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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Carrie Alblec, Brian Cleven, RCGA, 04/2002
Baltimore East/South Clifton Park Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5077
Date Listed: 12/27/2002
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1850-c. 1955
Resources: 158 (89 contributing, 60 non-contributing)
Description: The Baltimore East/South Clifton Park Historic District is primarily an urban residential area organized in a gridiron pattern that comprises approximately 110 whole and partial blocks that formed the historic northeast corner of the City of Baltimore prior to 1888. The area is served by a hierarchy of primary and secondary streets that were extensions of platted streets of Fells Point. The north-south and east-west streets are the largest streets through the area, while narrower north-south streets divide large blocks and serve as service alleys. The development of the area resulted in the construction of high-density, but low-scale two and three-story rowhouses between 1870 and 1930. Rowhouses are the dominant building type in this urban area. The buildings are oriented towards the streets with facades lining the public concrete sidewalks. The rows of dwellings present unified streetscapes. The rhythmic repetition of steps and stoops for the dwellings also contributes to the overall cohesiveness of the district. Street furniture is limited to street lights and bus shelters. Only North Broadway has been landscaped as a boulevard. While rowhouses dominate the urban area, the historic district also contains other property types which contribute to its character. North Gay Street serves as a major transportation corridor that bisects the district. Historically, Gay Street was the site of six breweries, which were established between 1853 and 1867. The American Brewery complex survives to document the lively brewery industry of the area. The five-story ornamental brew house dominates views throughout the district. The district also features community support structures, including churches, schools, and a fire station. Municipal facilities are represented by the Eastern High Service Pumping Station. A few commercial buildings are found within the area, primarily integrated into blocks of rowhouses as corner stores. Industrial buildings are concentrated along North Gay Street and along two sets of railroad lines that traverse the northern and southern edges of the historic district. The original uses for the industrial buildings reflect localized aspects of Baltimore's industrial base during the first half of the 20th century. The historic industrial uses include brewing, meat packing, cigar manufacturing, printing, and a tobacco warehouse. The Baltimore Cemetery completes the historic district. The design of the urban cemetery reflects the gridiron pattern of the city's development. Significance: The Baltimore East/South Clifton Park Historic District comprises two neighborhoods: Baltimore East and South Clifton Park. Baltimore East was the northeast corner of the city when East North Avenue defined the city's northern boundary between 1816 and 1888. Platted as part of the 1823 Poppleton Plan, the neighborhood developed as a residential area according to that community plan with only minor alterations. In 1888, land annexation incorporated acreage to the north and west of the former boundary line into the city's boundaries. The South Clifton Park neighborhood represents a small section of that annexation. The history of how these two areas evolved into urban residential neighborhoods documents the story of Baltimore's urbanization between 1850 and c. 1955. The Baltimore East/South Clifton Park Historic District typifies the broad patterns of the urban history of the City of Baltimore from c. 1850 through the mid 20th century. During this time period, the area's development followed a progression from rural estates to industrial and recreational uses (1850-1869), to a working-class residential area (1870-c. 1955). The need for working-class housing units resulted from a substantial and rapid population increase in Baltimore as the city's industrial and commercial base expanded during the late 19th century. The large number of rowhouses constructed between 1870 and 1930 for working people in the area illustrate the entire range of rowhouse types identified for that period by Hayward and Belfoure (1999). The rowhouses in the historic district illustrate a clear chronological pattern spreading north and eastwards from the intersection of North Gay Street and North Broadway and filling the 1816 boundaries of the city at East North Avenue. The rowhouses built in South Clifton Park illustrate examples of daylighter rowhouses, which were constructed between 1915 and 1928. The churches, schools, commercial, and industrial buildings also illustrate styles and forms typical of their periods of construction.

