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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Jennifer K. Cosham, 04/20/2006
Warfield Complex, Hubner, and T Buildings
Inventory No.: CARR-1643
Date Listed: 11/2/2000
Location: Springfield Hospital Center, Sykesville, Carroll County
Category: District
Description: The Warfield Complex, Hubner and T Buildings comprise the historic core of the women's facility at Springfield State Hospital, a public mental institution in Sykesville, Carroll County, Maryland. Developed over the period 1898-1939, the complex comprises 16 contributing resources unified by a consistently high level of architectural elaboration in the Georgian and Colonial Revival style, located within an elevated campus-like setting. The resource retains a high level of integrity. Significance: The Warfield Complex, Hubner and T Buildings are significant for their association with the development of mental health treatment. The complex reflects the transition toward treating mental illness as a medical condition in a hospital facility rather than as a social condition in an almshouse or jail, and also reflects the extension of compassionate mental health care to the previously-neglected population of female indigents. The complex derives additional significance as an intact example of the late 19th century "colony" plan for mental institutions, and for its outstanding architectural character. The richly-detailed Colonial Revival buildings represent the highest caliber of design and construction, reflecting the perceived importance of the institution.


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