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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Jennifer Goold, Betty Bird and Associates, 10/2001
Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District
Inventory No.: B-1337
Date Listed: 12/27/2002
Location: Roughly bounded by N. Patterson Park & Eastern Ave, E. Fayette & Grundy St, Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1867-1952
Architect/Builder: Wyatt & Nolting, John Zink, and E. Francis Baldwin
Resources: 177 (142 contributing, 34 non-contributing)
Description: The Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District is an approximately 120 block area in east Baltimore City. The district is generally bounded on the north by Pulaski Highway (U.S. Route 40), on the east by an industrial corridor, on the south by the Canton Historic District and Patterson Park, and on the west by the Butchers Hill Historic District. Predominantly comprised of unbroken streetscapes of modest rowhouses lining gridded streets, the Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District is characteristic of Baltimore's working class neighborhoods. In a manner characteristic of communities knit together by foot and streetcar transportation, churches, schools, corner stores, and scattered small-scale industrial buildings are interspersed among the rowhouses. A neighborhood commercial district is centered along Eastern Avenue, South Highland Avenue, and South Conkling Street, a branch library, a movie theater, and a Jewish cemetery complete the physical fabric of the historic district. While local architects like Wyatt & Nolting, John Zink, and E. Francis Baldwin are represented within the district, for the most part the district is characterized by commonplace buildings. Typically for rowhouse construction, stylistic details serve merely as applied decoration to vernacular rowhouse variations. The district retains elements such as painted screens, window displays, planters, and decorative seating areas characteristic of Baltimore's rowhouse-based residential folkways. While buildings have been altered, these changes have not affected the all-important massing, form, and rhythm of the streetscapes. Changes to commercial buildings are typical of the property type; alterations to dwellings, particularly the application of Formstone, embody the ideals of home ownership so important to Baltimore's rowhouse neighborhoods. Significance: The Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District is a remarkably large and cohesive rowhouse neighborhood in east Baltimore. It survives as a material representation of Baltimore's settlement patterns created by waves of European immigration. These newcomers, who established ethnically heterogeneous neighborhoods within this district, provided the labor essential for the growth of the city's industrial base. First settled in 1867, the Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District illustrates the role city annexation, industrial development, and home ownership played in shaping land use patterns in the city .Block after block of unbroken rows of modest brick rowhouses stand to represent their association with Baltimore's working class immigrant population. Churches, schools, corner stores, a neighborhood commercial district, movie theater, and library complete the fabric of a community knit together by streetcars and pedestrian traffic. The Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District is significant for its association with Baltimore's working class identity and the important role home ownership played in the city's housing patterns. The Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District is also significant as a surviving example of the unbroken streetscapes of modest rowhouses that once characterized middle class housing in Baltimore. An exceptionally cohesive district, Patterson Park/Highlandtown has lost less than 1% of its architectural fabric constructed before 1952. While many of the rowhouses have been altered over time, these alterations are inextricably linked to the persistence of home ownership that characterizes this neighborhood and the democratic ideals of urban rowhouse living. Changes such as the application of Formstone and the installation of first-floor picture windows testify to the owners' continuing commitment to their neighborhood.