District Resources (158) (89 contributing, 60 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1822-1824 N. BroadwayCRowhouse (Three-Story)
2033-2035 E. Biddle StreetCRowhouse (Three-Story)
1900 block of E. North AvenueCRowhouse (Three-Story)
1954 E. North Avenue (part of 1900 block of E. North Avenue)CRowhouse (Three-Story)
1200 block of N. BroadwayCRowhouse (Three-Story)
1225-1227 N. Broadway (part of 1200 block of N. Broadway)CRowhouse (Three-Story)
1726-1736 N. Chester StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Three-Bay, Flat Façade)
1700 block of N. Patterson Park AvenueCRowhouse (Two-Story, Three-Bay, Flat Façade)
1727 N. Patterson Park AvenueCRowhouse (Two-Story, Three-Bay, Flat Façade)
1743-1747 N. Castle StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Two-Over-Three Bay)
2400 block of E. Lafayette StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Three-Over-Two Bay)
1300 block of N. Patterson Park AvenueCRowhouse (Swell Front)
1305-1309 N. Patterson Park Avenue (part of 1300 block of N. Patterson Park Avenue)CRowhouse (Swell Front)
2300 block of E. Preston StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Two Bay)
2328 E. Preston Street (part of 2300 block of E. Preston Street)CRowhouse (Two-Story, Two Bay)
1714 N. Chapel StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Two Bay)
1700 block of E. Biddle StreetCRowhouse (Two-Story, Two Bay)
1713-1715 E. Biddle Street (part of 1700 block of E. Biddle Street)CRowhouse (Two-Story, Two Bay)
1948-1952 Pearlman PlaceCNeoclassical/Colonial Rowhouse
1301 N. Montford AvenueCRenaissance Revival Rowhouse
2000-2010 Cliftwood AvenueCDaylighter Rowhouse
Block 1504 on N. Milton AvenueCDaylighter Rowhouse
2001 N. Wolfe StreetCEnoch Pratt Free Library, Clifton Park Branch
2200 E. Oliver StreetCTriumph Baptist Church
1600 N. Rose StreetC(former) Church
1214 N. BroadwayCB-3975 -- Faith Presbyterian Church & Glendy Cemetery (Cathedral of the Living Word, SORC School)
1901 Federal StreetCSt. Paul Community Church
1230 N. Chester StreetCIsrael Baptist Church (formerly St. Andrew's Episcopal)
2130 E. Hoffman StreetCTrinity AME Church (St. Mark's Reformed)
2005(2001?) E. Chase StreetCB-5077-2 -- Christ Methodist Church (preferred) (Appold Methodist Episcopal Church (historic))
1900 E. North AvenueCFaith Evangelical Lutheran Church
1801 E. Preston StreetCB-5077-4 -- First John Tabernacle Baptist Church (formerly Bavarian Gymnastic Hall)
1806 N. Patterson Park AvenueCGreat St. John Full Gospel Baptist Church
1608-1610 N. Chester StreetCClifton Station United States Post Office
1673 N. Gay StreetCMonumental Life Insurance
1223 N. Montford AvenueCHook and Ladder Truck Company Number 15
1101 N. Gay StreetCB-3976 -- Clifton Savings Bank
2401 Sinclair Lane/1940 Belair RoadCAlbert F. Goetze, Inc. Meat Packing Plant
Portion between O'Donnell & Boston StreetsCB-5163 -- Union Railroad (NCRR, Pennsylvania Railroad, Canton Railroad, Northern Suffolk Railroad)
2101-2113 E. Biddle StreetCB-5282 -- A.E. Hoen & Company Lithographers
1103 N. Washington StreetCB-5077-6 -- Warehouse (preferred) (Becker Bros. of Baltimore, Gieske & Niemann, Baumgarten & Co. Warehouse (historic))
1225 N. Regester StreetCB-5077-5 -- Robert Brothers (Bros.) Fruit Packers
2012-2028 Federal StreetCGlobe Products Corporation
1756 N. Gay StreetCGeorge Rost Stable
1807-1841 E. Preston StreetCB-5077-3 -- Diamond Press Building (Wertmeier Brothers Cigar Manufactory, Kress Dairy)
2313 E. North AvenueCUnited Railways & Electric Company North Avenue Car Barn
1100 N. Wolfe StreetC 
2002 E. Biddle StreetC 
2004 E. Biddle StreetC 
2028 E. Biddle StreetC 
2035 E. Preston StreetC 
1807-1811 N. Gay StreetC 
2041-2051 Llewelyn AvenueC 
1701-1719 Crystal AvenueCB-4677 -- Alley Houses
1800-1840 N. Chapel StreetCB-4700 -- Alley Houses
1701-1725 N. Chapel StreetCB-4701 -- Alley Houses
1700-1724 N. Chapel StreetCB-4702 -- Alley Houses
1601-1623 N. Chapel StreetCB-4703 -- Alley Houses
