garrett Heights Elementary School No. 212
2502-2520 Albion AvenueC 
2800-2831 Forest View AvenueC 
2603-2608 Latona RoadC 
2900-2923 Markley AvenueC 
4700-5018 Morello RoadC 
2700-2923 Overland AvenueC 
2802-2812 Parkview TerraceC 
4704-4716 Pilgrim RoadC 
2704-2915 Rueckert AvenueC 
2704-2921 Shirey AvenueC 
2300-2910 Southern AvenueC 
5200-5226 Tramore RoadC 
2703 Ailsa AvenueNC 
2705 Ailsa AvenueNC 
4904 Catalpha RoadNC 
5217 Catalpha RoadNC 
2301 Cold Spring LaneNC 
2407 Cold Spring LaneNC 
2926 Cold Spring LaneNC 
2737 College AvenueNC 
2805 Echodale AvenueNC 
4612 Elsrode AvenueNC 
2829 Forest View AvenueNC 
2831 Forest View AvenueNC 
2900 Goodwood RoadNC 
2903-2905 Grindon RoadNC 
5012 Grindon RoadNC 
2501 Halcyon AvenueNC 
4523 Hampnett AvenueNC 
4610 Hampnett AvenueNC 
5201 Hampnett AvenueNC 
4500 Harford RoadNC 
4522 Harford RoadNC 
4604 Harford RoadNC 
4620 Harford RoadNC 
4700 Harford Road (MD 147) (4704 Harford Road)NC 
4700 Harford Road (MD 147) (4703 Hampnett Avenue)NC 
4700 Harford Road (MD 147) (4709 Hampnett Avenue)NC 
4700 Harford Road (MD 147) (4700 & 4702 Harford Road)NCB-4297 -- Harford Gardens Convalescent Home
4708 Harford RoadNC 
4712 Harford RoadNC 
4810 Harford RoadNC 
4912 Harford RoadNC 
4920 Harford RoadNC 
5000 Harford RoadNC 
5230 Harford RoadNC 
5246 Harford RoadNC 
2507 Hermosa AvenueNC 
2510 Hermosa AvenueNC 
2720 Latona RoadNC 
4310 Mainfield AvenueNC 
4313 Mainfield AvenueNC 
4404 Mainfield AvenueNC 
4601 Mainfield AvenueNC 
2904 Markley AvenueNC 
2906 Markley AvenueNC 
2925 Montebello TerraceNC 
4919 Morello RoadNC 
4921 Morello RoadNC 
4923 Morello RoadNC 
5016 Morello RoadNC 
2925 Overland AvenueNC 
2813 Rueckert AvenueNC 
2704 Shirey AvenueNC 
2705 Shirey AvenueNC 
2706 Shirey AvenueNC 
2707 Shirey AvenueNC 
2708 Shirey AvenueNC 
2709 Shirey AvenueNC 
2710 Shirey AvenueNC 
2711 Shirey AvenueNC 
2712 Shirey AvenueNC 
2713 Shirey AvenueNC 
2715 Shirey AvenueNC 
2800 Shirey AvenueNC 
2801 Shirey AvenueNC 
2802 Shirey AvenueNC 
2803 Shirey AvenueNC 
2804 Shirey AvenueNC 
2907 Strathmore AvenueNC 
2913 Strathmore AvenueNC 
4508 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4509 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4511 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4516 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4519 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4521 Weitzel AvenueNC 
4522 Weitzel AvenueNC 
2718 Woodsdale AvenueNC 
450-453 Weitzel AvenueC/NC 
2700-2718 Woodsdale AvenueC/NC 
2500-2915 Strathmore AvenueC/NC 
2701-2921 Montebello TerraceC/NC 
2505-2812 List AvenueC/NC 
4300-4618 Mainfield AvenueC/NC 
2600-2905 Goodwood RoadC/NC 
2700-2922, 4506-5016 Grindon Road (excepting 4900-4906, 5004-5006)C/NC 
2400-2909 Halcyon AvenueC/NC 
4500-5207 Hampnett AvenueC/NC 
4200-5226 Harford Road (even numbers only)C/NC 
2500-2921 Hermosa AvenueC/NC 
4700-5220 Catalpha RoadC/NC 
4705-4717 Charlton AvenueC/NC 
2211-2926 Cold Spring LaneC/NC 
2805-2913 Echodale Avenue (odd numbers only)C/NC 
4200-5303 Elsrode AvenueC/NC 


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