District Resources (177) (142 contributing, 34 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1-157 (odd) N. Lakewood AvenueC 
3201-3519 (odd) Leverton AvenueC 
1-157 (odd) N. Linwood AvenueC 
1-147 (odd) S. Linwood AvenueC 
3201-3927 (odd) E. Lombard StreetC 
1-159 (odd) N. Luzerne AvenueC 
1-157 (odd) N. Milton AvenueC 
3-147 (odd) N. Montford AvenueC 
3401-3933 (odd) Mt. Pleasant AvenueC 
3201-3449 (odd) Noble StreetC 
15-153 (odd) N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
100-104 (even) 5 1/2 StreetC 
3600 E. Baltimore StreetCHebrew Friendship Cemetery
2638 E. Baltimore Street and 35 N. Lakewood AvenueCB-4500 -- St. Elizabeth of Hungary
2300-3600 (even) Baltimore StreetC 
3426 Bank StreetCAbbott Memorial Presbyterian Church
3726 E. Bank StreetCThe Lord Baltimore Truck Company (Ye Ol' Antique Barn)
3422-3642 (even) Bank StreetC 
320 Baylis StreetC 
100-138 (even) N. Belnord AvenueC 
10-14 S. Bouldin StreetCSt. Philip's Protestant Episcopal Church
10-426 (even) S. Bouldin StreetC 
2-16 N. Bradford StreetCB-4848 -- Alley Houses
18-98 (even) N. Bradford StreetC 
100-136 N. Bradford StreetCB-4846 -- Alley Houses
3400-3930 (even) Claremont StreetC 
2-126 (even) N. Clinton StreetC 
100-418 (even) S. Clinton StreetC 
2-224 (even) N. Conkling StreetC 
300 S. Conkling StreetCThe Highland Lodge No. 184 AF & AM
2-426 (even) S. Conkling StreetC 
2-164 (even) N. Curley StreetC 
2-140 (even) S. Curley StreetC 
100-410 (even) S. Dean StreetC 
2-164 (even) N. Decker AvenueC 
2-42 (even) S. Decker AvenueC 
2-156 (even) N. East AvenueC 
2-420 (even) S. East AvenueC 
3134 Eastern AvenueCThe Patterson Theater
3134-3928 (even) Eastern AvenueC 
100-420 (even) S. Eaton AvenueC 
2-228 (even) N. Ellwood AvenueC 
2-148 (even) S. Ellwood AvenueC 
3238-3636 (even) Esther PlaceC 
100-210 (even) Fagley StreetC 
2304-3536 (even) E. Fairmount AvenueC 
2922-3116 (even) E. Fayette StreetC 
3500-3638 (even) E. Fayette StreetC 
2-26 N. Glover StreetCB-4878 -- Alley Houses
28-98 (even) N. Glover StreetC 
100-138 N. Glover StreetCB-4876 -- Alley Houses
3402-3740 (even) Gough StreetC 
330 S. Grundy StreetCI.C. Issacs & Company
200-432 (even) S. Grundy StreetC 
200-228 (even) S. Haven StreetC 
2-122 (even) N. Highland AvenueC 
200 S. Highland StreetCHighland Methodist Episcopal Church (New Light Church)
2-430 (even) S. Highland AvenueC 
2-156 (even) N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2-156 (even) N. Lakewood AvenueC 
3208-3446 (even) Leverton AvenueC 
158 N. Linwood AvenueCThe Enoch Pratt Free Library Branch Number 13
2-158 (even) N. Linwood AvenueC 
3100-3738 (even) E. Lombard StreetC 
2-156 (even) N. Luzerne AvenueC 
2-156 (even) N. Milton AvenueC 
2-130 (even) N. Montford AvenueC 
3400-3924 (even) Mt. Pleasant AvenueC 
3204-3536 (even) Noble StreetC 
2-164 (even) N. Potomac StreetC 
2-138 (even) S. Potomac StreetC 
2-26 N. Port StreetCB-4863 -- Alley Houses
28-98 (even) N. Port StreetC 
100-138 N. Port StreetCB-4861 -- Alley Houses
3300 E. Pratt StreetCSt. Paul's English Evangelical Lutheran Church
2900-3930 (even) E. Pratt StreetC 
3600-3638 (even) Roberts PlaceC 
2-444 (even) S. Robinon StreetC 
100-138 (even) Rochester PlaceC 
2-26 N. Rose StreetCB-4871 -- Alley Houses
28-138 (even) N. Rose StreetC 
2-148 (even) N. Streeper StreetC 
3035 E. Baltimore StreetCBethel Evangelical Reformed Church (Iglesia la Resurrection)
