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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Ronald L. Andrews, 09/1975
Stone House
Inventory No.: AL-II-A-006
Other Name(s): Stone Tavern
Date Listed: 12/22/1976
Location: W. Wilson Road & MD 144 , Pleasant Valley, Allegany County
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1819
Related Multiple Property Record: Inns on the National Road
Description: The Stone House or Tavern is on the north side of an abandoned section of U.S. Route 40, about two miles west of Flintstone. The present Route 40 runs to the north. What remains here is the shell of an early-19th century stone structure of 2 1/2 stories with a gable roof. The principal (south) facade has four bays with two central doors. The building is two wide bays deep, with interior brick chimneys. All of the windows and doors as well as most of the interior are missing. Significance: The Stone House or Tavern on abandoned Route 40 at West Wilson Road, west of the Flintstone Hotel, is now only four stone walls. It was supposedly built c. 1819 as a tavern for Jonas Street. As stone structures are uncommon (though not rare) in Allegany County, the very deteriorated condition of this one is a loss to the architecture of the county. There were once dozens of inns and taverns along the National Road and the Baltimore Pike. Today, with the greatly lessened travel along these roads, few of these remain. The Stone House or Tavern is one of eleven Maryland Inns on the National Road that have been listed on the National Register. These eleven buildings in Allegany and Garrett Counties, many of them still serving their original function, stand as the physical remains of the almost legendary hospitality offered on this well-traveled route to the west.


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