1600-1624 N. Chapel StreetCB-4704 -- Alley Houses
1303-1329 N. Chapel StreetCB-4705 -- Alley Houses
1733-1743 N. Duncan StreetCB-4717 -- Alley Houses
1728-1738 N. Duncan StreetCB-4718 -- Alley Houses
1501-1519 N. Bradford StreetCB-4721 -- Alley Houses
1500-1520 N. Bradford StreetCB-4722 -- Alley Houses
1717 Henneman AvenueCB-5077-1 -- East End Auto Garage
2027-2031 Mura StreetC 
2034-2042 Mura StreetC 
2230 E. Chase StreetC 
1802-1822 Henneman StreetCB-4690 -- Alley Houses
1801-1825 Henneman StreetCB-4691 -- Alley Houses
1649 E. North AvenueCB-102 -- Bauernschmidt House
1829-1847 N. Durham StreetC 
1801-1823 N. Durham StreetCB-4681 -- Alley Houses
1800-1846 N. Durham StreetCB-4682 -- Alley Houses
1701-1723 N. Durham StreetCB-4683 -- Alley Houses
1700-1712 N. Durham StreetCB-4685 -- Alley Houses
1714-1726 N. Durham StreetCB-4684 -- Alley Houses
1601-1639 N. Durham StreetCB-4686 -- Alley Houses
1600-1638 N. Durham StreetCB-4687 -- Alley Houses
1501-1527 N. Durham StreetCB-4688 -- Alley Houses
1500-1526 N. Durham StreetCB-4689 -- Alley Houses
1801-1841 N. Chapel StreetCB-4699 -- Alley Houses
1701 N. Gay StreetCB-82 -- American Brewery (Weissner Brewery)
 CB-82-1 -- Building 10, Bottling Plant, American Brewery
2000 E. North AvenueCB-3932 -- Public School #99 (The Columbus School)
1125 N. Patterson Park AvenueCB-3931 -- Patrick Henry School (Public School #37, Primary School #37)
1701 E. North AvenueCB-4069 -- Gompers School (Eastern High School, Samuel Gompers General Vocational School #298)
Corner of E. Oliver Street and N. Wolfe StreetCBaltimore Water Works-Eastern High Service Pumping Station
1700-1768 Llewelyn Avenue C 
1900 Belair StreetNC 
1901 Belair StreetNC 
1917-1925 Belair StreetNC 
1968 Belair StreetNC 
1972-1974 Belair StreetNC 
1707 E. Biddle StreetNC 
2423-2429 E. Biddle StreetNCBibleway Missionary Baptist Church
1731 E. Chase StreetNCLuther Craven Mitchell Elementary School
2031 E. Chase StreetNC 
2122 E. Chase StreetNC 
2301 E. Chase StreetNC 
2333 E. Chase StreetNCDr. Rayner Browne Elementary School
1901-1909 E. Hoffman StreetNC 
1721 Llewelyn AvenueNC 
2030-2048 Llewelyn AvenueNC 
2031-2035 Llewelyn AvenueNC 
1819 E. North AvenueNC 
2100 E. North AvenueNC 
2334 E. North AvenueNC 
2351 E. North AvenueNC 
2401 E. North AvenueNC 
2432 E. North AvenueNC 
2434 E. North AvenueNC 
2438-2442 E. North AvenueNC 
1300-1330 N. Bradford StreetNC 
1621 N. Castle StreetNC 
1100-1120 N. Chester StreetNC 
1205 N. Chester StreetNCOutreach Center
1220-1222 N. Chester StreetNC 
1415 N. Chester StreetNC 
1501 N. Chester StreetNC 
1701 N. Chester StreetNC 
1911-1925 N. Chester StreetNC 
1001 N. Collington AvenueNC 
1200 N. Collington AvenueNC 
1409 N. Collington AvenueNCCollington Square Elementary School 97
1918 N. Collington AvenueNC 
1121 N. Gay StreetNC 
1410 N. Gay StreetNC 
1869 N. Gay StreetNC 
1871 N. Gay StreetNC 
1401-1415 N. Milton AvenueNC 
1725 N. Milton AvenueNC 
1845 N. Milton AvenueNC 
1600 N. Patterson Park AvenueNC 
1808 N. Patterson Park AvenueNC 
1834 N. Port StreetNC 
1835 N. Port StreetNC 
1420 N. Rose StreetNC 
1810 N. Rose StreetNC 
1600 N. Rutland AvenueNC 
1607 N. Washington StreetNC 
1629 N. Washington StreetNC 
2039 N. Washington StreetNC 
1101 N. Wolfe StreetNCElmer A. Henderson Elementary School 101
1311-1325 N. Wolfe StreetNC 
1719 E. Oliver StreetNCMt. Tabor Baptist Church
2037 Sinclair LaneNC 
2300 Sinclair LaneNCLoading Dock
2301 Sinclair LaneNC 
1901 N. Rose StreetC/NCBaltimore Cemetery
1701-1715 Llewelyn Avenue B-4679 -- Alley Houses
Broadway between North Avenue & Baltimore Street B-5138 -- Broadway Squares (Broadway Median)
1511 N. Gay Street B-1102 -- G. Bauernschmidt Brewing Company, site
2413-2415 E. North Avenue B-1282 -- Henry Berge Steam Marble & Granite Works, site
1316-1324 N. Chapel Street  
1101-1127 N. Bradford Street  B-4723 -- Alley Houses
1100-1112 N. Bradford Street  B-4724 -- Alley Houses
2142-2144 Federal Street B-3941 -- Schorr Grocery, site


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