3127 E. Baltimore StreetCEmanuel English Evangelical Lutheran Church
2901-3529 (odd) Baltimore StreetC 
3215 E. Baltimore StreetC 
3701 Bank StreetCB-1107 -- Schluderberg Packinghouse
3401-3925 (odd) Bank StreetC 
301-317 (odd) Baylis StreetC 
1-139 (odd) N. Belnord StreetC 
3709-3901 (odd) Benefit StreetC 
101-419 (odd) S. Bouldin StreetC 
1-25 N. Bradford StreetCB-4847 -- Alley Houses
27-99 (odd) N. Bradford StreetC 
101-137 N. Bradford StreetCB-4845 -- Alley Houses
3701-3725 (odd) Centre PlaceC 
3401-3723 (odd) Claremont StreetC 
1-131 (odd) N. Clinton StreetC 
131 N. Clinton StreetCJ. Lutz Garage (Auggie's Car Care Center)
101-419 (odd) S. Clinton StreetC 
201-231 S. Conkling StreetCOur Lady of Pompeii Roman Catholic Church
1-429 (odd) S. Conkling StreetC 
1-165 (odd) N. Curley StreetC 
1-141 (odd) S. Curley StreetC 
35-409 (odd) S. Dean StreetC 
1-165 (odd) N. Decker AvenueC 
1-43 (odd) S. Decker AvenueC 
1-165 (odd) N. Potomac StreetC 
1-139 (odd) S. Potomac StreetC 
1-27 N. Port StreetCB-4862 -- Alley Houses
29-99 (odd) N. Port StreetC 
101-139 N. Port StreetCB-4860 -- Alley Houses
3201-3931 (odd) E. Pratt StreetC 
2901 Pulaski HighwayCEpiscopal Church of the Resurrection (Gospel Faith Baptist Church)
3601-3641 (odd) Pulaski HighwayC 
3601-3639 (odd) Roberts PlaceC 
1-445 (odd) S. Robinson StreetC 
1-139 (odd) Rochester PlaceC 
1-27 N. Rose StreetCB-4870 -- Alley Houses
29-137 (odd) N. Rose StreetC 
1-165 (odd) N. Streeper StreetC 
1-123 (odd) N. East AvenueC 
1-429 (odd) S. East AvenueC 
231 S. Eaton StreetCB-1397 -- Highland Elementary School
101-417 (odd) S. Eaton StreetC 
1-209 (odd) N. Ellwood AvenueC 
101 S. Ellwood StreetCHighlandtown Middle School
1-441 (odd) S. Ellwood AvenueC 
3201-3531 (odd) Esther PlaceC 
201-211 (odd) Fagley StreetC 
2303-3537 (odd) E. Fairmount AvenueC 
2313-3637 (odd) E. Fayette StreetC 
1-27 N. Glover StreetCB-4877 -- Alley Houses
29-99 (odd) N. Glover StreetC 
101-139 N. Glover StreetCB-4875 -- Alley Houses
3403 Gough StreetCDeutche Evangelical Salem Kirche (Salem United Methodist Church)
3401-3925 (odd) Gough StreetC 
201-231 (odd) S. Grundy StreetC 
1-151 (odd) N. Highland AvenueC 
4-1 S. Highland StreetCNazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church
1-421 (odd) S. Highland AvenueC 
1-157 (odd) N. Kenwood AvenueC 
3310-3312 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
3701-3703 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
3705 E. Baltimore StreetNC 
3700-3706 Bank StreetNC 
3728-3738 Bank StreetNC 
3705 Bank StreetNC 
200-206 S. Bouldin StreetNC 
Corner Dean & Chestle PlaceNC 
123 N. Clinton StreetNC 
249-257 S. Clinton StreetNC 
321-325 S. Conkling StreetNC 
412-425 S. East AvenueNC 
3612-3616 Eastern AvenueNC 
3728-3730 Eastern AvenueNC 
3732-3736 Eastern AvenueNC 
3810-3812 Eastern AvenueNC 
3914 Eastern AvenueNC 
101-111 S. Eaton StreetNC 
303 S. Eaton StreetNC 
2805 E. Fayette StreetNC 
2401-2407 E. Fayette StreetNC 
2601 -2609 E. Fayette StreetNC 
3333 E. Fayette StreetNC 
3725-3727 Gough StreetNC 
310 S. Grundy StreetNC 
3513-3515 E. Lombard StreetNC 
3601 E. Lombard StreetNC 
3619 E. Lombard StreetNC 
3923 E. Lombard StreetNC 
3204-3224 Noble StreetNC 
3211-3217 Noble StreetNC 
3423 Noble StreetNC 
3449 Noble StreetNC 
3211 E. Pratt StreetNC 
201 N. Kenwood Avenue  


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