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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Susan G. Pearl, 01/2003
North Brentwood Historic District
Inventory No.: PG:68-61
Date Listed: 11/21/2003
Location: North Brentwood, Prince Georges County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1891-1950
Resources: 167 (126 contributing, 39 non-contributing)
Description: North Brentwood, the earliest incorporated African American community in Prince George's County, is a small residential neighborhood located between the City of Hyattsville on the north and the Town of Brentwood on the south. Its easternmost boundary is the CSX (B&O) Railroad, and although it straddles Rhode Island Avenue (US 1), most of the town is located on the northwest side of that road. The town of North Brentwood is bounded on the south and west by the Town of Brentwood, while its northern boundary is defined by the Northwest Branch. The community comprises 128 buildings reflecting its development over the period 1891-1950. All of the early dwellings built in North Brentwood were of wood frame construction, and the earliest buildings represented all of the modest house forms that were popular at the time, including the ubiquitous I-house, and several varieties of urban-vernacular dwellings well suited for the deep, narrow lots. The 1920s brought a new variety of house forms, with bungalows, multi-family houses, and larger Foursquares. Small cottages built of brick were introduced in the period immediately following World War II. Significance: North Brentwood is of particular significance in the African-American history of Prince George's County. The community was planned specifically for black families by Captain Wallace A. Bartlett, a veteran commander of the U. S. Colored Troops. Beginning at the end of the 19th century, the town was settled by black families seeking, through home ownership, some control over their lives in a segregated society. In spite of significant drawbacks (e.g., the potential for severe flooding from the Northwest Branch, and the fact that only the less valuable/desirable lots were sold to African Americans), these early owners developed their own political and social institutions, and created a successful community. North Brentwood is the first African-American community to have been incorporated in Prince George's County. The surviving historic buildings illustrate the forms and styles of buildings typically constructed in working-class suburban communities of the period, and many have been preserved through methods that clearly reflect the efforts and hardships of a working-class minority community.

District Resources (167) (126 contributing, 39 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
4503 39th PlaceC 
4507 39th PlaceC 
4514 39th PlaceC 
4515 39th PlaceC 
4516 39th PlaceC 
4518 39th PlaceC 
4524 39th PlaceC 
4525 39th PlaceC 
4526 39th PlaceC 
4528 39th PlaceC 
4412 40th StreetC 
4501 40th StreetC 
4503 40th StreetC 
4505 40th StreetC 
4508 40th StreetC 
4509 40th StreetC 
4510 40th StreetCPG:68-61-19 -- Garland-Palmer House (James Jasper House)
4511 40th StreetC 
4512 40th StreetCPG:68-61-20 -- Sandy P. Baker House (Jasper-Baker House)
4514 40th StreetC 
4516 40th StreetC 
4518 40th StreetC 
4526 40th StreetC 
4528 40th StreetCPG:68-61-2 -- Robert Orr House
4520 39th PlaceC 
4522 39th PlaceC 
4606 40th StreetC 
4501 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-8 -- Edith Mason House
4502 41st AvenueC 
4504 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-7 -- A.A. Randall House
4506 41st AvenueC 
4530 41st AvenueC 
4533 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-17 -- Owings House No. 2
4534 41st AvenueC 
4535 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-5 -- Owings House
4536 41st AvenueC 
4537 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-18 -- Owings House No. 3
4540 41st AvenueC 
4542 41st AvenueC 
3908 Allison StreetC 
3910 Allison StreetC 
3912 Allison StreetC 
3917 Allison StreetC 
3918 Allison StreetC 
3919 Allison StreetC 
3920 Allison StreetC 
3922 Allison StreetC 
4508 41st AvenueC 
4513 41st AvenueC 
4516 41st AvenueCPG:68-61-21 -- Sis' Tavern (Baby Dee's)
4517 41st AvenueC 
4523 41st AvenueC 
4528 41st AvenueC 
4000 Allison StreetC 
4003 Allison StreetC 
4007 Allison StreetC 
4009 Allison StreetC 
4500 Banner StreetC 
4501 Banner StreetC 
4502 Banner StreetC 
4503 Banner StreetC 
4504 Banner StreetC 
4506 Banner StreetC 
4508 Banner StreetC 
4509 Banner StreetC 
3924 Allison StreetC 
3928 Allison StreetC 
3930 Allison StreetC 
4514 Banner StreetCPG:68-61-25 -- James and Virginia Holmes House
4518 Banner StreetC 
4519 Banner StreetC 
4522 Banner StreetC 
4525 Banner StreetC 
4526 Banner StreetC 
4530 Banner StreetC 
4532 Banner StreetC 
4533 Banner StreetC 
4536 Banner StreetC 
4537 Banner StreetC 
4512 Rhode Island Avenue (US 1)CPG:68-38 -- Quander House
4514 Rhode Island AvenueC 
3904 Wallace RoadC 
3906 Wallace RoadC 
3908 Wallace RoadC 
3910 Wallace RoadC 
3911 Wallace RoadCPG:68-61-3 -- William H. Thomas House
3912 Wallace RoadC 
3913 Wallace RoadC 
3914 Wallace RoadC 
4541 Banner StreetC 
4508 Rhode Island Avenue (US 1)CPG:68-37 -- Randall-Dimes House
3916 Wallace RoadC 
3909 Webster StreetC 
3910 Webster StreetC 
3911 Webster StreetC 
3912 Webster StreetC 
3914 Webster StreetCPG:68-61-13 -- Foursquare on Webster Street
3916 Webster StreetCPG:68-61-15 -- Foursquare on Webster Street
3918 Webster StreetCPG:68-61-16 -- Foursquare on Webster Street
4001 Webster StreetC 
4003 Webster StreetC 
4005-4007 Webster StreetC 
4009-4011 Webster StreetC 
4013-4015 Webster StreetC 
4017-4019 Webster StreetC 
4021 Webster StreetC 
4023 Webster StreetC 
4031 Webster StreetC 
4033 Webster StreetCPG:68-61-22 -- Quander-Dock House
4035 Webster StreetC 
4037 Webster StreetCPG:68-11 -- North Brentwood African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
3901 Windom RoadC 
3918 Wallace RoadC 
4005 Wallace RoadCPG:68-61-24 -- Wigginton-Brown-Bellows House
3903 Webster StreetC 
3904 Webster StreetC 
3906 Webster StreetC 
3907 Webster StreetC 
3903 Windom RoadC 
3905 Windom RoadC 
3907 Windom RoadC 
3909 Windom RoadC 
3911 Windom RoadC 
3913 Windom RoadC 
3915 Windom RoadC 
4505 Church StreetCPG:68-61-10 -- Nelson-Queen House
3916 Windom RoadNC 
3914 Windom RoadNC 
3910 Windom RoadNC 
3908 Windom RoadNC 
3906 Windom RoadNC 
3904 Windom RoadNC 
3908 Webster StreetNC 
3905 Webster StreetNC 
3902 Windom RoadNC 
3917 Wallace RoadNC 
4510 Rhode Island AvenueNC 
3915 Wallace RoadNC 
3909 Wallace RoadNC 
4539 Banner StreetNC 
4540 Banner StreetNC 
4535 Banner StreetNC 
4531 Banner StreetNC 
4529 Banner StreetNC 
4521 Banner StreetNC 
3932 Allison StreetNC 
3934 Allison StreetNC 
3929 Allison StreetNC 
4511 Banner StreetNC 
4529 41st AvenueNCPG:68-61-6 -- Seaburn House
4525 41st AvenueNC 
4526 41st AvenueNC 
4519 41st AvenueNC 
4522 41st AvenueNC 
3923 Allison StreetNC 
4507 41st AvenueNC 
4523 39th PlaceNC 
4521 39th PlaceNC 
4600 40th StreetNC 
4602 40th StreetNC 
4507 40th StreetNC 
4519 39th PlaceNC 
4415 39th PlaceNC 
4501 39th PlaceNC 
4517 39th PlaceNC 
3907 Wallace Road PG:68-61-4 -- Mack Brown House
4538 41st Avenue PG:68-61-9 -- McKenzie-Bullock House


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